How To Make Wiccan Sun Tea (Easy Recipe!)

how to make wiccan sun tea

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Sun tea is a great way to harness and channel the power of the sun. It’s great year-round, but it’s especially powerful as a way to celebrate Litha. Whenever you need to draw upon the strength of the sun, take the time to brew some Wiccan sun tea! 

Here’s how to make Wiccan Sun Tea with an easy recipe: 

  1. Pick a tea that aligns with your intentions. 
  2. Gather additional ingredients to complement the tea selection. 
  3. Select crystals to charge with the tea. 
  4. Place the brew in direct sunlight for 5-10 hours. 
  5. Clarify your intentions and focus on your manifestations. 
  6. Utilize the sun tea immediately for max potency. 

Whether you are brewing sun tea for the use of spell Magick, an act of worship, altar offering, replenishment, or to manifest something in your life, I will walk you step-by-step through the entire process. Whether you are new to Wicca or have been practicing your whole life, this article will guide you through ingredient selection, the power of sun tea, the choice of sun phase, and the steps on how to brew your own Wiccan sun tea. 

1. Pick a Tea That Aligns With Your Intentions

Tea has long been used as a focal point in ceremonies, rituals, spells, brews, and of course, tea magick! Sun tea is easy to make with the simple ingredients and herbs listed in the next section, but some ready-made tea can add a powerful boost to your concoction. 

Here are some of the differences between different teas:

  • Green tea is associated with sexuality and love, healing, cleansing negativity, passion, and vital energy. Green tea also contains some caffeine and is safe to brew in the sun over a longer period. 
  • White tea brings purity, joy, happiness, protection, and wisdom. White tea also contains some caffeine and will protect the concoction from contamination. 
  • Oolong tea has been used for protection, strengthening friendship, reflection, and balance. Oolong tea contains some caffeine and can be brewed in the sun. 
  • Black tea has a masculine energy and inspires confidence, courage, and intellectual stimulation. It contains the most caffeine out of all styles of tea, and can be used to draw wealth, end boredom, and rejuvenate yourself if you feel stagnant.
  • Herbal tea has been used for centuries and is made with spices, roots, flowers, and other ingredients derived from nature. The Magick of herbal tea depends on what ingredients are selected. 

Once you have chosen your tea base, grab a clear, clean glass jug or jar that is at least 1 liter (1.1 quarts) in size. 

Ensure it has a tight-fitting lid to keep contaminants away while the tea is charging in the sun. Use pure, fresh water and fill up the jar to capacity, along with any tea or additional ingredients. I have listed some herbs and ingredients below to complement any tea selection that will also align with your intentions.

2. Gather Additional Ingredients To Complement the Tea Selection

Herbs are potent additions to any spell, brew, or ritual. 

As the Wiccan culture celebrates nature and what is provided to us by her, including additional natural ingredients will strengthen the power and authority of your sun tea. Here are some additives that will compliment your intention and will enhance the flavor of your tea:

  • Honey is nature’s sweetener and is a natural binding agent. When your sun tea has finished charging, add honey to the brew if you seek unity and prosperity. Honey is also used in magick to bind two things, or souls, together. 
  • Lavender is a soft and aromatic plant used traditionally for love spells. Add dried lavender while the sun tea is charging to promote a sense of calm, relaxation, and to manifest peace. 
  • Rosemary is a strong herb that has been a part of religious ceremonies for centuries. Commonly used in kitchen Magick to cook with, rosemary can be added to sun tea as a form of protection and to ward off any evil. 
  • Cinnamon is a lucky spice that adds prosperity, success, and wealth. Cinnamon also brings a warm, comforting flavor and compliments virtually any tea. 
  • Ginger is a strong, flavorful root and is a natural healer used to treat and prevent illness. Brewing ginger root is an excellent way to protect your health, encourage healing, and promote overall well-being. 

Whether you are brewing sun tea for your own manifestations, as a form of worship, or as an altar offering, it is very beneficial to learn the power of the herbal magick through Wicca Herbs: HerbalismOpens in a new tab.

This book will show you how to use herbs to manifest your intentions and it gives you examples of what to use when.

Once you have selected your additional ingredients, determine if you are adding the ingredients to sun charge with your tea or if you will add them later upon consumption. Some elements will benefit from brewing, while others are far too potent to sit in the jar for hours. 

If you are using sun tea for non-consumption, the potency and flavor may not matter. For consumption purposes, you can include different elements at different stages of sun charging. The choice is yours.

