Use A Wiccan Meditation For Anxiety When You’re Stressed

Wiccan Meditation For Anxiety

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We could all use a Wiccan meditation for anxiety! These days are stressful times. Information constantly bombards us. We have concerns about money, relationships, and even pandemics. And that’s if you don’t already suffer from anxiety!

So, what can be done?

Anxiety and Mental Health

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health problems. Not only is anxiety a mental health problem, but it affects all areas of our lives. It can impact our emotional, spiritual, and physical health as well.

Everyone experiences anxiety at certain points in their life. However, some people feel anxious all the time. It is crippling to many people, resulting in panic attacks, extreme avoidance, and physical issues.

You should speak to a medical provider if you think anxiety is impacting your life. As always, heed their advice about how best to deal with your anxiety. (See our disclaimersOpens in a new tab.

Use the meditative and magickal techniques described here as a supplement to your medical provider’s advice. Be sure also to tell them what you are doing on your own so they are informed. Seeking help is the brave thing to do!

Meditation is great for overall mental health. Besides reducing stressOpens in a new tab.

  • Lowering the heart rate and blood pressure
  • Helping you sleep
  • Lifting mood and ending depression
  • Improving concentration, memory, and focus
  • Clearing the mind
  • Giving energy
  • Exposing creativity

Anxiety and Spellwork

When doing spellwork, and when focusing intent, provide full and undivided attention. We cannot allow negativity into our magickal energies.

We must be in the proper mindset, without foggy or obscured intent. Doing magick in the wrong frame of mind will certainly work against you. It might even cause your spell to have the opposite effect you desire.

Therefore, it is so, so, so important that you are in a calm, relaxed, and confident state of mind. What’s more, this calm state will help you in other areas of your life too: school, work, family, and friends.

Why a Wiccan Meditation for Anxiety?

It combines the best of the best! It’s Wiccan because it promotes grounding and centering, and connecting with the Earth. It’s meditative because it’s based on achieving a calm mind. And it soothes anxiety because it is comforting and nurturing.

Meditation can pull yourself out of your head. As sentient beings, we tend to think a lot. And sometimes we overthink, which hurts us. Meditation is a mental exercise that puts us in touch with our bodies and minds. It lets them run in sync, in symbiosis. This is exactly what we want to achieve with the Earth and with the energies in the Universe. 

Meditation also allows us to let go. We can withdraw from the material world, and really look at the pieces in our lives. Wouldn’t you like to have an existence that transcends:

  • Daily concerns
  • Fears
  • Bad habits
  • Lack of belief
  • Lack of clear identity
  • Sad memories and living in the past
  • Losing hope
  • Negative thoughts
  • An unbalanced lifestyle

Connecting with ourselves through meditation is connecting with the Divine. It lets us reach a higher state of existence. Doing this within the context of Wicca is one of the best activities we can do. This is because we develop other skills while we do it. Skills like focusing on intention, flowing naturally with the Universe’s energies, getting in tune with subtle existence, and looking into the spirit realm everywhere we go.

The Meditation

You can use this meditation as needed, but I highly recommend that you do it meditation daily until you feel results. After you have reduced your anxiety a bit, you can do the meditation less frequently (although still regularly). 

1. Gather Ingredients

  • Candle
  • Matches or lighter
  • Fireproof container (in which to keep the candle)
  • Something for cleansing: smudge stick, incense, bowl of water, salt, crystals, singing bowl, etc
  • Small pieces of paper on which to write
  • Pen or pencil

2. Prepare for the Meditation

Create a safe place in which to meditate. Find a quiet area or room off by yourself. Let loved ones know that you will be unavailable. Tuck the pets away, and switch off your phone. Set up a place for yourself to sit comfortably. (Hint: If you are having trouble getting away, do this meditation while taking a bath! People are less likely to disturb you in the bathroom.)

3. Write Down Negative Thoughts and Feelings

On the small pieces of paper, write down any thought or feeling which comes to mind that you’d like to get rid of. “Anxiety,” “Stress,” “Self-doubt,” “Depression,” etc. Write down as many words as you need, each on its own piece of paper.

4. Cleanse the Space

Cleanse any way you like. This can be through smudging, a bowl of water, salt, incense, crystals, or with sound. 

5. Cast Your Circle

Prepare a protective space for yourself as you meditate.

6. Close Your Eyes and Meditate

First just rest your eyes and let your body settle into itself. After your breathing slows, keep a mindful state. Let thoughts pass but don’t attach to them. Just let your thoughts ebb and flow.

7. Begin Visualizing

Call up all of the negative thoughts in your head. Recall all of the negative and stressed emotions you’ve felt. Bring up feelings of anxiety. As these emotions arise, direct them into the words you’ve written down on the paper. Feel the negativity seep into the paper. Your written words absorb the negative energy. At the same time, in order for the stress to be soaked up by the paper, it must be leaving you. Feel the flow of stress, nervousness, and anxiety through your body into the words. Notice how much lighter you feel the longer you do this.

8. Light the Candle

Light it inside the fireproof container.

As you light the candle, recite the following:

As I light this magickal candle, I humbly ask that you receive the negative energies I transmit to you, and destroy their power so as to free me. Use your powers to heal me from negative thoughts.

9. Address and Eliminate Negative Feelings

Address each negative thought one-by-one. Pick up one piece of paper with a negative thought on it. Read the negative feeling like this:

--NEGATIVE FEELING--, be gone into the flame.

Then burn the paper in the candle’s flame. Repeat until all pieces are burnt.

10. Acknowledge the Removal of Negative Feelings

Acknowledge that all negative thoughts are symbolically gone. After all papers are burnt, state:

Magickal candle, thank you for freeing me from negative thinking.

And close your eyes, visualizing that negative energies have been removed from your body and are burning in the candle’s flame.

11. Close Your Circle

Take a few minutes to relax and absorb the effects of the meditation. Pull up one positive emotion to finish with, like gratitude, love, or compassion.

Practical Measures

Self care goes a long way toward calming anxiety. In addition to this healing Wiccan meditation for anxiety, you can take some practical measures too.

  • Get enough sleep.
  • Don’t keep yourself too busy.
  • Allow for time with friends and family.
  • Enjoy the simple pleasures in life like cooking or singing.
  • Get physical exercise each day.
  • Journal and draw to your heart’s content.
  • Take a relaxing bath, or get a massage.
  • Listen to music that makes you happy.
  • Unplug from technology, especially social media. (FOMO really increases anxiety).

Herbs are lovely additions to reduce anxiety too. Besides using them in rituals, you can keep them with you during your day-to-day activities. Keep a small sachet in your pillowcase at night, bring essential oil with you during the day, take a scented bath, or anoint yourself before important or stressful events. Lavender is a very relaxing, calming herb, as is chamomile. These herbs are also both great sleep aids, which is a common side effect of anxiety. Try hibiscus flowers, basil, or hyssop too. Our guide to magickal herbsOpens in a new tab.

Crystals are excellent guards against anxiety. Our guide to crystal magickOpens in a new tab.

Finally, regular meditation can work wonders for anxiety. Whether you do this exact Wiccan meditation for anxiety or not, any form of mindfulness, when done regularly, is a great preventative measure. Take just five or ten minutes a day to indulge in yourself in meditation. Within no time you’ll feel relaxed, centred, and in control of your life.

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