Wiccan Leo Correspondences for Zodiac Magick

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Let’s explore Wiccan Leo correspondences! The sun travels through Leo from the dates of approximately the 22nd day of July to the 22nd day of August under the tropical Zodiac. It is one of the three Fire signs, in addition to Sagittarius and Aries.

Leo is represented by the Lion symbol. It is the 5th zodiac sign, originating from the constellation Leo. It has a fixed quality, and a positive or masculine polarity. 

Leo is a Fire sign. Fire signs are passionate, fiery people just like flames. Their powerful emotions can be used for good or bad. Tempers can quickly fly and set off a rage, or they can be channeled into a quick and monumental success. They don’t let obstacles get in their way, and are great at pushing and motivating others. Always dynamic, Fire signs exude magnetism and intensity. With proper control, they can use their creative and multifaceted qualities for great things.

The Sun rules this sign. In LeoOpens in a new tab.

Leo’s ruling Tarot card (Major Arcana) is Strength. This card is about courage, steadfastness, dauntlessness, and fearlessness. It’s about overcoming obstacles and coping through difficult situations. The card is about holding strong, determined, and persevering through obstacles, criticism, and uphill battles. Besides inner strength, it’s also about using one’s forces for good. Use power for leadership and solutions, not ego or hubris.

Leo Correspondences in Wicca

There are many Leo correspondences.

Colors are Yellow, Gold, and Orange.

StonesOpens in a new tab.

Day is Sunday.

Plants, herbs, and treesOpens in a new tab.

Animals include Lion, Wolf, Big Cats, Griffin, and Peacock.

Metals are Gold and Iron.

In Wicca Leo is loving, generous, and kind hearted. On one hand Leo is cosmopolitan and open-minded. Leo wants to expand horizons and embrace creativity. However Leo can also be a control freak, becoming bossy and overbearing.

Leo sets high standards and takes charge to get things done, sometimes to the detriment of friendships and collaboration. They are persistent, meddlesome, and intolerant. However, Leo’s power and idealism make them fiercely loyal and dependable companions.

Conversely, they make frightening enemies. Leo has an inflated view of his capabilities, sometimes bordering on condescension and arrogance.

In magickal work, Leo correspondences lend themselves to communication, expression, fluency and poise (like public speaking), being in the spotlight, confidence, creativity, and fertility and childbirth.

Wiccan Leo Correspondences

  • Sign: Leo
  • Zodiac Symbol: Lion
  • Constellation: Leo
  • Dates: July 22 – August 22 (approximately)
  • House: 5th house
  • Ruling Element: Fire
  • Season: Summer
  • Quality / Modality: Fixed
  • Polarity: Positive / Masculine
  • Ruler: Sun
  • Detriment: Saturn and Uranus
  • Exaltation: Neptune
  • Fall: Pluto
  • Tarot: Strength
  • Colors: Yellow, Gold, Orange
  • Stones: Onyx, Ruby, Topaz, Diamond, Peridot, Amber, Opal, Tiger’s Eye, Jasper
  • Animals: Lion, Wolf, Big Cats, Griffin, Peacock
  • Metals: Gold, Iron
  • Day: Sunday
  • Herbs: Juniper, Sunflower, St John’s Wort, Bay, Chamomile, Saffron, Cyclamen, Cowslip, Hops, Rosemary, Marigold, Mistletoe, Willow, Frankincense, Acacia, Daffodil, Anise, Walnut
  • Gods / Goddesses: Amun, Vishnu, Bast, Diana, Demeter, Ra, Helios, Sekhmet, Hathor
  • Body: Heart, Spine, Upper Back, Forearms, Wrists, Hands
  • Health: Cardiac Issues, Arrhythmia, Carpal Tunnel, Spinal Disorders
  • Traits: Loving, Generous, Kind, Cosmopolitan, Open-minded, Expand Horizons, Control Freak, Bossy, Overbearing, High Standards, Take Charge, Persistent, Meddlesome, Intolerant, Powerful, Idealistic, Loyal, Dependable, Condescending, Arrogant
  • Magick: Communication, Expression, Fluency and Poise (like Public Speaking), Being in the Spotlight, Confidence, Creativity, Fertility and Childbirth

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