Is Meditation White Magic?

Is Meditation White Magic

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A common question among Wiccans is, “Is meditation white magic?” This is a great question, so let’s explore! First, let’s understand what exactly white and black magic is.

White magick and black magick often called the right-hand path (white) and left-hand path (black), which you may have heard. They refer to different types of magick and consider things like:

  • The intent of the magick.
  • The purpose of the magick.
  • The effect of the magick.
  • View of self vs. others.
  • The emotion behind the magick.

White Magic

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Some examples of white magick are: raising ourselves to a higher consciousness (meditation!), raising our spiritual state, bringing ourselves closer to enlightenment, divination, dream work, healing, cleansing, attracting love, drawing luck, neutralizing negative energies or magickal work, and more.

Black Magic

Black magick is magic with evil or bad intent. It is motivated by negative emotions. Black magick is hateful, vindictive, and destructive. It is also selfish and seeking things for yourself to the detriment of others. Black magic is malicious and harmful. Black magic examples are: hexes, curses, manipulating others, spells for power, spells for revenge, and more.

So, is meditation white magic?

Let’s think about it. In addition to being white magick, meditation is a great basis for any magickal pursuit. Being in a state of altered consciousness, or at the very least in a positive head space with calm emotions allows us to make our magick much more pure, powerful, and helpful.

What is magick at its essence? Magick is not so much about us shaping the world around us.  It is about harnessing our own inner energies and aligning them with the universe. It’s about our own inner change. When a spell works, and especially when it is powerful, it is due to the powers of our own minds.

So in short, you’ll be happy to know that meditation IS one of the purest forms of White Magick that there is! Meditation empowers witches to make the world a better place for everyone.

Luna Clarke

Luna Clarke is a leading contributor to and is known for her open-minded and thorough interpretation of all things Wiccan and magickal. In her free time, Luna loves to worship her cat while he ignores her. She also has some great books for beginners, like her Guided Wicca Workbook: Wiccan Starter Series (click to view)

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