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Wiccan Deities Quiz

Wiccan Deities Quiz - Discover Your Deity

What area of your life would you most like to improve?

What makes you feel fulfilled?

Which aspects of nature do you most connect with?

What's missing from your home?

With which types of animals do you feel kinship?

What's your greatest weakness?

Wiccan Deities Quiz
Horus - Egyptian God of the Sky (Wiccan Deities Quiz)

Wiccan Deities Quiz - Horus Egyptian God

Horus is the Egyptian god of the sky. He is powerful, clever, and just. Horus is often depicted as a falcon who rules the sky. He is said to contain the sun in his right eye, and the moon in his left eye. When he flies cross the sky, the sun and moon move through the sky with him. His uncle, Set, rivals him and wants to take his throne. So Horus is the god of kingship and dominion, and is no stranger to defending his right to rule.

Horus can help you get in touch with your confidence. He can ground you and teach you what your needs and right are. Horus will acquaint you with your brilliance and intelligence. He can also lead you towards fair and impartial handling of difficult situations.

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Apollo - Greek God of Youth and Health (Wiccan Deities Quiz)

Wiccan Deities Quiz - Apollo Greek God

Golden Apollo, god of the light and sun. He is perpetually youthful and free. He is god of health, healing, and disease, and serves as a model of ideal mental and emotional health. A gentle god, Apollo inspires music, poetry, and song. He is especially known for bows and stringed instruments. Both the lyre to produce music, and archery. With his calm demeanor, Apollo provides supreme prophecy and divination.

Look to Apollo for a renewed sense of your youth and innocence. He can help align all areas of your life into healthy balance. Apollo can help you appreciate music and poetry better, and help you to find joy in all that you do.

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Athena - Greek Goddess of Wisdom (Wiccan Deities Quiz)

Wiccan Deities Quiz - Athena Greek Goddess

Athena, the wisest and most resourceful Greek deity. She is brave, courageous, and doesn't mess around. When Medusa broke a vow, Athena turned Medusa's hair into serpents as punishment. Often depicted in armor, she wears a helmet, shield, and spear. Rather than wage war, she is a defender of her homeland. She protects cities and was a powerful figure in the Trojan War in Homer's Iliad. The city of Athens is named after her, and the Parthenon was built to honor her. She rules over all household crafts such as cooking and sewing. Because of her wisdom, she is often symbolized by the owl.

Look to Athena for insight and understanding. She can help you see further into the future, and choose the best and most impactful route forward. Athena can also assist you when dealing with difficult people in your life. She can guide you in standing your ground and taking action when necessary.

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Jupiter - Roman Supreme God (Wiccan Deities Quiz)

Wiccan Deities Quiz - Jupiter Roman God

Jupiter, the supreme god and the greatest of all Roman gods. The unconquered, the supreme general, the victorious, the best and greatest. He protects during times of both war and peace. He can harness all of nature's power in thunderbolts, and he rules the lightning, thunder, and rain storms. Although fair, he doesn't hesitate to destroy with a violent thunderbolt when necessary.

Look to Jupiter for success and achievement. He can lead you to victory in all pursuits in your life. Whether your life is calm or you are actively fighting demons, he can assist. Jupiter can also help you determine when assertiveness and action may be necessary.

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Diana - Roman Triple Goddess (Wiccan Deities Quiz)

Wiccan Deities Quiz - Diana Roman Goddess

Diana, the triple goddess. Ancient Romans have long told tales about Diana in her three forms-- huntress, goddess of the underworld, and goddess of the moon. Diana is a divine huntress, the wild forests, and patron of hunters. She is often depicted with a bow and quiver, with her hair gathered in ribbons. Diana presides over the underworld, ushering souls between life and death. In her third realm, Diana is the moon goddess. She rules over lunar cycles, and natural cycles which follow the moon like menstrual cycles. She is invoked for fertility and to protect women during labor. Diana is often associated with crossroads and choosing direction at splits in the road. Much like navigating the underworld, and also while hunting in the forest, the path is dark and unguided. Diana, by her light of the full moon, guides the way.

Diana can help you get in touch with your feminine side and let you feel more in tune with the natural rhythms of the universe. She can bring exciting mystery into your life, while also guiding you when you feel lost. She is decisive and strong, and will teach you to be the same.

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Odin - Norse God of Wisdom and Sorcery (Wiccan Deities Quiz)

Wiccan Deities Quiz - Odin Norse God

Odin, god of wisdom, death, and sorcery. The day Wednesday is named after him. He took part in the creation of the mortal world and gave life to the first two humans. He presides over Valhalla, a realm of the underworld where he receives those who have died in battle. Odin has imparted the knowledge of the runic alphabet and poetry to mankind. Frequently in disguise, he often roams the universe seeking knowledge dressed as a traveler with beard, cloak, and hat. He is skilled at sorcery, charms, and other forms of magick.

Look to Odin for answers that may not reside in this world. He can help you communicate with the spirit world and absorb knowledge in all forms. Odin may also inspire your creativity, taking interest in new pursuits that you might not have otherwise done.

