Magickally Charging an Object: A Wiccan Guide

Magically Charging an Object

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At its heart, magic and the casting of spells is all about energy.

Practitioners of magic use the energy of the universe, harness the power of elementals and spirits and go to great lengths to channel their own personal energy to achieve both spiritual and material success.

In virtually all Wiccan and Neo-Pagan rituals, physical tools are used to amplify and focus energy and to concentrate the mind on the intended outcome of the spell being performed.

It logically follows then, that these tools, whether candles, crystals, herbs or oils, should be properly “attuned” to both the task at hand, and the practitioner using them. That is why it is so important to magically charge an object.

The process of clearing away unwanted residual energy from an object, and then restoring intentional, positive energy back to it, is known as “charging”.

In this article, we’ll explain the processes involved in magically charging an object for your own spell work and rituals, as well as introducing you to some powerful techniques for cleansing your objects before use:

How Does Magically Charging an Object Work?

If you’re new to Wicca or Neo-Paganism, you may be wondering how the charging process actually works, or indeed, if it’s even necessary?

There are several schools of thought on the effectiveness and necessity of charging objects. Traditional magicians of all disciplines would absolutely argue in favor of charging, and most believe that there are actual “energies” or “powers” at work.

On the other hand, proponents of more modern disciplines like Chaos Magic believe that the charging process is either strictly symbolic and psychological, or completely unnecessary.

Regardless of the forces involved in charging, it seems clear that it does serve to create a kind of “dynamic anchor” between an object and its wielder, focusing the unconscious mind to bring about change.

What Kinds of Objects Can Be Charged?

In short, pretty much anything! Magically charging an object is more about the process than the object itself. Here are a few examples of typical items that Wiccans charge for greater effect:

  • Jewelry, such as pendants, brooches, rings and charms.
  • Runes, talismans and ornaments.
  • Candles.
  • Water.
  • Seeds & herbsOpens in a new tab.
  • Oils and tinctures.
  • Cauldrons, wands and traditional magical tools.
  • Stones and crystals.
  • Beauty Products.
  • Cooking utensils and produce.
  • Any product of a hobby or craft.

Before We Begin…

Before we explain the processes involved in magically charging an object it’s important that you spend a little time with your item of choice and decide whether or not it actually needs to be charged in the first place.

For run-of-the-mill items like candles and oils, the answer is almost certainly “yes”. That’s because these items are usually mass produced, mundane and soulless. On the other hand, if you’ve purchased an antique ring or a handmade pendant, you may be in possession of an item that already has powerful, positive energy embedded within it.

Determining Your Magical Hand

To get a feel for an objects “aura” or “energy” you’re going to first find your dominantOpens in a new tab.

Now look down: Which of your thumbs is on top?

The thumb that naturally falls on top of your clasped hands is your dominant magical hand. This hand is usually more adept at sensing energy fields and auras.

Detecting Energy Within an Object

Now you’ve established which of your hands is dominant and most open to magic, it’s time to sense the properties of your object, using your NON dominant, “passive” hand:

  • Hold the object gently, there’s no need for a strong grip.
  • Relax your mind. Allow it to empty as best you can.
  • Allow thoughts of the object to gently wash in and out of your mind.
  • Feel the object’s tactile qualities.
  • Sense any changes in temperature.
  • Be aware of tingling and numbness.

How did the object feel? Did it evoke strong feelings or memories of a previous owner? Did you feel energized or develop a positive mental outlook? Perhaps the reverse was true? Only you can decide whether to keep an object’s energy intact or to “wipe it” and start afresh.

Wiping the Slate Clean: Cleansing an Object

Before an object can be charged, it needs to have all traces of previous owners and their energies removed from it. There are numerous methods for going about this cleansing process but the most efficient versions typically utilize water, either still or fast flowing.

Find a tranquil place with a stream, fountain or river flowing through it. If you’re unable to do that, it’s perfectly acceptable to conduct this ritual at home with a tap or bowl of water. Next, dangle the item into the pool, or carefully hold it in the path of flowing water.

As you feel the water pour over your hands, imagine the energies and imprints of former owners flowing from the object and being carried away by the rushing water.

Now say the following short prayer of affirmation:

“Powers of the West,

Guardians of the Water,

I consecrate this “your object here”

and cleanse it with your energies.

I purify it this day and make it sacred.”

Magically Charging an Object with Intention

Now your object is freshly cleansed and ready to be charged, it’s time to pick a method. There are many different ways to go about this process, but the most popular methods are usually variations on the following themes.


Moonlight is a powerful tool in Wiccan magic. In fact, for minor charging rituals on lesser objects like candles, the moon can be used to cleanse and charge all in one sitting!

The process of charging an object in using the moon is straightforward: Simply leave the object in view of direct moonlight for a number of nights. That’s it!

This process can be made as complicated (read: more potent) or simple as you like: Leaving an object in strong moonlight under a cloudless sky for several nights in a row will serve to amplify the effect, and it goes without saying that full moonsOpens in a new tab.

Note: If you lack outside space or you’re dealing with a delicate or organic item, don’t worry about using a window ledge or mason jar.

Crystals and Stones

Crystals and stonesOpens in a new tab.

To release and focus greater amounts of energy, experiment by forming the crystals into a magical shape, such as a pentacle, and align the cardinal points to the compass. Crystals and stones require extended periods of time to transfer power to an object, usually in the region of 7-10 days.


Visualization techniques work extremely well, and are the cornerstone of the magical charging process. Rituals like the one listed below even work for the skeptics because they help to create strong psychological signals of intent.

  1. Place your recently cleansed object in front of you.

  2. Warm your hands by rubbing them vigorously. Shut your eyes.

  3. When your palms are warmed, slowly pull your hands apart.

    Feel the warm energy radiate out into an orb of power.

  4. Meditate on your intention.

    Focus your mind into the centre of the energy bubble and meditate on the intended final use of your charged object.

  5. Say your intention for the object out loud.

    You can also describe the spell it will be assisting you with.

  6. Visualize the orb slowly pulsing and expanding.

    Eventually it becomes rigid. Slowly but surely, the ball of energy changes color and takes on your own intentions.

  7. Use your imagination to blast your intentions.

    Finally, use your imagination to “throw” or “push” the colored sphere towards your item. As the orb hits the object, it bursts, saturating your item with color.

Finalizing the Charging Process

Regardless of the method you’ve chosen for your object, the final act of charging relies on focusing and embedding your own intention upon it. You can achieve this using one (or all) of the following processes:

Visualization: As described above, continue to imagine the outcome of your future spell or ritual, or the power your object will contain.

Tactile Connection: Hold the object in both hands, or place your hands on top of it, transferring your magical energy and forming a connection to the item.

Words of Intention: Willing your intent onto an object can really help to make the charging process ”stick” to the item. Have a short speech to hand and say it as many times as you deem necessary. Something along these lines:

“I charge this “Insert Object” through the universal power of the five elements to bring ”Insert Outcome” into my life. As I will it, so it will happen…”

In Conclusion…

Magically charging an object not only wipes away negative imprints from past owners, it also creates a powerful magical tool that brings potent elemental energy to your spells and rituals. It also protects you from negative spirits and emotions. What a beautiful thing!

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