Common Wiccan Herbs In Your Kitchen

Common Wiccan Herbs

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Oftentimes, the most powerful things are right in front of us! You don’t need an expensive set of starter herbs– you can find common herbs right in your very own kitchen. There are a number of common herbs which you can use.

Some of the most common Wiccan herbs are allspice, basil, bay, black pepper, chamomile, cinnamon, cloves, garlic, ginger, mint, mustard, nutmeg, onion, oregano, paprika, parsley, rosemary, sage, salt, thyme, and vanilla.

So if you want to incorporate some herbs into your magick, but don’t know where to start, just take a quick look in your kitchen and you may find everything that you need!

Join me as I introduce you to some of these powerful and everyday herbs and spices that you may already have at home, and how to use them in your magickal pursuits.


A staple of Jamaican cuisine and common pickling herb. This is a magically powerful and all-purpose herb. It can attract luck and money. It can aid your conviction and perseverance. Use it in groups to increase social harmony, boost positive attitudes, empathy, teamwork, and cooperation.

Physically, it helps digestion and boosts your energy. Use allspice in its whole seed form, or as pre-ground powder.


It’s more than just a splash of green in Italian dishes. Grow basil in your home, purchase it fresh (in the produce section), purchase it dried, or buy a plant. It’s an incredibly versatile herb.

Basil draws both love and money. It leads you to success and prosperity, especially due to its green color. It’s great for protection and keeping away negative energies. Use it to promote group harmony, aid communication, soothe tensions, and keep the peace. Use it for love spells and to help you detect fidelity.

Ingest basil or make a tea for headaches, anxiety, digestive troubles, and excess flatulence. Use as a topical for antibiotic and antifungal properties.

Keep a potted basil plant in your home to attract wealth, or give as a gift to be rewarded with prosperity. You can also include basil when smudging or as an incense to draw money.


Another common kitchen herb, used in cuisines all over the world. Like basil, it’s incredibly versatile as well. It’s protective, keeping away negative energies. It’s cleansing too, and can be used in purification rituals.

Bay can enhance your psychic abilitiesOpens in a new tab. and spiritual wisdom through visions. Brew bay as a tea for this purpose. Bay can also draw luck and wealth, and aid in spell manifestations. You can write your desire on a bay leaf and burn it during a spell to seal in the intention.

Medicinally, it has antibacterial and antifungal properties. Use to reduce anxiety and to help with cold and cough.

Black Pepper

Almost every kitchen contains black pepper, so it’s a handy herb for sure. Use it for banishing, protection, and exorcism. Use pepper to remove toxic or annoying people from your life, ward off envy and gossip, and repel hexes and curses. It can also be used in binding.

Use it to promote digestion, heal with its antioxidant properties, and help you recover from illness.


A well-known herb for relaxation that you might drink in a tea to unwind at the end of a long day. It promotes healing, reduces anxiety, and decreases stress. It’s also known to attract luck. Wear a few flowers in your hair or pin to your clothing, carry a dried flower in your wallet, or strew some flowers around your home.


A comforting herb which can be a reminder of warm baked goods. It draws love, luck, happiness, and wealth. It increases your personal vibrations and puts you into contact with heightened spiritual and psychic powers.

Cinnamon is great for healing, calming, and protection. When ingested, it is a powerful antioxidant that reduces stress and can combat nausea. Burn cinnamon as incense or place it in sachets.

Christians may associate cinnamon with Christmas as its used in aromatic baked goods and desserts. However Wiccans also like to use cinnamon around the Yule sabbat, which at the same time of year (winter solstice).


A powerful and strong-smelling herb which can draw money and wealth. Highly protective, it can repel negative energies, ward off haters, and prevent jealousy. It’s cleansing as well so you can burn cloves to smudge a space. It builds inner strength and confidence.

Medicinally it’s a powerful antioxidant and is excellent to reduce inflammation and all sorts of pain. It can also be used as an aphrodisiac *hint hint*.


It’s not just for warding off vampires! Garlic is one of the oldest protective herbs. Use it for spiritual protection– keep away negative energies and bad influences. Repel toxic people and keep away ill intent. It can be added to other spells as a strengthening ingredient.

It’s antiseptic and antifungal, so it’s also excellent for all-around health including blood pressure, circulation, cholesterol, and a general reduction of inflammation.

Buy whole garlic bulbs from the produce section, chopped garlic in a jar, garlic paste, or garlic powder.


A wonderfully spicy and flavorful herb. It’s great for cleansing and purification. It’s also a good protector. It opens you up to new experiences, allowing for daring exploits and pursuit of new opportunities. As a result it draws money and prosperity.

Ginger also aids in romance, passion, sexual expression, and confidence. Add it to dishes or brew into a tea for indigestion, nausea, menstrual cramps, and for general antioxidant benefits.

You can find fresh ginger root and jars of ginger paste in the grocery.


Who doesn’t love mint? It’s a flavorful, cooling herb that makes great tea, is a refreshing scent, and has number of medicinal properties. It’s cleansing and purifying.

Use mint to clear your mind. It can stimulate psychic abilities and can be used before or during divination. It brings positivity, optimism, and happiness. Use it for work- or business-related inspiration. You can also use mint to awaken your senses and become alive to the world.