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Freyja - Norse Goddess of Love and Beauty (Wiccan Deities Quiz)

Wiccan Deities Quiz - Freyja Norse Goddess

Freyja, the Lady and goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. A powerful sorceress, Freyja is skilled at an ancient art of Norse magic and foretelling. She is generous with her talents, and can determine what fate holds. She can then use that knowledge to manipulate forces in her control to forge new events and create change for others. Freyja has a passion for the finer things in life, like her beautiful necklace and cloak of falcon feathers. She is also a pleasure-seeker and something of a party girl, representing everything to do with beauty, love, and fertility.

Look to Freyja for help in the material world. She can teach you how to enjoy life and your material comforts without feeling guilty. Learn from her to discover your inner and outer beauty, and eliminate feelings like shame, embarrassment, or being undeserving. Freyja can also aid you in divination, helping you to see things to come and strengthening your instincts.

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Dagda - Celtic God and Father to All (Wiccan Deities Quiz)

Wiccan Deities Quiz - Dagda Celtic God

The Dagda, the "good god," was an important figure in Druid and Irish legend. He is known as a father figure, god and protector of all. Generous and protective of all. He wields a massive club that can both kill and bring back to life. He is manly, strong, and has immense power. The Dagda is also a god of knowledge, willing to grant wisdom to those honestly seeking it. He plays a giant harp which can cause the seasons to turn when played, ensuring a fertile spring and bountiful harvest. The Dagda is also armed with a bottomless enchanted cauldron that provides an endless amount of food. Just another reason why the Dagda is such a great protector.

The Dagda is a great deity to get to know if you're in need of protection or you feel the absence of a father figure in your life. He can safeguard you in all areas of your life. Dagda can also assist you in difficult financial times with his bottomless cauldron of nourishment, both literal and figurative.

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Cerridwen - Celtic Goddess of Transformation (Wiccan Deities Quiz)

Wiccan Deities Quiz - Cerridwen Celtic Goddess

Cerridwen, divine feminine enchantress who rules over knowledge and transformation. She can provide endless wisdom and inspiration with her cauldron of knowledge. The potion inside the cauldron was brewed for a year and a day. Cerridwen is also a goddess of transformation and inspiration. She allows for the end of things which do not serve you, making way for growth and change. She inspires planting seeds of rebirth. In addition, she can is also a shape-shifter. She can change forms into any animal or plant she wishes. Due to her deep wisdom, and her power of to birth change, she is often associated both with the Mother and the Crone of the Triple Goddess.

Look to Cerridwen if you are in need of inspiration. She can help you identify which parts of your life may be stale or unhealthy, and then eliminate those to create new roots in your life. Cerridwen can also help you deepen your own wisdom, and impart it on others.

Thank you for taking the Wiccan Deities Quiz!
Isis - Egyptian Goddess and Protector (Wiccan Deities Quiz)

Wiccan Deities Quiz - Isis Egyptian Goddess

Isis, the ultimate badass mother and wife! She resurrected her husband from the grave and produced a powerful heir. She is the divine mother of all from the pharaoh to the deceased. Infinitely compassionate and maternal, Isis performs healing on all people to relieve their suffering. She helps the dead enter the afterlife, protects the kingdom from enemies, and resurrects deceased souls. She was a fierce mama who protected women in childbirth. She is claimed to be the inventor of marriage and parenthood by the Greeks. Her powers are said to be much greater than other gods, and she is reputed to have power over fate itself. Isis is strongly associated with the skies, the moon, and the cosmos. She regulates the movement of celestial bodies, creating the seasons and agricultural fertility on Earth.

Isis can help you get in touch with your nurturing side and learn about your maternal instincts. She can bring parts of you to life that you once thought were dormant, and help you discover new talents and skills. Reach out to her for fertility issues, rebirth, and healing.

Thank you for taking the Wiccan Deities Quiz!
Lakshmi - Hindu Goddess of Abundance (Wiccan Deities Quiz)

Wiccan Deities Quiz - Lakshmi Hindu Goddess

Lakshmi, goddess of abundance and fortune. She presides over the material world and its economic activity. If worshipped sincerely, and not out of greed, Lakshmi brings blessings of success and reaching one's goals. She blesses places where there is diligence, character, and merit. Even for those that live in darkness, if they are genuine, she will allow them to prevail.

Reach out to Lakshmi for more abundance in your life. She can assist in bringing you good fortune to provide for yourself and your family. Always take a second look at your pursuits. If you are helping others and creating natural value from your efforts to obtain wealth, Lakshmi will gladly bless you. Look to her when you are in difficult situations that can be helped with additional monies.

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Ganesha - Hindu God and Remover of Obstacles (Wiccan Deities Quiz)

Wiccan Deities Quiz - Ganesha Hindu God

Ganesha, remover of obstacles and god of wisdom and knowledge. He offers big thinking and enlightened plans. He brings intelligence and a problem solving approach to life. Able to remove obstacles in your way, he helps you to solve problems and reach victory. Ganesha also blesses new beginnings, helping you to focus your vision and achieve success, while also helping you adjust to distractions or setbacks.

Look to Ganesha when starting a new venture in your life, whether material or spiritual. He can help you become resilient and finish goals or tasks you've set your mind to. He can help you avoid distractions or shiny objects. He guides you in keeping the right attention and focus, working diligently and consistently to your destination.

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