10 Important Wiccan Spells for Better Sleep

wiccan spells for sleep

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Everyone experiences a sleepless night here and there. It can be due to the stress of everyday life, anxiety, or just overthinking. It can happen at the worst moments when you have a big day tomorrow, or when you need to relax but can’t. Luckily, there are many Wiccan spells for sleep that can help you get a good night’s rest.

Here are 10 important Wiccan spells to cast for better sleep:  

  1. Basic Sleep Chant
  2. Candle Sleep Spell
  3. Sleep-Inducing Charm Spell
  4. Pillow Sleep Spell
  5. Tea Sleep Spell
  6. Sleep Spell Jar
  7. Crystal Sleep Spell
  8. Sleep Blessing
  9. Guided Sleep Meditation 
  10. Water or Sage Cleanse for Sleep

Wicca and spellwork are all about intention, and you must believe in the spell for the magick to work in your favor. With that said, here are a few Wiccan spell suggestions to help you drift into a cozy slumber after you’ve gotten yourself comfortable with fresh sheets and soft sleepwear. The rest of this article will help guide you in the right direction for better sleep. 

1. Basic Sleep Chant

Chanting can be profoundly effective in casting, since the cadence will solidify your intention. Words hold power, and with power comes manifestation.

Spellwork and witchcraft are about molding your practice to meet your own needs. You can find a simple sleep chant that you can repeat in a quiet place before bed, or you could write a chant of your own. Whatever works best for you!

A simple sleep chant, such as this one from My Wiccan FollowersOpens in a new tab.

“Goddess above, queen of the night,

Allow me to sleep in your healing light,

Restful sleep come to me,

Relax my body, let my mind be free,

Grant me calm and peace tonight,

And let me wake, in the God’s golden light.”

My Wiccan FollowersOpens in a new tab.

The wordage of the above sleep spell chant is changeable to fit your belief system. It’s solely a reference to help you get started. Chanting is an ancient practice that has a scientific basis for being positively beneficial. It can reduce stress levels, anxiety, and even depression.

Not only is chanting an ancient practice, but it can help ease the same symptoms that cause common sleep problems. 

2. Candle Sleep Spell

Candles are associated with spells that manifest quickly, and flames are a powerful medium to focus any intention. Fire is one of the natural elements regularly used in spellwork among earth, air, water, and spirit.

Using candles is a common theme among magickal traditions. Some of these practices are socially accepted in everyday life, such as blowing out candles on a birthday cake. 

Another advantage of using candles in witchcraft is color. Colors are associated with feelings, have a psychological effect, and are helpful in spellwork.  

Here’s an example of using colors in a sleep candle spell:

Take a white, light blue, or yellow candle. Light it and set your intention before sleep. White is associated with purity, light blue is associated with calmness, and yellow is associated with deep sleep. The color you use is your choice. 

Then, use the following spell from A Bit of SerendipityOpens in a new tab.

“By this candle, I do sleep,

Hidden from the day in the night so deep,

O Lady Moon, guide my dreams,

Cover me with your beautiful beams,

As the candle flame dies,

Please close my eyes,

Allow me to wake,

In the warmth of the sun.”

A Bit of SerendipityOpens in a new tab.

To set your intention means to decide what you want. The reason you would focus on what you want is how magick works. If your belief and desire are strong enough, then your spell will manifest. 

You may also want to charge your candle before useOpens in a new tab.

3. Sleep-Inducing Charm Spell

Not all spells use words. Some spells use simple intentions and ingredients. Whether you’re a kitchen witch or someone just starting your practice, you can benefit from creating charms, jars, or bags filled with your intentions. 

Before continuing with this Wiccan spell for sleep, you should always make sure that any herb you use isn’t toxic to humans or pets. Don’t ingest an herb without speaking to a medical professional or doing your research. 

Charms are intentions filled with your desires. You can place a written spell if you choose and put it in your small bag along with bits of dried Valerian root and lavender. Another way is to place a crystal such as a small amethyst or selenite inside your charm. 

You may also create a sigil or symbolOpens in a new tab.

You may decide to place this charm next to your bed or under your pillow. That may add extra energy towards your intention of better sleep.