3. Select Crystals To Charge the Tea

If you practice crystal magick, including crystals in your sun tea ritual can be highly beneficial. 

Sun-charging crystals will both cleanse and awaken their power so that you can use them to their full potential in your practice. You can either set up your crystals to charge alongside the sun tea or place some crystals on top and around the jug to further add intention. 

Crystal selection, like deciding whether you’ll use these AOOVOO Crystals and Healing StonesOpens in a new tab.

These crystals include 25 chakra crystals and 7 raw chakra stones for use in your healing rituals.

It is important to note that certain crystals will fade when overexposed to the sun or during high noon when the sun is strongest, so it is essential to be mindful of their sun exposure and the time of day. Black crystals and sunstone are ideal for more prolonged sun exposure, while delicate stones like sapphire and clear quartz may fade and get damaged over time. 

If you are concerned about damaging delicate crystals in the sun, you can also opt to moon-charge them instead and then include them when your sun tea is ready. 

4. Place the Brew In Direct Sunlight For 5-10 Hours

Once you have selected a tea, ingredients, and crystals, it is time to sun-charge your brew. 

Find a spot outside or on a windowsill where there is direct sunlight for several hours. If this is not possible based on your location, make sure you are available to position your jar with the sun’s movement so that it is not resting in the shadows. 

Sun tea is a slower brewing process than traditional methods like stovetop or kettle, so the tea requires several hours to infuse. Depending on how potent your ingredients are and whether you are consuming the sun tea or using it for other ritual purposes, sun-charging can take anywhere from 5 to 10 hours. 

5. Clarify Your Intentions and Focus On Your Manifestations

Before you even begin the tea selection process, drawing your intentions for brewing is the first step. Make sure your mind is clear from distraction and disruption. 

Altar Ritual 

Sun tea can be used as an offering and as a form of worship. 

Select tea and herbs that align with your intentions towards your ritual or deity. After sun-charging is complete, set your brewed tea on your altar along with corresponding crystals and incense. Once your worship ceremony is finished, use the sun tea to nourish your garden or discard it by a tree. 

Spell Magick

Sun-charged tea, just like sun-charged water, can be used for spell casting and magickal brews. Select ingredients and place them in direct sunlight. While the jar is charging, place your hands over the water to cast intentions. 

When sun-charging is complete, you can use the sun tea in your spell magick ceremony. 

Litha Celebration

If the summer solstice is upon you, sun tea is traditionally brewed on this sacred day where Pagan ancestors honored the battle between light and darkness. For a Litha celebration, it is recommended to charge the tea during the brightest sun hours and include teas, herbs, and spices with power and brilliant attributes. 

Your Wiccan sun tea will be extra powerful if made on this day of the sun’s peak strength. 

Personal Manifestation

Sun tea can also be made to manifest your own reality and to set intentions for yourself. Select teas and ingredients that align with your intentions. While the tea is sun charging, focus on expanding and growing those intentions, allowing them to manifest into reality. Channel your thoughts and intentions into the tea. When the sun tea is ready, consume it to put those intentions into motion. 

6. Utilize the Sun Tea Immediately For Potency

Wiccan sun tea should be used immediately once ready to harness the sun’s power, whether you’ll be drinking it or using it ceremonially. 

Consumption of sun tea is best right after it is sun-charged, to ensure the potency of the ingredients before it’s temperature cools. 

If you are using Wiccan sun tea for spell magick or worship, it is vital to use it as soon as possible so that the spell is complete and intentions are manifested. If you charge crystals alongside the sun tea, the crystals will be ready and awake to complete rituals too.

You can also choose to make sun tea simply for taste and pleasure. If you have opted to enjoy sun tea without magick, you can safely store it in the fridge for 2-3 days. Ensure that the tea has cooled to room temperature and that it is stored with a tight lid. 

What You Need To Know About Wiccan Sun Tea

Sun worship has been a massive part of history and is found in many different cultures and seen in several other religions. From ancient Egyptian worship of the sun god Ra to medieval sun festivals in IranOpens in a new tab.

Pagans have long celebrated the sun’s power during Litha, also known as Midsummer or summer solstice. 

The longest day of the year recognizes the ongoing battle of light and dark, reminding us of our inner power and ability to shine despite opposition. By recognizing the sun’s authority and power, we can manifest it in our lives and set our intentions on growth. 

