What Does a Broom Over the Door Mean?

What Does a Broom Over the Door Mean

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The broom is a common element of folklore and has long since been associated with witches and sorcery. The traditional broom was simply a wooden rod to form a handle, with small twigs or straw tied to the rod. The oldest broom use was cleaning the home. Specifically, it was used for cleaning an area to be used for magickal rituals.

Sometimes you may see a broom hanging above a doorway in a witch’s home. Naturally, you might wonder what does a broom over the door mean?

It was thought that brooms swept away negative energy and had protective powers. There are also many accounts of witches using brooms at Sabbats. There are accounts of seeing witches flying over great distances to reach a Sabbat celebration.

Witches have been recorded dancing with brooms held in the air at the Sabbat, or dancing with a broom between the legs, jumping and leaping. Let’s learn what does a broom over the door mean.

Due to the broom being made of wood, Celtics thought of the broom connected with Faeries Opens in a new tab.

During the years of the witch trials, brooms were used to conceal items related to witchcraft like wands, herbs, oils, etc. Compartments were created in the shaft to hide these items.

There are many references specifically to flight on broomsticks. The Norse deity Frigg, Scottish deity Nicneven, followers of Roman goddess Diana, and others have been depicted riding on a broomstick or flying through the night.

Oftentimes witches would undertake spiritual travel using hallucinogens to create a state of altered consciousness. They would fly through the air in a trance, with soul and body separated.

Significance of the broom today

Nowadays, brooms are still instrumental in modern witchcraft and Wicca practices. There are many ways to incorporate brooms into your personal practice. Decorate a broom with with flowers or ribbons. Get a decorative scented broom like a cinnamonOpens in a new tab.

What does a broom over the door mean?

The broom has many folkloric uses which still persist today. One common use is to hang a broom over the door. We do this for protection. A broom over the door keeps out bad intent and evil. It keeps good energies in too.

It’s believed that the broom will sweep away the negative energies of those who enter your home. It also will protect the home and its occupants. Brooms are hung over the top of the outside of the front door. They are hung with the bristles facing the direction that the door opens.

Some other broom traditions

Brooms may be stood upside down, with the bristles facing up towards the sky, and the end of the broomstick touching the ground. It’s believed that facing the brush up brings good luckOpens in a new tab.

When you move, you should get a new broom for the new house. Take your old broom and leave it in your old home or dispose of it with honour. Never burn a broom. Brooms should also not be borrowed, lent, or given away as it gives bad luck.

When you get a new broom, sweep some dirt from the outside to the inside to bring good luck. Never sweep dirt out the front door in particular, and avoid sweeping dirt out of any door. Rather, sweep into a dust pan or bin, and carry that outside the home for disposal.

Brooms are often placed in corners of the house and they have a number of superstitions and conventions.

  • Never lean a broom against a bed or lay on top of a bed.
  • Never leave your broom outside.
  • Never sweep under a chair or bed upon which someone is sitting or laying.
  • Do not sweep under anyone’s feet.
  • Treat your broom well by talking to it respectfully.
  • Oil your broomstick on every turn of the wheel (four times a year). 

If a witch’s broom falls in front of your door, it means that you will have company. After the broom has fallen, do not walk over the broom. If you do happen to walk over the broom, you can walk backwards to cross the broom in the reverse direction. Then pick up the broom immediately and return it to its proper place.

You should refrain from sweeping during the eveningOpens in a new tab.

How do I learn more?

Check out Deborah’s Blake’s book on the witch’s broom, from Llewellyn Publishing. It is a thoughtful, well researched, and a lot of fun! If you want to know the full history of the broom, and take a deep dive, this is the book for you!

The Witch’s Broom by Deborah Blake (Use this linkOpens in a new tab.

Opens in a new tab.

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