Wiccan Pisces Correspondences in Zodiac Magick

Wicca Pisces Correspondences

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Let’s explore Wiccan Pisces correspondences! The sun travels through Pisces from the dates of approximately the 19th day of February to the 20th day of March under the tropical Zodiac. Pisces is one of the three Water signs, in addition to Scorpio and Cancer.

Pisces is represented by the Fishes symbol. It is the 12th zodiac sign, originating from the constellation Pisces. It has a mutable quality, and a negative or feminine polarity. 

Pisces is a Water sign. Water signs are full of mystery and intuition. They are deep and wise, and are great companions when you crave comfort and a real listener. Water signs are the opposite of superficial people– like water, they have much going on below the surface that often cannot be seen. As a result, they can appear calm and confident despite turbulence inside. Water signs have great intuition and imaginative dreams.

Jupiter and Neptune rule this sign. In PiscesOpens in a new tab., Mercury is in detriment, and Mercury is in fall. Venus is exalted in this sign.

Pisces’s ruling Tarot card (Major Arcana) is The Moon. This card is about ordeals, whether hidden or visible. Trials, whether internal or external. It can signal mental and emotional battles or people in your life who wish you harm. However, in these situations you can trust your gut. Intuition brings great insight. As The Moon deals with sleep and the subconscious, it is about creativity, dreams (or nightmares), and psychic visions.

Pisces Correspondences in Wicca

There are many Pisces correspondences.

Colors are Turquoise, Sea Green, Purple, Indigo, and Lavender.

StonesOpens in a new tab. are Moonstone, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Sapphire, Emerald, Blue Lace Agate, and Fluorite.

Day is Thursday.

Plants, herbs, and treesOpens in a new tab. are Willow, Chicory, Carnation, Fig, Poppy, Lettuce, Heliotrope, Sage, Water Lily, Primrose, Seaweed, Moss, Lovage, Laurel, Hyacinth, Anise, and Aloe.

Animals include Fish, Dolphin, Seal, Stork, and Goat.

Metals are Tin, Platinum, and Silver.

In Wicca Pisces are artists, dreamers, and romantics. They are daydreamers, idealists, and they live in the world of their imagination. Highly sensitive, they soak up the emotional environment around them. They are endlessly compassionate and empathetic.

You can turn to Pisces for charity, kindness, and altruism. However, because of their sensitive and generous nature, Pisces can be misled. Others may take advantage of their kindness or manipulate them. They may seem to lack “street smarts” and may require help from well-meaning friends and family.

In magickal work, Pisces correspondences lend themselves to charity, clairvoyance and psychic abilities, dreamwork, astral projection and connecting with the spiritual plane, spiritual growth, creativity, finding freedom through boundaries, and karmic work.

Wiccan Pisces Correspondences

  • Sign: Pisces
  • Zodiac Symbol: Fishes
  • Constellation: Pisces
  • Dates: February 19 – March 20 (approximately)
  • House: 12th house
  • Ruling Element: Water
  • Season: Winter
  • Quality / Modality: Mutable
  • Polarity: Negative / Feminine
  • Ruler: Jupiter and Neptune
  • Detriment: Mercury
  • Exaltation: Venus
  • Fall: Mercury
  • Tarot: The Moon
  • Colors: Turquoise, Sea Green, Purple, Indigo, Lavender
  • Stones: Moonstone, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Sapphire, Emerald, Blue Lace Agate, Fluorite, Turquoise
  • Animals: Fish, Dolphin, Seal, Stork, Goat
  • Metals: Tin, Platinum, Silver
  • Day: Thursday
  • Herbs: Willow, Chicory, Carnation, Fig, Poppy, Lettuce, Heliotrope, Sage, Water Lily, Primrose, Seaweed, Moss, Lovage, Laurel, Hyacinth, Anise, Aloe
  • Gods / Goddesses: Anubis, Poseidon, Vishnu, Neptune, Venus, Aphrodite, Eros, Cupid
  • Body: Feet, Toes, Lymphatic System
  • Health: Mobility Issues, Immune Disorders, Balance, Bunions
  • Traits: Artistic, Dreamy, Romantic, Idealist, Imaginative, Sensitive, Compassionate, Empathetic, Charitable, Kind, Altruistic, Generous, Easily Manipulated, Lack “Street Smarts”
  • Magick: Charity, Clairvoyance and Psychic Abilities, Dreamwork, Astral Projection and Connecting with the Spiritual Plane, Spiritual Growth, Creativity, Finding Freedom Through Boundaries (From Others), Karmic Work

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