A sigil can be encoded with your intention. You may write down a phrase or a word, and with the letters from that word, design a symbol that matches your desires. For example, if you are having trouble falling asleep, you may write the word sleep down and create a sigil that means sleep and place it under your pillow. 

You do not need to share your symbol or sigil with others; as long as you have belief in its powers, that may be enough for you. 

Charms can be anything you want them to be; that is the beauty of magick; it’s a very personal practice. 

4. Pillow Sleep Spell

Speaking of placing charms under your pillow, using your bed to hold intention-manifested energy is a great way to get better sleep. If chanting or candle magick isn’t your thing, then you may be able to place objects under your pillow. There are many different herbs and magickal tools that allow for a better night’s sleep. 

Here are a few items that you can place under your bed or pillow: 

  • Lavender
  • Rose Quartz
  • Amethyst
  • Chamomile flower
  • Lepidolite
  • Angelite
  • The Moon Tarot Card

Not only do herbs and crystals help aid better sleep, but if you happen to have a Tarot Deck handy, you can even use some Tarot magick to help aid you. 

The Moon Tarot card represents emotions, the moon goddess, and of course, nighttime. It’s shrouded in feminine energy and may give you some of the extra comforts you may need to guide you gently into a dream state. Do a short meditation with this card, a journaling exercise, or place it on your altar.

5. Tea Sleep Spell

Tea isn’t just a hot drink that helps to calm the insides. It contains many magickal elements used for sleep, anxiety, and even menstruation. Before drinking tea that contains specific medical properties, you should ask your doctor if it’s right for you. 

Tea Sleep Spells can work great if you want to manifest a quick spell for some excellent sleep. Natural teas work best for this spell. You can couple it with any crystal you’d like to use, although sodalite or moonstone is recommended. 

What you’ll need:

  • Crystal of your choice
  • Chamomile tea bag or Chamomile flowers (1 tbsp)
  • Boiled water (moon-charged if possible)

As you steep your tea, hold your crystal in your receptive hand and chant or even say in your head the following prayer from Plentiful EarthOpens in a new tab.

“Chamomile flowers of yellow and white. Put me to sleep tonight.”

Plentiful EarthOpens in a new tab.

As in this spell, you don’t need to incorporate any deities in your spellwork; in fact, many magickal practices don’t rely on a god or goddess at all. Whether or not you want to ask a spirit guide or deity for assistance in your Wiccan spells for sleep is entirely up to you. 

You may also use teas such as lemon balm, passionflower, or valerian root. The type of tea you choose is up to you; mind any allergies or if you’re pregnant or nursing. 

We have another article on witch teas for sleep that you may also find useful.

6. Sleep Spell Jar

Spell jars are a familiar concept to hear about in the witchcraft and Wiccan communities. You often hear about how witches love jars- it’s true! They are rustic, a tool as old as time, and endlessly useful. Witches love jars, and that’s precisely what you’ll need for this spell. 

There are spell jars for money or protection, and this concept is similar. It’s all about your intention and what you put into it. Spell jars are often used for long-term purposes, whereas a candle spell is more of a quick fix.

Spell jars allow the caster to manifest an intention over a long period; that’s why you may read about burying a jar. If you plant a spell jar, you intend for your desires to grow over time.  

What you’ll need for your jar sleep spell:

  • A glass jar
  • Sleep herbs or flowers such as lavender
  • A charged crystal or one imbued with intention to aid sleep
  • A sigil or blessing that’s written on paper designed for rest
  • Anything else you feel belongs in the jar

You may decide that you want to hold onto the jar for a few minutes, perhaps meditate while keeping the contents in your hands, and put your desires into the jar. Envision yourself sleeping soundly. 

Where you put your jar afterward is up to you. You may want to place it under your bed or on your nightstand, but you could also place it near an area of anxiety to reduce stress and invite sleep.

7. Crystal Sleep Spell

There are crystals and stones for everything out there! Some witches swear by the sleep properties found in specific minerals and crystals, so here are a few crystals that help promote better sleep:

  • Amethyst 
  • Angelite
  • Moonstone 
  • Lepidolite
  • Rose Quartz
  • Selenite

Placing a stone under your bed or pillow at night can help insomnia, nightmares, and just poor sleep in general. You may decide that simply using quartz is good enough for you, and that’s all you need. 

