Spell to Stop Loving Someone

Spell to Stop Loving Someone

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Do you know in your mind that it’s time to let someone go, but emotionally you just can’t do it? Use a spell to stop loving someone to end your love and help you move on.

Use a spell for a current or prior relationship. Use a spell to end your feelings and your relationship with your current partner. You can also let go of painful memories from previous love, or prevent emotional baggage from polluting your current relationship.

Give your life a new start with fresh eyes and healed heart. Calm your mind, stop thinking about the past, and end the suffering.

A spell to stop loving someone can also be used to end feelings between two third parties. For instance your best friend may be involved with someone who you think is not good for her/him. Perhaps you are a parent and your child is in a relationship with a bad influence.

Whatever the reason, please be aware that using spells on third parties without their consent goes into grey magick territory for some witches. In fact, many argue that it goes against the Wiccan RedeOpens in a new tab.

These spells also work for non-romantic love. They can be used with friendships, care taking relationships, and acquaintances. They can also be used for unhealthy attachments and obsessions. If you love someone so much that it hurts, or feel that you have an unhealthy focus or obsession on them, then these spells can certainly be used.

Enjoy the following Wiccan spells. Cut your ties and manifest change in your life!

Spell to Stop Loving Someone

Use this spell to cut ties with your own romantic interest, or between two other people in love in your life.

1. Gather Spell Ingredients

Gather some paper and a pen.

2. Meditate on Your Desires

Sit in deep meditation of your desires. Think about what your true desire is in life. Pay attention to your feelings. How do these desires make you think and feel? How would you feel if you had these desires fulfilled?

3. Write Down Your Feelings

Write down what you notice. Write down your biggest desires, along with your feelings throughout the meditation.

4. Concentrate Your Focus

As you start to cast the spell, keep your focus. Focus on what you really want.

5. Write Down Two Names

Fold the paper in half and write the two names. Write them on the inside of the sheet, one name on either side of the fold line. One name will be yours and the other will be the name of the person you want to forget. Be sure to include both full names and any other name, nickname, or alias they (or you) are known by. If you are performing this spell to get two other people/third parties to fall out of love, you’ll write these two names down (don’t write your own name.)

6. Fold the Paper and Write Your Intention

Fold the paper in half and write this on the outside:

“I declare for these two names that love and thoughts between them shall subside. Feelings will reduce and fade away. I have written it, so shall it be”

Fold the paper in half a few more times to make it small.

7. Gather Symbolic Belongings

Gather belongings for the people named on the sheet (that are not yourself). So, if you want to fall out of love with someone, gather their belongings. If you want two other people to stop loving each other, gather belongings representing both of them. Gather anything which has their name on it, their photo, or reminds you of them.

8. Find a Hiding Place for the Paper

Find a place to hide the paper and the items you’ve gathered. You will hide them somewhere hidden and away from your home. You can bury them in a park, leave them by the side of the road, place them under a fallen tree.

9. Make an Affirmation

State your intention out loud. Picture the two individuals named on the paper separating and feeling liberated. Say this affirmation with power:

“I say with best intentions, that love between the two names contained herein shall fade. They will be released from another. I have spoken it, so shall it be.”

10. Hide the Items

Now, place the items in your chosen hiding spot to conclude the spell.

Alternative Spell to Stop Loving Someone

You can do a slightly different twist on the above spell. Follow the steps outlined above, except for instead of hiding the objects, you will place them in a plastic bag. Then, you will fill the bag up with water.

The bag should be as full as possible and covering the items completely. You will place this bag into your freezer at home. As you place the items into your freezer, state your intention out loud. Say the affirmation used above with power and picture the two individuals named on the paper separating and feeling liberated

Now place the bag in the freezer. Keep it there until the feelings fade. After there is relief, you can consider the spell to stop loving someone complete. You can discard the bag outside of your home.

Cord Cutting Spell

This is great for break-ups and ending love, but it can also be used to move past any type of hurt you have experienced or to separate from any toxic person or event in your life.

Use it in a multitude of situations:

  • End any kind of relationship that doesn’t serve you. Friends, acquaintances, neighbors, relatives, partners, lovers.
  • Move on from break-ups. Forget past wrongs, heal yourself, and open yourself up to new experiences and love.
  • Stop your thoughts for anything which harms you like addiction.
  • Emotional healing from trauma.

This spell is best performed during the waning moon.

You’ll need a few items:

  • Black cord, ribbon, or yarn.
  • Scissors or knife to cut the cord (or burn through the cord with a candle flame)
  • Candle

Start by creating a sacred space and casting your circle. Reach out to any deities you’d like to bring into the ritual. Meditate for some time and focus on your intention for the spell. Picture yourself feeling free and happy.

Now turn your attention toward what you want to let go. Bring up all of the negativity and hurt. It’s ok, because you will be letting this go. When you have the negativity up, bind your feet and ankles together with the cord.

Picture the cord as the energetic chain linking you and the person or object or activity you are letting go of. Next, bind your wrists together (leaving your hands free). Again, picture all of the negativity and toxicity of what you are letting go.

Sit for awhile with ankles and wrists bound. Think about all that you want to let go of. Your feelings for someone, pain that someone else causes you, your anger of a situation, your longing for something. Let your feelings become as intense as you feel comfortable.

Cry, shout, weep. Do whatever you need to do and take as much time as you need. All the while picture your strong feelings and emotions absorbed by the cords binding you and restricting you. Project all of the negativity into the cords. Imagine that you want to be free and move and grow but that the cords and their negativity is preventing you.

Finally, once you have pulled up as much hurt as you can, and as you start to feel the feelings subside, allow yourself release.

Use the scissors to cut the cords or hold your wrists over a candle to burn the cord, freeing you both physically and mentally. Symbolically dispose of the remains of the cord by burning them. As the cords burn, know that you are free from your bonds forever.

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