Wiccan New Moon Rituals for Abundance and Prosperity

New Moon Rituals for Abundance

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Modern astrologers and scientists describe the New Moon as the first phase of the satellite’s monthly lunar cycle. At this time, the moon is completely in shadow, and invisible from earth by human eyes.

The Pagan New Moon

In ancient times, before powerful telescopes and accurate, to the minute lunar charts, pagans referred to the invisible part of the lunar cycle as the “Dark Moon”. When the very first glimpse of the moon appeared in the westerly skies after sunset, the tiny sliver of a crescent moon was dubbed “The New Moon”.

Wiccan Magic and the New Moon

Wiccans see the early stages of the lunar cycle as very effective times to practice magicOpens in a new tab.

In this guide, we’ll be focusing on the New Moon in its traditional, semi-visible sense, and walking you through four key New MoonOpens in a new tab.

Preparing For Your New Moon Ritual

Before we discuss the separate New Moon rituals, it’s important for you to understand the mental and physical state you need to be in before you start.

Wiccan magic and ceremony puts heavy emphasis on getting into the right meditativeOpens in a new tab.

With that in mind, consider these non-essential but handy tips before you begin:

  • Take a relaxing bath before you begin a ritual. You can add herbsOpens in a new tab.
  • Burn sage to create a smoke that will clear your ritual space of negative energy.
  • Make sure that the trappings of modern life aren’t going to intrude on your ritual: Turn off your phone, TV and computer.
  • Find a space where you won’t be disturbed. Indoors is just fine, but make sure you’re alone and not expecting visitors.
  • Wearing a pendant (such as a moonstone) for 30 days after the ritual can help you focus and reaffirm intent.

Wiccan New Moon Rituals for Abundance

A New Moon Ritual for Work and Career Success

For this first ritual, we’re focusing on achieving abundance at work. That could mean different things for different people: Are you looking for a complete change of career? Perhaps you’re desperate to achieve a promotion or a pay rise? These might all seem like trivial or “worldly” concerns, but witchcraft and spell casting are very much about influencing our physical surroundings and creating luck and opportunity in our daily lives.

Setting up the Ritual

For this ritual, you’re going to need to cast a magical circle. This isn’t as complicated as it sounds: Simply walk clockwise for three laps of your imaged circle, repeating the following prayer:

“I call upon all upon the lunar goddess, and ask for her goodwill and protection. The space inside this circle is sacred, and bound to her. Let no evil spirit breach it”

If you’re able to draw or make a “real” circle, all the better, but it’s not strictly necessary. The main point here is to “wipe the slate clean” and create a safe neutral area for your ritual to take place.

Next, you’ll need to arrange three candlesOpens in a new tab.

  • An Orange Candle: Representing charisma and charm.
  • A Purple Candle: Representing knowledge and skill.
  • A Yellow Candle: Representing luck and opportunity.

The arrangement of the candles depends on the type of outcome you’re trying to influence: The most important candle should be positioned on the northernmost edge of the circle, with the two “secondary” candles sitting to the southwest and east, forming an equilateral triangle.

Once the candles are placed, light them in order of importance and sit in the center of the circle.

Visualize Your Outcome

From your seated poison in the center of the circle, begin to visualize the outcome you have in mind. If you’re trying to achieve a very specific outcome, the images should flow very easily:

  • Imagine walking into your work building, but taking a different route to a new desk or office.
  • Think about how your bank balance might look after a pay rise.
  • Visualize management meetings where you’re speaking in front of a team, as they listen intently to your ideas.

These visualizations are very personal. You’ll have to decide for yourself how to handle the meditative process for the outcome you desire.

Once you have a very detailed picture of your preferred outcome in your mind’s eye, raise your arms slowly above your head and repeat the following:

”I place my luck in the hands of the lunar goddess. May she bring good fortune and prosperity, and clear any obstacles from my path. “

Finally, walk around the circle anticlockwise, extinguishing each of the three candles in order or importance.

If you really want to amplify the results of this ritual, you can continue to burn the candles throughout the weeks or months ahead. This will help to reinforce your intent and to keep the visualization fresh in your mind.

A New Moon Ritual for Romantic Opportunities

This New Moon ritual focuses on abundance of opportunity. It’s a simple but powerful visualization ritual that can help you to cross paths with your ideal romantic partner.

On the night of the New Moon, plantOpens in a new tab.

Next, on a piece of paper, write a list of qualities you’d like in an ideal romantic partner. It’s important to strongly visualize the person that you’re hoping to meet, so try to list how your ideal partner makes you feel, as well as describing the way they look.

Once you’re sure you’ve covered everything and you have a strong image in your mind, seal the note in a red envelope and sleep with it under your pillow.

Do this until the seeds you’ve planted have grown into something large enough to replant outdoors. At this point, destroy the red envelope and its contents by burning them. Scatter or bury the ashes next to the plant.

Thought the process, keep the contents of the envelope fresh in your mind and try to visualize meeting your ideal partner.

A New Moon Ritual for Wealth

For this very simple ritual, we’re going to focus on an abundance of wealth.

Light three green candles and focus intensely on the amount of money you would like to attract. It’s worth pointing out that simply focusing on “being rich” or having “lots of money” isn’t really specific enough. Magic works best as can “odds multiplier”, so wishing for unlikely outcomes such as winning the lottery will almost certainly have a low probability of success. It’s much more effective to visualize for pay rises, small windfalls or wins.

Next, recite the following prayer:

Thank you lunar goddess. I live in infinite abundance and good fortune.

I am blessed with the infinite energy of the New Moon. Let wealth and good luck shine and make unexpected paths open before me.

Burn the candles and recite the prayer daily until the candles are completely gone. Every time you repeat the prayer, visualise wealth and good fortune flowing to you.

A New Moon Ritual for Abundant Health

This ritual is more about using the New Moon to form good habits rather being a strictly magical process.

The New Moon represents new beginnings, and is an excellent time to take your health and fitness into your own hands. By a happy coincidence, the lunar cycle is also around the same amount of time that it takes to make a new habit stick.

Plan ahead of time the habit you really want to stick with. It could be the simple act of cooking more meals from scratch or beginning a new exercise routine.

If you plan to cook more healthy meals, use the night of the New Moon as a time where you lovingly prepare your first dinner. Choose a slow cooking dish such as a soup, so that you’re able to spend time visualizing how you will look and feel on the night of the next New Moon.

If you’re able to visualize this outcome often throughout the upcoming lunar cycle, it will be much easier to stick to your new habit. When the next New Moon comes around, take time to meditate on how well you’ve done and how your new lifestyle makes you feel.

The New Moon: An Opportunity for Change…

The New Moon is fantastic time to perform rituals of abundance. The start of a fresh lunar cycle emphasizes new beginnings, opportunities and growth. Which one of our four rituals will you perform on the next evening of a New Moon?

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