You may also decide that holding your stones before bed and setting an intention for better sleep is the right choice for you. Some believeOpens in a new tab.

8. Sleep Blessing

You can also keep it simple and just say a few bedtime prayers or blessings before you hit the hay at night. 

One great thing to say at night would be the following, which comes from Emily’s QuotesOpens in a new tab.

“Day is over, night has come,

Today has gone what’s done is done,

Embrace your dreams throughout the night,

Tomorrow comes a whole new light.”

Emily’s QuotesOpens in a new tab.

If you feel that the above passage isn’t for you, and are looking for something a little more traditional. Or if you are looking for a spell to say with your children at night, try the blessing below, originally found on Magickal PagansOpens in a new tab.

“Now I lay me down to rest,

I pray that all the world be blessed,

Lady moon and sister star,

Watch me over from afar,

Mother Earth is always there,

And keeps me safe within her care,

The Lord of Dreams will dance and sing,

And happy dreams to me will bring,

And when I wake to greet the day,

Brother Sun will light my way”

Magickal PagansOpens in a new tab.

Depending on your values, practices, and choices, blessings might be the best bedtime ritual to help bring a better sleep into your reality. 

9. Guided Meditation

Using meditation or guided meditation isn’t strictly Wiccan practice; however, it’s used in many different spiritual paths and can be a fantastic way to get better sleep at night and an overall healthier feeling. 

Many guided meditations on YouTube can relax your body, mind, and spirit and help grant you better sleep. You may not be interested in candle magick or sleep blessings, and that’s okay! If meditation sounds like it would help you, then give it a try. 

Meditation, like any skill, needs practice, and the first few times might be boring for you, or you may feel that your mind races. That’s a standard step to meditation- it just means it’s working! The trick is to allow your thoughts to flow freely and let them go as soon as they come. 

Even music such as binaural beats that have specific frequencies infused in them can be beneficial to aiding sleep. Meditation has a scientific foundation for assisting in sleep, happiness, and staying grounded. 

If you’re just in a generally bad mood, meditation can help reduce negative thoughts and emotions, promoting more restful sleep at night. 

Meditation has countless benefitsOpens in a new tab.

10. Water or Sage Cleanse 

Cleansing is a fantastic way to promote a night of better sleep. It has been around for centuries. Cleansing has been used in many Native American tribes and ancient cultures. 

You can cleanse your sleep space with salt, saltwater, sage, or pine. These practices cleanse your energetic field and release any negative vibrations away from your safe spot. 

Those sensitive to these negative energies can be bothered by restless sleep, and doing a quick cleanse of your home may be just the right move towards better sleep. 

What you’ll need:

  • Water
  • White Sage
  • Pine Needles or Pine Wood
  • Large Feather (optional)
  • Salt (optional)

If you’re interested in chanting while cleansing your home, you may repeat the following while cleansing your space with sage, saltwater, or pine. This quote was originally found from The Culture TripOpens in a new tab.

“I ask the Universe to bless this space and fill it with love and light. Negativity and darkness are not welcome here.”

You may decide to use the name of a deity in place of the Universe, but it’s all up to you and what you’re comfortable saying. As previously stated, these suggestions are all just a reference. The rest is up to you.

You can also place a glass or jar of saltwater beside your bed. That can clean some of the air around you where you sleep. It would be best to dump it out every few days. That’ll give your bedroom some extra positivity to allow you to relax enough to sleep. 

Can Wiccan Spells Aid Sleep?

Spellwork, blessings, and meditation can all help give you a better, more comfortable sleep. If you decide to try any of these spells, remember that belief is powerful, and it will only work if your intention is strong enough. 

Magick is energy and takes practice; that is why witchcraft is called a practice. It takes time to learn and understand what works and what doesn’t. You may need to try a few times before you realize that your sleep spells are manifesting. 

You may try a candle spell that you have written, but your heart isn’t in it. If it doesn’t work, and you still suffer from sleeplessness, then try again when you are in a better frame of mind. You may also need to try something different, such as crystal magick or using herbs. 

It would be best if you try different methods before you settle on one in particular. If something doesn’t work for you, try something different until you decide on the perfect spell for you and your situation. 


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