Wiccan Spells for Good Luck: 12 Spells to Try

wiccan spells for good luck

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Wicca is a spiritual journey like no other with strong ties to self and nature. Wiccans connect with nature and cast spells to do good for themselves and others. But are there Wiccan spells to bring about good luck? 

Here are 12 Wiccan spells to cast to draw good luck: 

  1. Offer a penny to the world.
  2. Use candles to spread positive energy.
  3. Burn incense to get rid of negative energy.
  4. Use essential oils in your diffuser for good luck.
  5. Purify your home with herbs. 
  6. Use salt to cleanse your body and home.
  7. Mint money ritual. 
  8. Lucky coin spell.
  9. Bay leaf spells for wealth and abundance.
  10. Burn a white candle coated with nutmeg.
  11. Patchouli spells for luck in love and wealth.
  12. Use cinnamon to speed up good luck spells.

Read on as I will delve into these spells and how they can increase your good luck.

1. Offer a Penny to the World

Offering a penny to the world is a spell that brings luck to self and nature. This spell also sends positive karma and is important for days when you feel down. It is also an excellent spell at the start of a new season. 

For this spell, you need a penny or a clear quartz crystal. This spell is performed outdoors and will only take a few minutes. 

Spend some time drawing positive energy into your body. If you have a clear quartz crystal, hold it in the palm of your hand as you practice breathing and feeling centered.

You can now hold the penny in the palm of your hand and fill it with your intentions. You may need good luck with your finances, career, or health. Whatever aspect of your life that needs luck, speak to it through the penny. You can also send positive energy to someone who needs the luck getting through a difficult patch. 

After speaking good karma into the penny, you can now close your eyes and say, 

I send this penny into the world.

Little penny bring me luck and fortune.

With this fortune I share,

Good karma to the unaware”. x3

Now go outdoors and leave the penny somewhere that anyone can easily find it and pick it up. That person will tap into the positive karma you have sent into the world.. 

This video shows some of the good luck spells you can use to channel positive energy to you and the universe:

2. Use Candles To Spread Positive Energy

Candles are used for various functions outside of Wicca, including relaxation, aromatherapy, and meditation. We also use candles magickally in Wicca. Candles can have different meanings, and they are classified according to their colors. 

It is also a critical tool for casting spells, including those for increased good luck. 

Candles are linked to nature because they contain all four elements. Air feeds the candle and keeps it burning. The solid wax represents the earth, wax in the fluid state is water, and the flame represents fire. 

Candle colors that provide good luck are;

  • Black: Attracts money and expels negative energy.
  • Brown: Brings healing and helps to keep you grounded when casting a spell.
  • Gold: Money and attraction.
  • Green: Money, growth, prosperity, fertility, jobs, and luck.
  • Orange: Success against a court case and restores passion in relationships.
  • Purple: Business success and power.
  • Red: Power and good luck. 
  • White: Serenity, purity, binding, and purification.
  • Yellow: Prosperity, powers of persuasion, study, self-assurance, abundance, charisma, and wisdom. 

See our companion article on candle colors in Wicca for more information.

Once you’ve selected your candle, speak your intentions to the candle, and then pass it over the smoke from incense or sage. 

You can increase the positive charge in the candle by inscribing your intention into the wax using your ritual athame. Keep charging the candle with words of what you want and your intentions behind the spell. 

Avoid using any old kitchen knife to carve into the candle. Negative energy accumulated in the knife may contaminate the positive vibes you send into the candle. However your athame will be cleansed and pure.

So, you should set aside a ritual knife specifically for your spells. 

Dress the candle with essential oil, which is inherently believed to have powers tapped from flowers and nature. You can also anoint yourself with the oil on the crown of your head. Essential oils associated with luck are orange, rose, nutmeg, and vetiver. We have an extensive reference on magical herbs, as well as an article on blessing oil.

You can now light the candle and take in the energy radiating from the candle. The good luck energy is not just filling you but your surrounding environment as well. 

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The book will give you ideas on candles, crystals, and herbal spells you can cast for good luck.  

3. Burn Incense To Get Rid of Negative Energy

Scented incense, like sandalwood and jasmine, is great for cleansing your home and removing energy that could be responsible for bad luck. Light the incense, but remember to light an odd number of sticks, such as 1, 3, or 5. 

