Wiccan Cancer Correspondences in Zodiac Magick

Wicca Cancer Correspondences

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So you want to improve your zodiac magick? Don’t we all! There are so many correspondences for each zodiac sign, it can be hard to keep track of them all.

Don’t sweat because it’s all broken down for you in this complete guide on Wiccan Cancer correspondences. Let’s get to know some of the most notable correspondences:

In Wicca, Cancer is associated with the element of Water. It’s connected with the season of summer, the day of Monday, and colors like white, lavender, and yellow. Crystals include ruby and amber, and magick involves change and new beginnings.

Let’s move in deeper!

Wiccan Cancer Correspondences

There are a number of Wiccan CancerOpens in a new tab. correspondences spanning colors, stones and crystalsOpens in a new tab., day of the week, plants, herbs, and treesOpens in a new tab., personality traits, types of magick, and more.

Zodiac Symbol

Cancer is represented by the Crab symbol.


Cancer originates from the constellation fo the same name, Cancer.


June 20 – July 22 (approximately)

The sun travels through Cancer from the dates of approximately the 20st day of June to the 22nd day of July under the tropical Zodiac.


Cancer is associated with the 4th house.

Ruling Element

Cancer is one of the three Water signs, in addition to Scorpio and Pisces. Water signs are full of mystery and intuition.

They are deep and wise, and are great companions when you crave comfort and a real listener.

Water signs are the opposite of superficial people– like water, they have much going on below the surface that often cannot be seen. As a result, they can appear calm and confident despite turbulence inside. Water signs have great intuition and imaginative dreams.



Quality / Modality



Negative / Feminine


The Moon rules this sign.


Saturn is in detriment.


Jupiter is exalted.


Mars is in fall.

Tarot Card

Cancer’s ruling Tarot card (Major Arcana) is The Chariot which is about struggles, whether internal or external.

This card is about triumph over your environment, ill-wishers, problems, or your own internal demons. The Chariot leads you through battle, using hard work and a clear mind to achieve victory.


White, Silver, Lavender, Purple, Yellow


Ruby, Amber, Pearl, Moonstone, Rose Quartz, Calcite


Crab, Crustaceans, Dog, Turtle, and Seagull






Willow, Water Lily, Lotus, Rose, Pine, Poppy, Watercress, Daisy, Lemon Balm, Apple, Gardenia, Myrrh


Apollo, Artemis, Juno, Diana, Mercury


Chest, Breast, Abdomen, Stomach, Digestive System


Digestive Disorders, Ulcers, Heartburn


Sensitivity, Emotional, Moodiness, Intuition, Creativity, Imaginative, Quick to Change Mood, Caring, Loyal, Nurturing, Solid Bonds, Defensive, Dependence, Unhealthy Attachments.

Cancer is highly sensitive, emotional, and can be moody at times. Their sensitivity brings intuition and a creative imagination. Their anger or love can sweep in suddenly, changing their mood instantly.

When on their good side, Cancers are deeply caring, loyal, nurturing, and form solid bonds with family and friends. However, Cancer can also be defensive, dependent, and form unhealthy attachments. 


Change, New Beginnings, Domestic comfort, Family, Friendship, Gratitude, Blessings, Protection, Nurturing, Creating Support Systems.

In magickal work, Cancer correspondences lend themselves to change, new beginnings, domestic comfort, family, friendship, gratitude, blessings, protection, nurturing, and creating support systems.

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