Spell to Win the Lottery

Spell to Win the Lottery

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Do you just need a financial break? You’re trying to save but the bills never stop. You keep having unexpected expenses. Your car breaks down at the worst possible moment, leaving you with a hefty bill.

We’ve all been there! A good spell to win the lottery can help you get out of this cycle.

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These spells can help you ease your financial burdens, eliminate debt, buy a house, or any other financial goal. They will help you manifest change to live your best life.

Aside from luck, these strong and powerful spells assist you with other aspects like knowing which game to play, where and when to buy lottery tickets, which numbers to select, and other behaviors which will bring you closer to wealth. Read on to see how to get a leg up on winning the jackpot with a spell to win the lottery.

Importance of Mental Positivity

It is very important with these types of spells that you have a positive energy and eliminate any doubt or skepticism from your mind. You must be confident and positive that you can win. It’s important that you must feel like a winner.

You must believe you will achieve good results. It’s not enough just to have a spell to win the lottery. You must also back it with the intent of a winner.

A large component to these spells is a subconscious element. When casting the spell, you are forcing your subconscious to align and lead you in the direction of wealth. The universe wants you to be a winner.

By having the right attitude, you are allowing the positive energy of the universe to work for you. You are taking the help of the universe to let you win. You are activating and charging your intuition.

When your positive energy meets the universe’s energy, amazing things happen! Conversely, you are keeping out bad energy which works against you and stops your progress. 

The main reason why people may think a money spell isn’t working is because they are not confident and positive enough. Or, they may not be treating it seriously. They may buy a ticket for fun but aren’t dedicated to seeing the spell through.

You must be confident and positive and serious and dedicated. Even a speck of doubt or question will be detrimental to the spell to win the lottery. If you’re feeling extra anxious or worried, check out our Wiccan meditation for anxietyOpens in a new tab.

Simple Green Candle Spell to Win the Lottery

This is a very simple green candle spell and it is excellent for beginners. It is straightforward and can be done by beginners. Use it for drawing wealth whether it be a new job, a raise, or winning the lottery.

  1. Gather your spell ingredients.

    Green candle
    Lighter or matches
    Small bowl
    Peppermint essential oil

  2. Take a cleansing bath, or do your normal cleansing ritual.

    After cleansing, settle down in your sacred space.

  3. Calm your mind and start visualizing the result you want to see.

    Everything from purchasing the ticket with winning numbers, finding out that you’ve won, and anything you plan to do with the money like pay off loans, buy a home, etc. Keep these images vivid in your mind and embrace a warm, happy, free, positive feeling. Sit with this happy feeling for a few minutes.

  4. Light the green candle and place a drop of the peppermint oil into the bowl.

    Inhale the bright scent of the peppermint oil, and gaze at the glow of the candle’s flame.

  5. Scoop up the coins in your hands.

    Holding the coins with both hands, move them in a counterclockwise circle around the candle. Do this 7 times.

  6. Recite a phrase out loud to set your intention.

    “By setting my intention I will come into the money I desire. These coins represent my future wealth. I have set my sights and the result will manifest.”

  7. Place the coins into the bowl.

    Once again breathe in the peppermint scent, gaze at the candle’s flame, then blow out the candle.

  8. Keep the bowl with the coins in your home where you will see it often.

    Each time you see the bowl, revisit your free and positive feelings and wealth visualizations. Do this until you have felt your wealth come to you. You may also repeat the spell with the same bowl and coins after some time to strengthen it.

Amulet Spell to Win the Lottery

Create a good luck amulet you can sleep next to, take with you as you buy tickets or wait for numbers, or just keep on your person at all times.

You’ll need:

  • Green clothing
  • Silver coin
  • White candle

It’s very important to do a cleansing ritual first to make sure there is no negative energy present as you create the amulet. Cleanse yourself, then dress yourself in the green clothing.

Light the white candle and pick up the coin. Hold the coin in both hands over the flame for a few seconds. Not too close, just enough so that you can feel a bit of heat coming up to warm both your hands and the coin. State the following: 

“With this coin, I charge it with my luck and positive energy. I infuse wealth into this coin. As this coin follows me, wealth will follow me.”

Now invoke the powers of the four elements– earth, wind, fire, water. Hold the coin close to your heart. When you feel a sense of overwhelming positivity, the spell is complete. Carry the lucky coin around with you in your purse or wallet wherever you go.

Blessing a Ticket Spell

If you already have a ticket, you can do a spell to infuse luck and blessings onto the ticket to increase your chances of winning.

You’ll need:

  • Bowl
  • Rose water
  • White candle
  • Lighter or matches
  • Ink pen
  • Photocopy of your ticket

Light the candle and fill the bowl with rose water. Hold the ticket above your head and face east. Then on the ticket, write:

“I, –MY FULL NAME–, request the powers of the universe to infuse luck into this ticket and bring me wealth and peace.”

Remove the ticket from the bowl of water and allow it to air dry, holding it over the candle for a few minutes. Once dry, keep the ticket in a sacred place in your home. You may repeat the statement which you wrote on the ticket out loud anytime you feel like it. Doing this will increase the spell’s effectiveness.

Visualize the Winning Numbers Spell


This spell will help you select the correct numbers when purchasing a ticket. It is best to perform this spell at night, preferably right before you will go to sleep.

  • You’ll need:
  • Green candle
  • Yellow candle
  • Rosewater
  • Bowl
  • Sandalwood essential oil
  • Two dice (optional)
  • Paper and pen (optional)

Summon Intent

First, sit for a few minutes and let your mind settle. When you have a clear mind, light the green candle first and fill the bowl with rosewater. Dip your hands into the rosewater and then flick a bit of the water onto your hair and skin. Take a deep breath in, smelling the rosewater. State the following intention:

“Powers of the universe, reveal to me my path to great wealth and happiness. Reveal to me a selection of numbers that will lead me to success in my journey.”

Then use the green candle to light the yellow candle. Close your eyes and concentrate your focus on how you will feel upon winning. Bring up as many positive and successful feelings as you can.

Let the Numbers Arrive

Now you have three ways to let the numbers come to you.

Technique # 1

The first is to go to sleep and allow the numbers to reach you in a dream. Take a small dab of sandalwood oil and place it on your third eye. Then go to bed and see if you dream about the numbers.

Technique # 2

The second is to roll the two dice successively to create number combinations. Take the sheet of paper, and place a dab of sandalwood oil onto the four corners of the sheet. Roll both dice.

You are looking for combinations from 1-9, with any double representing 0. Any other combination should be discarded. As you roll, write down the digits until you have enough to form a ticket number. For example, say you roll:

1 + 2: 3

3 + 1: 4

2 + 2: 0

Now the numbers contained in the ticket are 3, 4, and 0.

Technique # 3

The third technique is to write the numbers 0 – 9 onto the paper, equally spaced and filling up the page. After you write the numbers, dab some sandalwood oil on each corner of the page. Then take the yellow candle and tip it slightly over the page.

Move the candle randomly about the page, noting when drips of wax fall down and next to which number they fall. On a second sheet of paper, note the numbers down as drips fall until you have enough to generate a ticket number.

Please keep in mind that for any of these techniques, the numbers you see will be correct but they may be in a different order. If you do not have luck with the numbers as you received them, try a different combination of the same numbers.

Perform this spell as often as you need to, until the winning numbers appear to you.

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