The number of sticks doesn’t matter, as long as it is an odd number. 

Wiccans believe that this will bring you good luck as you drive out bad luck. Waft the smoke through the entire house while speaking your intentions, as the smoke will cast off any spell or curse that is spoken against you. 

4. Use Essential Oils in Your Diffuser for Good Luck

Essential oilsOpens in a new tab.

  • Grapefruit oil for good health.
  • Orange for a safe journey.
  • Ylang Ylang for romance.
  • Lemongrass for wealth.
  • Rosemary for luck in your career.
  • Peppermint to boost your reputation.
  • Lavender to improve connections with family and loved ones. 

Add at least five drops of your preferred essential oil to 100ml (3.38 oz) of carrier oil in the diffuser. Speak your intentions to it and let it spread good fortune to your body and environment. 

The Lagunamoon 20 Pack Essential OilsOpens in a new tab.

  • Sandalwood
  • Peppermint
  • Lemongrass 
  • Orange
  • Grapefruit
  • Lavender
  • Eucalyptus 

5. Purify Your Home With Herbs

Lavender, cedar, and sage are herbs that drive out bad luck and manifest good luck in the home. You can burn the herbs and move through every room, speaking your intentions as the smoke purifies the energy in your space. 

Wiccans have used herbs to remove evil in the home for thousands of years. If you have had a streak of bad luck, you can cleanse your home with these herbs while speaking your intentions for good luck and positive energy.

You may also choose to soak the herbs in water, which will connect you to nature, then add it to the water you use to clean your house. For example you can add an herbal measure to the water you use when scrubbing floors, to remove negative energy from the base of your home. Or to the spray bottle you use when wiping down counters. 

Always remember to manifest your intentions as you cleanse your house. And be sure to test a small area first to ensure the herb won’t damage your surfaces.

This Fresh Green Company Herbs KitOpens in a new tab.

6. Use Salt To Cleanse Your Body and Home

Taking a spiritual bath thrice a week will help remove negative energy from your body, and at the same time, help your body absorb positive karma. Wiccans have used salt for decades to ward off negative energy and keep themselves safe from forces that may want to harm them. 

Add a healthy dose of sea salt into the water and bathe in it. This will help remove negative energy from your body, and now you can manifest good luck to replace it. 

You can also sprinkle salt in the corners of your home to eliminate bad luck, especially near windows, doors, and thresholds.

7. Mint Money Ritual

Wiccans associate mint with wealth and often include it in spells associated with luck and prosperity. It’s green color also corresponds with money. You can use mint in multiple ways to bring positive karma into your home and life.

One way to attract money using mint is by placing fresh mint leaves in your wallet or purse. You can also rub the mint leaves in places where you keep your money while manifesting wealth into your life. Plus it will make your wallet smell fantastic.

Another way to cast a Wiccan good luck spell using mint is to collect mint leaves, a green candle, and lemongrass essential oil, which are all associated with wealth.  Rub your green candle with lemongrass oil, and then roll the candle on the mint leaves. The leaves will stick on the candle easily when it is covered in oil. 

Light the candle and speak your needs towards it. As it burns, the abundant scent will spread throughout your home and within you. 

You can sprinkle the ash of burnt mint leaves all over your home or in a spot that receives the most sunlight. The sun boosts growth, so this will be a reflection of financial growth in your life. 

You can also cast a Wiccan spell of good luck using a gold or green candle, mint, fire, and a coin. With the coin near, throw mint into a ritual fire, and then collect the ash in a bowl. Then place the candle in the bowl, and burn the candle. Finally, place the coin in your wallet while manifesting your luck towards wealth, abundance, and prosperity. 

Besides bringing wealth, mint brings travel, luck, healing, and protection. If you plant the herb to grow in or around your home, you’ll bring in more positive energy, and luck along with it.

8. Lucky Coin Spell

Get a shiny coin and sunflower oil for this good luck spell. Go outdoors to a sunny area, put the coin in your palm and check to ensure that the sun’s reflection is bouncing on it. 

The sun is associated with growth, positivity, joy, and warmth, and the coin will take in all these energies.

