These Herbs Attract Money When Burned!

what herb attracts money when burned

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Herbs are naturally full of energies, and burning them is an excellent way of utilizing their powers. If you have been down on your luck lately and need some financial aid, you may be thinking of using herbs to draw money to you. Fortunately, there are plenty of herbs you can burn to attract prosperity and wealth.

Among the herbs that attract money when burned are alfalfa, alkanet, allspice, aloe, banana, bay leaf, bistort, blackberry, blue flag, cedar, cinnamon, cinquefoil, clove, echinacea, fenugreek seeds, ginger, Job’s tears, jasmine, and sarsaparilla. 

These herbs are usually available as incenses, but you can burn some of them in their standard forms as well. This article will talk about the herbs you can burn to invite prosperity and how and which parts of the herbs are usable.

Using Herbs to Invite Prosperity

You already know that herbsOpens in a new tab. can call on various things to you. By drawing on herbs’ natural energies, you can manifest things for yourself, such as luck, love, healing, and prosperity. However, how exactly can you use these herbs to invite prosperity in your life?

You can invite prosperity using herbs by carrying the herbs around, burning the herbs, or creating powders out of the herbs. Burning herbs to attract wealth is by far the most efficient method since it asks you to send your intentions to the universe in one go and then trust everything will work out for you.

Burn These Herbs to Attract Money

This list is specific to herbs that can be burned to invite prosperity and mostly excludes herbs that can be used in spells or sachets to draw wealth to you. 

  • Alfalfa: This is best known as an anti-hunger herb that draws prosperity and money in. You can keep it in a jar within your cupboard, but you will also benefit from burning it. To burn alfalfa to attract money, place it inside a bowl and set it on fire. Then, scatter its ashes around your house.
  • Alkanet: This is a general herb that calls on the prosperity of all forms. It also purifies any space you burn the herb in. You can burn alkanet as an incense or use its roots or leaves to smudge.
  • Allspice: It is both spice and herb. The herb is its fresh part, while the spice is its dried root. It is usually available as an ingredient among incenses, so you can easily find them. Allspice will work well for you if you are after some money, luck, and healing. Besides incense, you can also opt to smudge dry allspice.
  • Aloe: It may come as a surprise, but aloe vera not only heals burns but also attracts good fortune. However, to draw wealth to you using aloe vera, you will have to burn it as an incense. Some excellent aloe vera incenses are Shubhkart Aloe SticksOpens in a new tab. and HEM Aloe ConesOpens in a new tab. from Amazon.
  • Banana: Another surprising thing you may be learning just now is that a banana is technically a herb. Similarly, its fruit is nutritious and edible, while its leaves and flowers can be burned to attract prosperity. 
  • Bay leaf: It is readily available anywhere. You can go to a supermarket, and you’ll easily spot one in the appropriate aisle. To draw money to you using a bay leaf, take a leaf and write down your wish. Then, burn the leaf with the wish and scatter the ashes with the wind. It’s versatile because it’s not just for attracting money: it’s also for any kind of manifestation. So If you want to draw other things besides money to yourself, use this.
  • Bistort: This can be burned as an incense or smudged, and it is best for anyone seeking wealth and money. Medicinally, it is also a potent astringent, so it will be useful if you need to stop bleeding or wish to use it as a mouthwash.
  • Blackberry: You can burn blackberry leaves to attract wealth to you. Of course, the advantage of using blackberries to attract wealth is once you buy blackberries, you can eat the fruits and then burn the leaves for your spell.
  • Blue flag: It can be carried around or burned. Often, people keep a blue flag root to raise their chances of gaining more money. However, you can also burn the root or an incense containing a blue flag for financial gain.
  • Cedar: This is great for purifying, healing, and attracting money. Burning cedar in any area purifies that space and eliminates negativity from it. Likewise, if you burn cedar to draw money to you, you will attract wealth as well. Check out HEM Cedar Incense SticksOpens in a new tab. for burning.
  • Cinnamon: Besides being a delicious spice, cinnamon also helps against headaches and in drawing wealth to a person. If you smudge it or burn it as an incense, you can attract wealth to your home. If you can’t get your hands on natural cinnamon or do not want to, you can use cinnamon incenses like Shubhkart Cinnamon SticksOpens in a new tab. and HEM Cinnamon ConesOpens in a new tab. from Amazon instead.
  • Cinquefoil: This is a more all-purpose herb than a specific one. It has five points that showcase love, money, wisdom, power, and health. To utilize cinquefoil’s energies, carry or burn it. To attract wealth, burn cinquefoil with the intention of drawing wealth to yourself.
  • Clove: This is another herb that is easy to find. You can smudge it or use an incense version of it to get rid of negative energies, purify a space, and attract wealth. If you would like to use a clove incense instead of smudging, check out HEM Clove SticksOpens in a new tab. on Amazon.
  • Echinacea: It is a potent magnifier of energies. It is often used to fortify charms and sachets. To attract money by burning echinacea, dry its flowers, and then burn it with intention.
  • Fenugreek seeds: Besides being a healthy food, fenugreek seeds are useful when conducting house blessings and attracting wealth. You can add fenugreek seeds to your cleaning solution to bless a house or attract money. However, you can also opt to burn it as an incense to draw wealth to you.
  • Ginger: This makes for an excellent tea. However, if you would rather burn it, burn it with cinnamon to draw in new customers that will lead to your financial gain.
  • Job’s tears: They are usually used in sachets and charms. It promotes employment luck and grants general blessings. However, you can also burn Job’s tears’ flowers to attract money into your life.
  • Jasmine: It is a sweet plant well-known for the divinatory boost it grants people. It is also great when your aim is to draw love or attract a soulmate. Likewise, you can burn its flowers to draw wealth to yourself. You can also try these Gonesh Jasmine Incense SticksOpens in a new tab..
  • Sarsaparilla root: This works best to attract money when you burn it as an incense. For best results, you can mix it with sandalwood and cinnamon to improve your business matters and draw in more money.
  • Combination: Finally, if you’re unsure of a single herb to select for burning, try a combination of many herbs! HEM makes some great incense mixtures for attracting wealth. Try the HEM Money Drawing StickOpens in a new tab. blend or the HEM Money Attraction StickOpens in a new tab. blend. Or, try the Assorted PackOpens in a new tab. of six different blends.

Final Thoughts

Herbs are full of natural energies that can readily help us, so knowing which ones serve our intentions will give you a great advantage. For example, if you wish to attract prosperity, money, or wealth, use herbs such as alfalfa, aloe, bistort, cedar, clove, ginger, and jasmine.

One of the best ways to utilize the powers of herbs is by burning it. So, if you are trying to draw money to yourself, pick a few of the herbs and this list and start burning them.


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