Why You Need To Go On A Witch Nature Walk

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What can you do in order to truly rejuvenate your energy, and relax the body and the mind? A simple answer: Take a walk! A witch nature walk is the simplest yet most enjoyable way you can truly connect with the earth.

So what is a witch nature walk?

A witch nature walk is a powerful way to connect organically with the Earth’s energies. It allows you to follow the seasons and learn about local plants and animals, cultivate a healthy mind and body, step away from electronics, and it makes a great prelude to outdoor worship.

Nature walks are powerful because you can channel the Earth’s power from beneath your feet, at the end of your fingertips, and take it from the air as you move through nature.

When you go for nature walks on a monthly or even weekly basis, it helps in resetting your spiritual awareness, promotes your well-being, and increases your knowledge of your surroundings as a practitioner. Best of all, your walks are entirely up to you, so you can walk anywhere you want for as long as you want.

In this article, you will learn how to prepare for your walk, the benefits that come with taking these nature walks, and how to get the most out of your walks.

Where To Go On a Witch Nature Walk

In order to go on a spiritual journey like this, consult a map and look for the local woodland areas around where you live. Any garden, ecological park, or trail should do just fine to create a spellbinding connection with the Earth.

If there are no woodland areas nearby, or they are too far away and you don’t have a car, then look for the next best thing.

A simple public park with a few trees can do the trick, or a walk through your neighborhood while concentrating on flowers and plant life can work as well. Any place where you can see the bountiful beauty of Mother Nature is where you can take this walk.

In fact, even just the tiniest interaction with any outdoor space can help in stimulating your magick. Just opening your balcony doors or windows and letting the fresh air flow in can have a huge impact!

How to Prepare for your Witch Nature Walk

When going out to explore local woodlands or areas, it is important to be thoroughly prepared. Your safety is the number one priority in this situation. Listed below are the things you need to do before you leave and the essential items you need to bring along with you.

  1. Wear comfortable footwear.

    If you plan on going into the wild, sturdy walking boots will be the best and ideal footwear.

  2. Dress properly for the weather.

    Check the weather in advance before you leave.

  3. Dress properly for your surroundings as well.

    Do your research on the place you are going to, or talk to someone who might have gone to that similar area. Will you be crossing a stream? Are there mosquitos? These are some things to consider.

  4. Take a large water bottle.

    If you plan on being out for a long time, take a light snack with you as well for energy.

  5. Make sure that your phone is completely charged before you leave.

    It will help in case you get injured or lost.

  6. Take a basic first aid kit.

  7. If you plan on going alone, inform someone before you go out.

Benefits of Witch Nature Walks

Less Use of Electronics

Electronics have taken over every aspect of our lives to a point where we have become disconnected with the outside world. This includes your spiritual awareness, your loved ones, plus your natural environment.

Going on nature walks will help you stay away from the digital world and focus on the real world around you.

We do recommend to take your phone with you, especially if you plan on exploring an unknown territory. However, make sure that you switch the phone off and only use it in case of an emergency. (Hint: If you want to take pictures of your journey, use an actual camera instead of your phone!)

Get In Tune With the Seasons

When you go on regular witch nature walks, you slowly become aware of all of the changes that take place around you. This helps promote internal balance and creates spiritual harmony.

The seasons change very gradually so you will start noticing little changes around you whenever the seasons shift. For instance, the butterfly mating season starting, or the leaves will looking a slightly different color.

Individuals who go out exploring on regular walks start to pick up on these little things. Knowing all of these little observations is definitely worthwhile to your magickal practice.

Awareness of the Environment

If the location you choose to explore is a common ground for others to explore as well, then you are bound to see some littered areas, which is devastating and people need to be more thoughtful regarding the wildlife.

As someone who is already in tune with nature, your sensitivity towards earth will become stronger. You can even form a group and go on a nature walk in order to clean up a certain littered location. You’ll create good karma in the world, and Mother Nature will definitely thank you for that in her own special way.

Healthier Mind and Body

Walks, in general, are known to be beneficial for one’s health. Even if you go on a thirty minute walk outside, it will completely revitalize your emotions and your mindOpens in a new tab..

