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How to make your own wand magickal wand

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A sacred piece of every Wiccan’s magickal toolkit, and their altar, is their wand. It’s a deeply personal object and one which most witches hold dear. It’s no surprise you want to learn how to make your own wand.

When thinking about wands, there are two main choices– Do you buy one or make your own? Both routes have pros and cons that are discussed in this article. In the end though, only you can decide what’s right for you.

Whether you are a beginner and want to know more about wands, or you are experienced and want to learn how your own wand for the first time, read on.

What is a wand?

A wand is an instrument that you use to direct your magickal intention. It is an extension of your will and energy, and you use it to gently channel your power into manifesting what you want to achieve.

It is a useful addition to your mystical practice and allows you to realize the central Wiccan belief that you must align with your desires, then the realization of your desire in the physical world follows when you cast a spell.

Wands can also be used to direct energy towards something, such as directing the moon’s energy downward, or to send healing energy, or to counteract bad energy. They also also commonly used in ceremonial magick to cast circles, invite and focus energy, or to draw magickal symbols.

Although a wand is commonly thought of as being a magical object, it’s not actually magickal in its own right. It’s a tool and channel for your own energy, power, and will to bring about magickal transformation as the practitioner. You charge your wand with your own personal power to use in your spellwork.

Can beginners learn how to make their own wand?

You don’t need a great deal of experience to make your own wand. This guide will help you through the process and find the materials you need.

Why make a wand vs buy one?

To be sure, there are perfectly good reasons why you might want to buy a wand, and that may be the right choice for you at a given time. The wand for you will present itself when you’re ready. However there is definitely something special about making your own wand and the act of making your own presents you with something enlightening. 

A your wand’s power and how well you work with it depend on how in sync you are with your wand and how aligned your energies are. The process of creating a wand from scratch lets you get to know the wand (and the wand to get to know you) intimately.

Making this object yourself from natural material allows you to get closer to the Earth.  Throughout the process of making the wand you are in physical contact with the materials and more of your energy gets embedded into the wand.

You will have a great sense of pride and love for the wand you’ve made yourself, whether it is your first wand or not. Wands are an intensely personal item and what better way than to craft it yourself. 

You will have no questions about where the wand came from or how it was made. You’ll know it was made with love out of an abundant environment, not mass manufactured in a negative or threatened environment.

Can I have more than one wand?

Certainly, but is your own personal preference. Many practitioners use one wand for many years. Others have several specializedOpens in a new tab.

The best recommendation is to do what feels right to you. If your energy is most powerful with one wand, stick with that. If you’d like to draw on the properties of another material, for example, feel free to add another wand to your collection.

How do I store my wand(s)?

Wands are special items and absorb the energies which surround them, so they must be stored carefully. A wooden box is best, followed by wrapping them in silk or cotton. Cleansing is also wise after any period of long storage or after use. Cleanse your wand with incense, a smudge stickOpens in a new tab.

What’s a good size for my wand?

Wands should be a minimum of 6” long, up to 18” long. The wand should be of a length and thickness that is easy to hold and maneuver, yet sturdy. An easy way to estimate what will work well for you is using your forearm or shorter for the length and your middle finger for the width.

Where do I get materials for my wand?

The easiest way to make your own wand is with wood. Although you can find wands of many materials– ivory, crystal, copper, etc, wood is the easiest. It’s easy to find and gather, and it’s a staple in nature. Often, it’s easiest to keep things simple– and wood is the simplest– when you learn how your own wand for the first time.

Fallen branches and driftwood work well. You can find materials in forests, parks, beaches, or any outdoor area where there are lots of trees. To locate the material for your wand, search knowing that the wand will absorb your energy and help direct your intention. Use your heart and senses to tell you when you’ve found the right material.

Another option is to remove a live branchOpens in a new tab.

If you feel any kind of negative energy or guilt, the tree has said no and you should find another tree. If your chosen tree says yes, use a knife to cut a branch cleanly. Immediately place your hand over the cut and visualize healing energy towards the tree.

Regardless whether you’ve found a branch or cut one off, be sure to ally with the tree where the wood came from. Show your appreciation for the tree having shared its energy with you. Have a small ritual and thank the tree for its sacrifice. If you can, place an offering at the tree’s base or on one of its branches. Nuts, water, fruit, milk, honey, herbs, or cornmeal work well. 

Once I have my wand material, how do I prepare it?

First, you need to allow the wood to dry out completely. Place or hang the branch in a dry, warm area for several weeks. If your material is driftwood or an already dry branch from the ground, you can proceed to the next step.

Next you can smooth the branch and remove some of the bark. You can create a very smooth wand by removing all knots, stripping all of the bark, and sanding the surface. You can also keep a rustic wand by just removing any sharp pieces.

This keeps the character of the tree with the wand. You could also remove bark from most of the wand except the handle portion where you will hold it. The look and feel is entirely up to you.

Finally, the wand does not have to be perfectly straight and even. It’s ok to leave a few knots and twists. Shape the wand to what feels good and right to you.

How do I personalize my wand?

After sanding off some sharp edges, that may be all you want to do to your wand. You can further personalizeOpens in a new tab.

You can treat the surface of your wand with wood oil for natural beauty, paint for color, stain for darkening, or gloss for shine. You could also affix other decorative materials like yarn, ribbon, string, flowers, leather, bells, fabric, clay, or wire. Another idea is to carve or burn runes or other symbols into the wand.

You may consider adding crystals or stones to the tip of your wand. This can be done with adhesive or by wrapping wire around the wand and crystal. Any crystal or stone that resonates with you is a great addition like quartz, diamond, iron, pearl, shell, etc. Finally, another option is to affix your hair to the wand to enhance its energy.

Here are some common crystalsOpens in a new tab.

  • Agate- new beginnings
  • Carnelian- protection against negativity
  • Hematite- protection, balance, and problem solving
  • Jade- balance and healing
  • Jasper- good luck and healing
  • Malachite- calm
  • Rose quartz- love

Finally, your wand’s design doesn’t have to be set in stone. It can adapt and evolve as your magickal practice does. Just keep sticking with what feels right and what works for you.

Consecrate Your Wand

It’s important to connect with your wand. Throughout your creation process, put all of your positive energy into the wand. Meditate and sleep with it to transfer some of your energy and memories into the wand.

Before using the wand in any spells or rituals, consecrate it. You can do this by addressing the four elements of air, fire, water, and earth, for blessing your wand in ritual use. You can also pass the wand through a flame, sprinkle it with salt water, and wave it through incense.

After consecration, your wand is ready for ritual service. Happy casting!

Wand WoodUse/Symbolism
OakCommon, strength, masculine, protection, healing
WillowCommon, femininity, intuition, best with moon work
AshCommon, protection, flexible, adaptable, self improvement
HawthornCommon, fertility
BirchPurification, healing, feminine, calm, peace, new beginnings
Crab AppleKnowledge, wisdom, guidance, truth, love
IvyBargain, exchange, protection, binding, relationships
ElderProtection, healing, magical
RowanProtection from evil, success
AlmondSelf protection, purity, love
PineOvercome adversity, rebirth, immortality
LindenHealing, justice
LarchProtection from harm
Rose WoodLove, fertility, healing

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