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The Air sign of Aquarius is the true iconoclast– unconventional, independent, and bucking the status quo. It’s the eleventh sign, ruled by Saturn and Uranus. Aquarians may seem distant on the surface, but underneath is a fiercely loyal friend and companion. Never wanting to do the same thing twice, their restlessness can bring instability and difficulty with long-term relationships. They’ll discuss anything, especially passionate social issues. They are unfailingly honest and will prove to be great visionaries in their own time. There are many important Aquarius correspondences which you can use in magickal work.

aquarius correspondences aquarius glyph
Aquarius Glyph for Aquarius Correspondences

The Aquarius Astrological Sign

Sun Sign DatesJanuary 20-21 to February 18-20
ConstellationThe astrological sign of Aquarius is associated with a constellation of the same name. In Latin, Aquarius means “water carrier”, so the constellation is believed to be a person bearing water. 
Location300° – 330°
GlyphAquarius is represented by two wavy lines, one on top of the other. Some believe the waves represent two streams of water, coming from the water carrier’s vessel. Others believe they are two serpents.
RulerSaturn & Uranus
Quality / ModeFixed
PolarityMasculine / Positive / Active / Yang / Projective
House11th House / Succedent 
Lunar Mansion24th, 25th, 26th Mansions
Season / SabbatLate Winter (Sabbat of Imbolc)
aquarius correspondences aquarius constellation
Constellation of Aquarius for Aquarius Correspondences

Aquarius Correspondences

Number2, 3, 4, 11
AngelGabriel and Raphael
ChakraBrow, Crown, Throat
DeitiesAstarte, Athena, Ea, Ishtar, Isis, Juno, Nuit
BirdsAlbatross, Cuckoo, Eagle, Hawk, Owl, Peacock, birds that fly long distances, birds of prey
AnimalsDog, Otter, Sheep
CrystalsAmber, Amethyst, Angelite, Aquamarine, Aventurine, Clear Quartz, Flourite, Garnet, Hematite, Jade, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Moss Agate, Onyx, Opal, Pearl, Red Agate, Sapphire, Topaz, Turquoise, Red Zircon
Herbs & PlantsAnise, Bittersweet, Buttercup, Dandelion, Fennel, Foxglove, Frankincense, Henbane, Iris, Lavender, Mandrake, Myrrh, Orchid, Passionflower, Peppermint, Rosemary, Sage, Valerian, Violet, Witch Hazel, Wormwood
TreesAcacia, Apple, Ash, Aspen, Cherry, Cypress, Elder, Hawthorn, Mimosa, Olive, Pine, Rowan
MetalsAluminum, Lead, Silver, Uranium
ColorsAll shades of Blue (Dark Blue, Indigo, Light Blue, Sky Blue), Turquoise, Violet, Purple, Lavender, Silver, White.
Traits & GiftsUnconventional and independent, the idealistic Aquarius shows no emotions on the surface, but their heart beats strongly underneath. At its core, the Aquarian energy is nonconformist. They beat their own drum and intensely value personal freedom. Because they’re not concerned whether others approve of their behavior, they can seem odd or eccentric. They love breaking rules and challenging convention.

Highly independent, the Aquarius can sometimes appear cold or distant. Because they’re not comfortable showing their emotions, Aquarians keep people at a distance until they’ve known someone for some time. But once you’re “in” with this sign, expect a friend who will give you the shirt off of their back. They provide fierce loyalty and honesty and expect the same from you in return.

Aries has a restless nature which makes them bored easily. Aquarius believes the grass is usually greener, so if you get in a rut, or try to hold onto them too tightly, you may find they’ve moved on. As a result of their restlessness, they can seem like unstable and volatile personalities.

They also have very strong opinions, and will not hesitate to broach topics that others might find taboo. But they love passionate debate, and are happy to discuss any topic even if they don’t agree. Due to their bold honesty, they may unwittingly offend.

Aquarians are also visionaries and idealists. They believe strongly in social justice, so much that they think tirelessly on ways to better society. Their creative energies produce great innovations and inspiration, and they can become great leaders.

Aquarius Correspondences for Magick

Magick & RitualsThe idealistic Aquarian energy works well in spells for societal justice. Try to manifest collective compassion and hope. Meditate on solutions for change. Add magickal dedication to acts of charity, or gather donations to philanthropic organizations. 

Rituals which create spiritual community are perfectly suited as well. Foster cooperation friendship with your larger community. Work on your psychic abilities by looking inward.

Build your personal wisdom and intuition. Practice clairvoyance and increase your cosmic sensitivity. Use Aquarius energy for creativity as well. Pray for inspiration, whether it be for artistic creativity or innovative solutions to problems.
Full MoonThe Aquarius full moon falls opposite its new moon. So when the sun is in Leo, Aquarius hosts a full moon. This range also contains the sabbat of Lammas.
Full Moon MagickThe Aquarius full moon is all about transformation. Spend some time meditating on the areas of your life where you need to make a change. Think about your passions and who you really are as a person. What do you want to manifest? What have you been trying to manifest and need to recommit to? What do you want to attract? Make your plans on new goals, experiences, friends, and joys you wish to create in your life.
New MoonThe new moon transits Aquarius while the sun is also in the sign.
New Moon MagickUse the new moon as a time to connect with the element of Air. Use pinwheels, fans, wind chimes, feathers, leaves, and other items associated with this element. Use Air (either figuratively or literally) to blow out bad energies and worries, and draw in good energies and goals.

The new moon is also a great time for dreamwork. Sleep with herbs and stones which encourage dream consciousness. Write down any dreams that you remember, and look for the hidden meaning in them.

Aquarius Correspondences for the Body

Body SystemsLower Legs, Shins, Calves, Ankles, Achilles Heel, Circulatory System, Blood, Oxygen Delivery via Blood, Nerves, Reflexes, Coordination
Imbalances & IllnessInjuries to the lower legs like Trips, Falls, and Sprains, Fallen Arches, Varicose Veins, Restless Legs. High Blood Pressure, Blood Infections, Blood Poisoning. Rheumatism, Parkinsons, Multiple Sclerosis, Poor Coordination, Nervous Ticks, Seizure, Muscle Spasms, Irregular Heartbeat
TreatmentsCleaning up diet, life, and habits. Meditation and rest for grounding. Avoid exposure to electromagnetic fields. Create a calm and peaceful inner world, and avoid too much focus on the external environment. Exercises and drills to improve coordination.
Mental HealthAquarius can be anti-social when it comes to staying connected with reality. Since this sign is so focused on their personal view of the world, they may lose track of what’s going around them. This sign charges forward without regard to others, disconnected from the emotional consequences of their actions. 

They often have trouble grounding themselves or really feeling anything at all for long periods of time. Since Aquarius is uncomfortable with emotion, they may bottle things up which may lead to using addictive behaviors as an outlet.

Aquarius Correspondences for the Tarot

Tarot – Major ArcanaAs it’s ruled by Aquarius, pull The Star (XVII). It is a reminder that we needn’t be ruled by fear or darkness. The Star is your light in the darkness. We can allow ourselves to be optimistic.

If you are struggling, help is coming. If your goals seem unfulfillable, keep trying. Hope and healing are on the horizon. Use your challenges to create a soft focus on the future. Find clarity and the “why” in your vision. Look inside to find a second wind and foster confidence in your manifestation.
Tarot – Minor Arcana5, 6, 7, Knight of Swords (Air and Swords go hand-in-hand)


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