Try it for one week and notice the changes it makes in your life.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Witch Nature Walk

It’s so easy in today’s world to go through life distracted and missing what’s right in front of us! Allow yourself to rediscover nature almost like a childOpens in a new tab. would, eyes wide open, seeing each and every small miracle!

Here are some easy tips to get the most out of your witch nature walk.

Pay Attention to Small Details

When you are out exploring, observe your surroundings and pay attention to even the most smallest of details.

For instance, notice any small flowers that might come across your path. Focus on how different colored veins are forming a branch on a leaf. See how perfectly geometrical a honeycomb’s symmetry is. Or observe a tiny mushroom that you almost stepped on!

All of these things are enchanting and magical. Surely, scenic landscapes might take your breath away, but it is within these tiny wonderful things that you are truly left in amazement.

Learn About Local Plant Life

Every witch can benefit from this skill. Whenever you are out and exploring through your nature walk, take a picture of the plants you do not recognize. Once you are back home, do your research and try to identifyOpens in a new tab. those plants.

Keep a blank notebook with you and after your research, write down the names and details of every new plant you come across. Soon enough, you are going to become an expert on the local plant life in your area.

This gives an added boost if you practice herbal magickOpens in a new tab., as you can start incorporating local plants and herbs into your craftOpens in a new tab..

Try Nature Crafting

You can find all sorts of useful things when you’re out in nature. You can bring them home and get creative with them. This will also help save you a bit of money.

For instance, you don’t have to buy an expensive wreath from the store; instead you can just find some great evergreens from outside and create your own unique wreath at home for free.

Make an Outdoor Altar

Creating your very own outdoor altarOpens in a new tab. out in the woods is a great way to truly connect with nature. Any kind of flat surface should be fine. You can use a chopped tree trunk or a large rock. Every time you come for your nature walks, you can leave any unique items that you find in front of the altar.

Bring the Seasons Indoors

There is no specific time for you to go on a nature walk. Every season comes with its own set of enchanting explorations.

For instance, during the winter months, you can find cedar branches and use them in the fireplace. It will make your house smell absolutely divine. You can also gather pine cones and place them inside a bowl for an elegant-looking centerpiece.

During springtime, you can gather field flowers and place them on a spring table. You have endless options! However, make sure that everything you bring home is free from any bugs or insects.

Look for a Secret Spot

No matter where you go for your nature walk, it is always great when you find a new location or a secluded spot that has been hidden away from the rest of the world.

When you find natural hidden gems along your journey, it teaches you more about your local surroundings. It is a gift to have a place you can go to whenever you want to get away from your everyday life.

A place that’s serene and quiet is truly a blessing that’s provided by Mother Nature!

Make Use of Whatever Time You Have

You might not have a lot of free time to go outside exploring. A nature walk doesn’t have to last several hours.

Take whatever time you can out for your exploration. Whether it is just fifteen to twenty minutes or a half a day, make use of whatever time you have available to you at that moment.

Your witch nature walks are like mini vacations. Whatever time you spend immersed in and connected with nature, it will make you feel at peace and enrich your life with a newfound energy when you go back home.

Pay Attention to Animals

In several cultures, appearance of any unique wildlife is considered as a sign. These animals appear to you for a special reason. Therefore, keep a lookout for them during your exploration.

As always, be cautious and do your research before you go out on your own in order to make sure that there aren’t any dangerous animals in those woodlands, like wild coyotes. See our disclaimersOpens in a new tab. for more information.

Observe The Sky

Don’t forget to look up and see the majestic beauty of the sky! Every day the sky forms its very own enchanting artwork. Lie down on your back and take in its beauty.

Notice the beautiful colors of the sunset or sunrise depending on the time of your walk. Discover the unique shapes within the clouds, and allow it all to capture your imagination.


If you want to practice magick that’s self-healing, then make it a habit to explore nature the witchy way. This will allow you to connect with the surroundings by fully immersing yourself in it. Plus, you will clear your mind and recharge all of your energy.

Plan your very own witch nature walk, either with someone or by yourself. Release all of your unwanted energy and replace it with the positive vibes of the Earth’s magickal energy!

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