Eat mint or brew it into a tea to soothe an upset stomach and other digestive troubles.

You may have some dried mint on hand already, but fresh mint is delicious as well. Try a mint plant too– it’s a great kitchen herb and is easy to grow! It’s protective, so a pot of mint on your kitchen counter will protect your whole home!


A hardy herb that helps develop strength, courage, and fearlessness. It facilitates perseverance and helps you to have faith and carry on when you want to quit, eventually leading you to success. You can work with its seeds, fresh leaves, canned leaves, or just the plain old mustard condiment.


An herb with a warm and sweet taste that’s commonly used in wintertime favorites like eggnog and pumpkin pie, and in many other desserts year-round. It’s an herb which focuses your vision. It lends itself to clarity and an ability to see the bigger picture.

Nutmeg also helps you to see beyond what’s on the surface– to see the truth behind what is presented to you. It opens you up to creativity and draws luck, prosperity, and monetary success. Nutmeg is also protective and can be used to end hexes and curses.

Nutmeg is usually found as a ground spice powder, but you can also find whole nutmeg which you can grate into a powder yourself if needed.


A kitchen staple with numerous health benefits. Magickally, it’s a powerful protector as it soaks up and neutralizes negative energies. It’s great for grounding and to create stability into your life. You can also use it for healing work, both physical and spiritual.

Biologically, onions are in a family of plants called alliums. They are powerful antioxidants and can aid everything from blood pressure, circulation, and cholesterol.

Use this common Wiccan herb in any form– fresh onions, onion powder, or onion seeds, any of which you may already have on hand.


An earthy herb that’s used for increasing positivity in your life. It brings happiness and a joie de vivre. Oregano lets you embrace all things in life and find joy in them. It also brings you more energy, strength, and endurance. Oregano is a powerful antioxidant with great healing capabilities.


A spicy addition to spells and dishes alike. It can be added to any spell to increase that spell’s potency, even spells which already use other herbs. It can also quicken the amount of time a spell’s results take to manifest. Similarly, it can bring personal strength, emotional resilience, and amplifies your own personal energy. It’s protective against evil spirits and can be used for warding and banishing.

Physically, it’s purifying in the body and is great for detoxing and helping with digestive issues (just don’t use too much!) Some say it helps avoid overeating as well.


A calming green herb that you may find garnishing your dinner plate in a restaurant. It draws luck, wealth, and prosperity. It’s protective and purifying. It can bring you personal strength, help you bounce back after difficult situations, and lets you inspire others.

Although you may not keep fresh parsley on hand, many keep dried parsley with their kitchen spices.


A versatile and general purpose herb, rosemary can be used for just about anything. It’s a good staple herb to keep on hand for healing, purification, consecrations, and blessings. Use it for protection from negative energies, ill intent, and possessions (it’s commonly used in exorcisms). It can help you find romantic love and increase passion in your life. It can also strengthen focus and make your brain and memoryOpens in a new tab. more powerful.

Rosemary can be used as a substitute for any other herb, and it is easy to grow, so you can keep some on hand in your kitchen garden at all times if you like. Hang some dried rosemary wherever you need some protection, like your bedroom for peaceful sleep and good dreams. Burn rosemary as incense or for smudging too.

Many witches have dried rosemary in their kitchen, but you can also buy fresh rosemary at the grocery store. It’s easy to growOpens in a new tab. too.


An ancient herb used for thousands of years, so it’s no wonder it’s in the list of common Wiccan herbs. Sage has been long used for cleansing and purification in smudging. Sage also has healing properties and can be used for protectionOpens in a new tab. by driving away negative spirits. Use it for consecration as well. It draws wisdom and guidance.

Sage brings soundness of mind and sharper memory. You can also use it to make wishes come true. Place sage leaves wherever you want to manifest a wish– in the bedroom, in the wallet, etc.

Besides dried sage, you can buy fresh sage from the supermarket or growOpens in a new tab. it yourself.


Although this is technically a crystal and not an herb, I’m including it here because almost every kitchen has it (and it’s right next to the herbs anyway). If your kitchen has no other spices, you will surely have salt!  A kitchen and magical staple as long as we’ve known, salt is highly tied to the Earth and so can be used for fundamental magick like cleansing, purification, grounding, and healing.

It has many medicinal uses as well. You can use salt as an antiseptic for cuts and scrapes, gargle with salt water for oral health, and include it in your food for its taste and vital electrolytes.

Besides the common iodized salt, try experimenting with natural sea salts, pink salts, and black salts.


A great herb for making yourself more attractive to others in all respects– beauty, loyalty, respect, and affection. It will let others view you favorably and listen to you. Use it to become stronger, braver, and a better leader. Use thyme more generally in cleansing, purification, and healing rituals. Add it to your store of common Wiccan herbs to increase your psychic abilities too.


Much like its sweet scent, vanilla draws romantic love and happiness. Keep it near you to enhance your inner and outer beauty. It’s an aphrodisiac as well. It will attract good luck and bliss into your life.

Incorporate vanilla into any dessert you cook to make it a little more magickal!

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