Sun-charging tea, water, and crystals are an important way to cleanse these objects, set growth intentions, and boost vitality. Charging water in the sun purifies it, infuses it with dynamism and enlightenment, and provides unparalleled brightness. 

The strength of sun water is enhanced by making it into sun tea; selecting tea and ingredients to match your intentions, and choosing crystals to charge with the brew brings further power to this ritual. Tea and herbalism magick are easily incorporated when making sun tea. 

The Choice of Sun Phase

Like moon-charged waterOpens in a new tab.

Let’s take a closer look at these sun phases and how they affect your Wiccan sun tea recipe.

Sunrise Into Morning Sun

Sunrise marks the dawn of a new day and new beginnings. 

The light given during sunrise represents clarification, resurrection, and new hope. As the sun rises into the morning, this is the optimal time for growth and strong intentions. If you are craving a sense of newness and prosperity, charging your sun tea in the morning hours is optimal. 

Morning sun is also gentle enough for certain crystals to charge in. 

Mid-Day Into Afternoon Sun

When the sun is at its highest and most potent point, this is the ideal time to charge your sun tea for strength and power. 

As the afternoon draws near, the light brings clarity, resolution, and wisdom. High noon into afternoon sun is also the best for healing magick, and the mid-day sun is the most potent for crystal charging if the crystal is safe to do so. Otherwise you may want to avoid charging your crystals at this peak time.

Evening Into Sunset Sun 

As the sun makes its way down and the day begins to cool, this is the ideal time to manifest simplicity and closure. The fading light provides the strength to de-stress and to make amends. Sunset is the perfect time to break bad habits and resolve any ill will. 

Just like the morning sun, the weaker rays are gentle and good for fragile crystal charging. 

A Note on Brewing Sun Tea

When choosing a tea base to create sun tea, always select a certified organic, loose leaf tea like the Greenhilltea Organic Rose Petal TeaOpens in a new tab.

The sun’s temperature doesn’t get hot enough to kill bacteria when brewing, so this is something to consider when selecting your tea type. 

For safety, some Wiccans prefer to make sun water first, then brew tea on the stove separately. Then finally combining the two after sun-charging is complete. Teas that contain some caffeine will naturally decontaminate while they brew. But either way you choose to make your sun tea, the most important factor is that you are present throughout the process.

Easy Wiccan Sun Tea Recipe: Step by Step

Take a look below for a quick, condensed version of an easy Wiccan sun tea recipe. 

  1. On a sunny day, determine what sun phase to charge your sun tea in. Early mornings represent new beginnings, afternoon light is the most powerful and authoritative, and evening skies bring peace and closure. 
  2. Use a clear, sturdy glass jar with a lid, fill the jar with pure spring water. 
  3. Select a tea for tea magickal purposes or simply for taste. Green tea, white tea, oolong tea, black tea, and herbal tea all have their purpose and offer a good flavor base profile. 
  4. Choose other ingredients to add for both flavor and herbal magick. Some popular, powerful additions include honey, lavender, rosemary, cinnamon, and ginger. 
  5. Select crystals to charge alongside the sun tea or place on top and around the tea jug to further intention. Crystals are not mandatory for sun tea but can help with cleansing and directing power. 
  6. Place the jar and crystals in direct sunlight. Brewing tea in the sun takes much longer than boiling water, so the jar will need sunlight for 5 to 10 hours. If the spot becomes shaded, make sure you can move the jar and crystals to keep them in the sunlight. 
  7. Set your intentions and manifestations while the tea is sun charging. If the tea is for worship or ceremony, prepare your altar and crystals accordingly and place your hands over the water to transfer intentions. For personal manifestations and spell magick, be sure your intentions are clear and consume the sun tea for replenishment. 
  8. If you’re using the sun tea for magickal purposes, use the brew immediately after sun-charging for peak potency, and to complete any magick. If you’ve brewed your sun tea simply for consumption and enjoyment, store it in a sealed container for 2-3 days in the fridge. 

Conclusion on How to Make Wiccan Sun Tea

Sun tea is traditionally used during the summer solstice as a form of celebration, but you can also use sun tea for Wiccan magick at any point in the year. The sun’s power has always been exalted throughout history for its power and authority, so when objects are charged in the sun, it brings a masculine energy to them. 

Wiccan sun tea combines water, tea, and herbal magick with sun charging. Wiccans use sun tea as an altar offering, in spells, in kitchen and hedge magick, personal consumption for manifestation, or to simply enjoy as a bounty of nature. Enjoy this recipe on the next sunny day!


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