Use Fasting For a Great Wiccan Ritual!

Wiccan Fasting

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Do you want to amp up your rituals? Start fasting! Wiccan fasting is a great way to deepen your practice and really get you in touch with the divine. It’s been used for centuries in almost every religion around the world. Find out what’s so great about this ancient practice.

What is fasting?

Fasting is nothing new to any religious practice. It’s been practised in various religions throughout history for the past centuries. Fasting is a common component of holy days for Hindus. Fasting is also a key practice during Ramadan, the holy season during which Muslims refrain from food or drink from sunrise to sunset for about a month. 

Fasting can take on many forms. It may be a restriction of the types of food one is allowed to eat, it could mean no intake of food, or it could even mean abstaining from both food AND drink. Like Ramadan, this can mean no water as well. Fasting could also be for certain periods throughout the day, which is also the case with Ramadan.

Why fast?

Wiccan fasting gets us in touch with our spiritual side and gets us closer to the divine. It removes Earthly things like food and all of the social constructs around it. It lets us realise that which we may take for granted– never feeling hungry.

Others believe that fasting is a way to calm the body down because the process of digestion actually requires a lot of work. By putting digestion on hold, the body can divert its energy into higher pursuits.

Wiccan fasting can also be used for cleansing purposes. As the body rids itself of the waste and toxins of prior eating, we may work to purify the spirit as well. Many practitioners feel that fasting frees the mind and allows for clear thought. They take this time to meditate and reflect. In some cases, people also fast as a way to restrain themselves from physical comfort and pleasures. This helps them form appreciation for what they do have.

Still others use fasts as a way to enhance psychic powers and to enter what they feel is an altered consciousness. Many Wiccans feel that fasting strengthens their psychic abilities. It’s believed to cleanse and brighten the aura, letting you put out greater vibrational energies.

Wiccan Fasting

Fasting is a personal choice but it is one that many Wiccans embrace. Some use it as a time for meditation and reflection.  Others use it as a way to connect with the deities. Others keep it as a time for purification and cleansing. Still others use it as a way to maintain health. Whatever purpose you have, it will surely help advance your spiritual growth.

Wiccan fasting in advance of sabbats and esbats can be a great way to get closer to your coven witches. Many covens have their members fast before rituals, after which they feast on a communal meal together. This lets everyone appreciate the meal all the more and to better enjoy each others’ company.

Solitary practitioners might enjoy fasting as a way to enhance their own rituals. Some solo Wiccans fast before very important rituals, or before spells which require a lot of their energy and intention, or during certain moon phases. In addition to fasting, you could also add on some cleansing rituals to detox both your mind and body at the same time.


Since fasting may cause stress on your physical body, fasting should be undertaken cautiously. ALWAYS consult with your doctor before attempting any fast. They will tell you whether or not it will be safe for you to fast and what the risks might be. You might also require medical supervision to fast safely. Please see our disclaimersOpens in a new tab.

Although many people fast healthfully and successfully, many other people cannot. Be especially cautious (and mention this to your doctor) if you have any of the following conditions including, but not limited to:

  • You’re pregnant or nursing.
  • You have heart issues.
  • You have cancer or are currently in remission.
  • You are anaemic.
  • You are HIV positive or immunocompromised in any way.
  • You have recently had surgery or a major injury or illness.
  • You have or are recovering from an eating disorder, or you have disordered eating tendencies.
  • You suffer from migraines.
  • You are being treated for any other medical condition.
  • You are taking any kind of medication.

If your doctor approves you for a fast, be sure to take in as many nutrients as you can without violating the fast. For example, if you are not eating, try to drink water or juice to keep hydrated. You should also continue to take any vitamins, supplements, or medicines which your doctor recommends. When fasting also watch your physical exertion. You may have very low energy, and so it is not a good time to become too active.

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