How Does Coronavirus Affect my Wiccan Practice?

Wicca Stay at Home Covid-19 Coronavirus

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With everything going on in the world today because of the Coronavirus, you might wonder how this will affect your Wiccan or witchcraft practice. You may be part of a coven and wondering what will happen for your sabbats or esbats.

Even if you are a solitary practitioner, we are still social beings and like connecting with fellow witches. Wiccans place great importance on minimizing harm, both to others and to nature. You might also speculate if your practice can be a bit more compassionate during these times of COVID-19.

Let’s discuss what you can do but the main thing is for now, in Wicca stay at home!

Can I still meet with my coven?

Consult with your High Priestess or Priest. If your jurisdiction has issued a stay-at-home or shelter-in-place order, then of course follow these local guidelines and do not meet with your coven.

Even if you don’t have a stay-at-home order, many jurisdictions have advised against meeting in groups larger than 5 or 10 people, so please take your local guidance into consideration. If your coven does meet, be sure to practice social distancing and wash your hands frequently. Think about the following:

  • Have everyone wash their hands when they arrive, and again as they leave.
  • Ask sick members, older members, or those in a high-risk category, to stay home or participate virtually.
  • Always clean items which are shared or touched by multiple people, including both hard surfaces and soft surfaces like fabric and cloth items.
  • Keep cleaning supplies handy for anyone that needs them such as moistened wipes and hand sanitizer.
  • Avoid sharing food or drink.
  • Avoid physical contact like holding hands or kissing.
  • Space members with minimum 6 ft (2 m) distance.
  • Consider meeting only virtually until the immediate threat of COVID-19 passes, with technologies like Zoom conference, FaceTime, or Skype. 

These measures may be a big inconvenience to your normal coven rituals. It may decrease the sense of community and feel like the essence of your practice is diluted. However this is a small sacrifice in the bigger picture of things. These are temporary measures designed to keep all of your coven members healthy. Use your best personal judgment within your own coven.

I’m a solitary practitioner. Does this even affect me?

The Coronavirus affects us all! Even though you may not meet with a coven regularly, you must still be mindful in the rest of your social activities. Opt for virtual contact when you can, rather than meeting in person. Try to keep your distance from the elderly and others in high-risk categories. And always maintain social distance when you are around anyone else.

At home, cleanliness is key. When you do a cleansing of your space, think about doing a physical cleaning as well. When was the last time you gave your altar tools a good scrub-down? Cleaning physically and spiritually at the same time can be a great experience. Although Imbolc has passed, why not use all this time at home to do another spring cleaning?

Can I still visit my local occult shop?

If you live in an area where these stores are still open, great! Getting out and visiting local shops is a great way to help your mental state during these difficult times. It will help the store owners too, because people are scared and so they venture out (and shop) less. By shopping you will give a helping hand to local small business owners and keep the economy going.

If you live in an area where these types of shops are closed, or there are restrictions on leaving your home, then follow local guidelines. As always, if you are sick or feel unwell in any way, please stay home to avoid spreading your germs.

Furthermore, if you order Wiccan supplies online, please be mindful of shipping and distribution networks which are currently strained. Companies like Amazon, UPS, and FedEx are struggling to keep up with the demand to ship healthcare goods, household staples, and cleaning supplies. If you can wait a few weeks to order that new tool you wanted, or you can choose a slower shipping time, consider doing so. Think about what is a “need” vs a “want” right now.

Can I still commune with nature?

Of course! Even for localities that have issued shelter-in-place orders, there are generally exceptions for walks, exercise, and fresh air for mental health. Check your local guidance to be sure. You are probably fine going for a walk in a park, going for a relaxing drive, enjoying some time sitting in the sun, or going on a hike. Always maintain your social distance though, and wash your hands often. 

Is the Coronavirus a punishment from the deities?

I got this question from a reader. On the whole, I would say most Wiccans don’t believe so, but this is a deeply personal belief. As Wiccans, we are a mosaic group made up of many different beliefs.

Some Wiccans are atheists, and don’t think there’s anything going on below the surface of what we see. Some Wiccans are theists, but believe the deities to be benevolent and nonjudgemental. Other Wiccans may picture the goddesses and gods just as embodiments of natural forces, who have no command over such events. Still others are pantheists, and may view the virus as just another natural occurrence which is a part of the balanced cycle of creation and destruction in the universe.

The virus is whatever you believe it to be.

I’m bored!!! What can I do while stuck at home?

Try our Quarantine BingoOpens in a new tab.

Where can I go for more information?

Stick to governmental sources and those from non-profit health organizations.

Here is the US CDC’s guide

Here is the UK’s NIH guide.

Here is the WHO’s guide.

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