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What Type of Witch am I?

Who’s my Patron Deity?

What’s my Element?

Which Animal is my Familiar?

What Norse God am I?

Am I Wiccan?

Am I Pagan?

Am I Wiccan or Pagan?

Am I Pagan or Christian?


Wiccan Warding Rituals for Protection

Using Bay Leaves for Protection

Wiccan Spells of Banishing

Wiccan Spells for Health

Purpose of Salt and Bay Leaves in a Glass

Spell to Stop Loving Someone

Spells for the Weather

How to Make a Honey Jar Spell

What Herb Attracts Money When Burned?

Wiccan Spells for Good Luck

Wiccan Spells for Sleep

Wiccan Beliefs

The 13 Principles of Wiccan Belief

Does Wicca Have a Sacred Text?

Wiccan Beliefs for Beginners

Wiccan and Pagan Twelve Step Programs

Wicca vs Druidism: What’s the Difference?

Wiccan Beliefs on Marriage

Can Men Be Wiccan?

The Wiccan Goddess and God

Can Wiccans Drink Alcohol?


Free Printable Wheel of the Year

Wiccan Sabbats and Wheel of the Year

What does Halloween Mean to Wiccans?

How to Celebrate Samhain

How to Celebrate Yule

How to Celebrate Imbolc

How to Celebrate Ostara

How to Celebrate Beltane

How to Celebrate Litha

How to Celebrate Lammas

How to Celebrate Mabon

Moon Magick

How to Make Moon Water

What’s the Meaning of the Supermoon?

How to Perform Full Moon Magick Rituals

How to Create Your Own New Moon Ritual

New Moon Rituals for Abundance

The Wiccan Significance of the Blue Moon


Magickally Charging an Object

How to Charge Herbs

How to Charge Oils

How to Charge a Pentacle

How to Charge a Candle


Aries Correspondences

Taurus Correspondences

Gemini Correspondences

Cancer Correspondences

Leo Correspondences

Virgo Correspondences

Libra Correspondences

Scorpio Correspondences

Sagittarius Correspondences

Capricorn Correspondences

Aquarius Correspondences

Pisces Correspondences


How to Set Up Your First Altar

How to Make Your Own Wand

How to Dispose of Offerings

Wiccan Outdoor Altars

Wiccan Outdoor Rituals

How to Dispose of Offerings to a Deity

How to Respectfully Put Out Incense

How to Make a Handfasting Cord

Candle Color Meanings

How to Bless Salt

How to Bless Water

Green Witchcraft

An Introduction to Wiccan Herbs

Hedge Witch vs Green Witch: What’s the Difference

What is Green Witchcraft?

How to Make Wiccan Sun Tea

Common Wiccan Herbs

Witch Tea for Sleep

Crystal Magick

Crystal Magick Basics

Rose Quartz Meaning

Wicca Stones and Crystals

Finding Deities and Elements

How to Find Your Goddess

Finding Your Deity with Tarot Spreads

How to Find Your Element