Put three drops of sunflower oil and rub it in with your fingers. As you rub the oil into the coin, speak warmth, prosperity, growth, and good luck into it, your life, and nature. Carry the coin with you everywhere you go as you manifest good luck into your life. 

You will notice positive energy and vibes throughout the day. 

Pass the good luck to someone else by placing the coin where it will easily be seen and possibly picked by the next recipient of the good luck. This is the energy that Wiccans thrive on, which is to spread good to the universe. 

9. Bay Leaf Spells for Wealth and Abundance

Wiccans use bay leaves in spells that target success, abundance, wealth, prosperity, and good luck. Bay leaf spells are used in different ways, depending on your desires. 

Here are a few ways to make these work for you:

  • Get a bay leaf and write your wishes. It could be the amount of money you need or your desire for wealth. You can then place the leaf in your wallet and draw positive energy from nature into your life and wallet. 
  • Write an affirmation on your bay leaf. Ensure it is something that excites you. Write your name and then apply a small amount of money oil, cinnamon oil, or grapeseed oil on the bay leaf. Hold the bay leaf over a tray using a pair of scissors or tweezers, and then burn it. 
  • Get your bay leaf and write your money and luck affirmations. In the fire-safe bowl, add coffee granules, cinnamon, and the bay leaf. The coffee and cinnamon carry good energy and will amplify your intention. Burn the bay leaf and spread the ashes around your home. You can even put some in your purse or wallet. 

10. Burn a White Candle Coated With Nutmeg

Nutmeg is one of the herbs that attract good luck, as it has persuasive energy and is closely related to Jupiter. The spells Wiccans use are associated with nature and the universe, so planets are a critical part of the spells.

In this case, Jupiter helps with growth and expansion. So, this makes cinnamon an excellent herb for good luck and prosperity spells.

Get your white candle, and inscribe your name and date of birth on it, and apply any oil you have, such as coconut oil, avocado oil, or even olive oil. The purpose is to ensure the nutmeg sticks to the candle. Light the candle and let it burn as you speak positive energy towards it. 

Alternatively, you can sprinkle nutmeg in your wallet, around your home, under your pillow, or any other place where you need luck. 

This video gives guidelines on some of the herbs and how you can use them for Wiccan good luck spells. 

11. Patchouli Spells for Luck in Love and Wealth

Patchouli has been used for centuries in rituals because of its strong attraction to love and wealth. You can use patchouli in different ways to bring luck into your life. Sprinkle patchouli in your bedroom or under your bed to attract love and passion into your life. 

Here are some other ways you can use patchouli for luck in love and wealth:

  • For money luck, rub patchouli on a green candle and then burn it. Remember to oil the candle before rubbing patchouli on it until the candle is fully covered. Collect the ashes and sprinkle them around your home or bury it in a place that gets plenty of sun for growth. You can also choose to add a strand of your hair when the candle is burning to direct the positive vibes to you. 
  • Rub orange juice on an orange candle and then rub patchouli over it. Ensure you inscribe your name and that of your partner before rubbing orange juice on it. Orange candles are believed to bring luck in love, lust, and sex, so they will bring you luck in your relationship. 
  • Boil patchouli, wait for it to cool, strain it, and then add it into your bathwater. Pour it over your body, and don’t rinse it off. Let it dry and manifest positive vibes into your body and life. 

12. Use Cinnamon To Speed Up Good Luck Spells

You can add cinnamon to any of your spells to speed energies and increase vibrations to get what you want. 

You can also burn cinnamon sticks in different rooms in your home for positive energy. If you have cinnamon powder, sprinkle a line on your front door to keep away bad luck and attract good luck. 

Another great spell that you can manifest is burning a gold candle coated with cinnamon powder. Inscribe your name and date of birth on the candle, rub some good luck oil, and then rub the cinnamon all over it. 

Light the candle and send good vibes to it. Don’t leave the candle unattended because the herbs burn.

Use Specific Ingredients

There are many ways in which Wicca spells increase good luck in your life. Some of these spells are specific, while others bring general luck. 

If you want a specific spell, it is best to use ingredients that direct positive energies to the luck you need. Once you understand how Wiccan spells work, the role of nature, and the importance of charging elements with positive vibes, you will start seeing so much luck in your life.


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