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pisces correspondences

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The watery Pisces is the last of the twelve astrological signs ruled by Neptune and Jupiter. This final sign marks the conclusion to a cycle of life. Pisces are artistic dreamers and emotional sponges, who are loyal and romantic but can also be oblivious at times. They are devoted and loving, yet struggle in day-to-day tasks. Intuitive, emotive, and compassionate, Pisces are one of the deepest and most sensitive signs. There are many important Pisces correspondences which you can use in your magickal work.

As a water sign, Pisces correspondences revolve around the sea. Work with watery shades like blues and greens, herbs which grow in or near water, and sea deities like Neptune and Poseidon. Pisces are generous empaths. While sensitive, they can also be led astray. So pull the Tarot Moon and work magick on to intuition and trusting yourself.

The Pisces Astrological Sign

Pisces Constellation

“Pisces” in Latin literally means “fish”, so this sign’s constellations depicts two fish. There is much debate on what exactly the constellation depicts. The most common interpretation is that it shows two fish swimming in opposite directions, which highlights the polarity in Pisces’ tendencies. 

Another explanation of the constellation is that of two fish hanging on a cord, caught by a fisherman. A third story surrounds the tale of Aphrodite and her son Eros. They turned into a fish trying to escape the monster Typhon. Another depiction is a tale of a slain sea monster that was killed by Perseus in order to save Andromeda. 

The Pisces constellation doesn’t contain any notable or especially bright stars. We can see Alpha Piscium in the constellation though. In the constellation’s “fish on a line” description, Alpha Piscium forms the knot in the cords holding the fish. Pisces lies in a 30 degree span, from 330°-360°.

Pisces Glyph

Just like the constellation, the symbol for Pisces is fish as well. Some say that the astrological sign’s symbol is two fish swimming in opposite directions. Others say that the symbol comes from an ancient Babylonian carving that depicts a man carrying two fish on his shoulders while walking through water. This zodiac sign was used in ancient Egypt as well.

 Pisces Dates

The astrological dates of the PiscesOpens in a new tab. sun sign are February 19th – March 20th and rules the 12th house.

It is governed by Jupiter and Neptune. The planet of expansion and evolution, Jupiter, has no defined limits for self-preservation and survival because to its limitless fluidity. Sagittarius (which is also ruled by Jupiter) manages these characteristics by remaining uninvolved. However, Pisces can drown in bad information and other people’s energy.

Venus is exaltedOpens in a new tab. and Mercury is in detriment in Pisces, and it falls in the 26th, 27th, and 28th lunar mansionsOpens in a new tab.. Its day is Thursday, and its number is 7. Look to archangel Gabriel, and the brow and crown chakras for Pisces.

Pisces Element

The twelve zodiac signs are divided into four categories based on their ruling element: earth, air, fire, and water. Emotions and instincts are common among the water signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces signs. Water has a receptive energy. In fact, out of all the five elements, water is the most feminine or “yin.” Because of this fact, Pisces is said to have a receptive (also called negative or feminine) polarity.

The moon has a major influence on water signsOpens in a new tab.. Water and moon signs are associated with emotions and intuition. They both have waxing and waning cycles, prompting significant changes (tides, moods, etc). As a result, Pisces magick is at its most potent during the full and new moons.

Pisces Modality

The zodiac signs also fall into three modalities (also called qualities or modes): cardinal, mutable, and fixed.

Cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. The onset of each season is marked by these signals. Fixed signs include Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. They occur in the middle of their seasons. Mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. These signs fall at the close of the seasons. 

Pisces is a mutable sign. It means it’s ready to develop and change with conditions. So Pisces is open to new concepts and ideas. Besides being a mutable sign, Pisces falls in winter, so we can celebrate Ostara (the spring equinox) in this sign.

Pisces Color Correspondences

There is deep meaning behind Pisces’s favorite colors and how they correspond with this sign’s personality. Use watery colors like sea green, blue, turquoise, and other shades of greens and blues. Purple shades can be powerful too, like purple, lavender, and indigo.

Use these colors in creative ways. You can use colored candles specifically for zodiac magick, or perhaps create a colored altar cloth. Or, consider using a crystal that works well for Pisces, and also has the color correspondence you are looking for. The possibilities are endless!

Pisces Crystal Correspondences

Pisces tend to have sensitive natures which make them more susceptible to negative energies in their environment. It’s important for them to keep crystals close by so they can protect themselves from these influences while also harnessing the healing properties of the crystals!

Useful stones for Pisces include those with blue or green shades like aquamarine, blue lace agate, emerald, flourite, jade, sapphire, and turquoise. Other stones include those which come from the sea, like coral and pearl. Other powerful stones are amethyst, and bloodstone. Your absolute power stone though, would be black tourmaline. And black moonstone is great to use to connect with the connections between the moon and water (especially on new moons).

Pisces Herbal Correspondences

Herbal correspondences are a powerful way to connect with the natural world and the zodiac. By understanding which herbs correspond to each sign, we can better understand our own nature, and find plants that support us energetically. Pisces is associated with water, dreaming, and intuition, and so the herbal correspondencesOpens in a new tab. follow suit.

As Pisces is a water sign, turn first to herbs which grow in or around water, like seaweed, kelp, moss, chlorella, ferns, water lily. Plants and vegetables with a high water content are also great sources. Think aloe, celery, lettuce, figs, cubumber, melons, and others.

Flowers include carnation, chamomile, gardenia, heliotrope, hyacinth, jasmine, lavender, lily, morning glory, poppy, primrose, and rue. Herbs can be aloe, anise, catnip, chicory, clove, lovage, nutmeg, orris, rue, sage, and sandalwood. Trees include alder, ash, cypress, laurel, pine, and willow.

Pisces Divine Correspondences

Knowledge of the deities associated with Pisces can inform your understanding and magick. You may find yourself drawn towards these divine beings since they are closely aligned with the sign. Don’t hesitate to give offerings, pray for guidance, and connect with these deities. Look to gods and goddesses like Aegir, Anubis, Aphrodite, Cupid, Diana, Ea, Enki, Eros, Inanna, Khepera, Neptune, Poseidon, Sedna, Typhon, Venus, and Vishnu.

Pisces Animal Correspondences

Although Pisces are represented by fish in the zodiac, and are said to be ruled by Neptune, god of the sea and other waters, that doesn’t mean there can’t be other animal correspondences. 

For animal correspondences, the obvious choices that come to mind are either sea life or animals which make their home near the sea: dolphins and other sea mammals like otters, sharks, fish, seals, storks, swans, etc. However even the humble ox, sheep, and horse can invoke Pisces energy.

Pisces Metal Correspondences

Besides stones and gemstones, metals will also connect with the Pisces energy. Key metals to work with are tin, silver, and platinum.

Pisces Gifts and Traits

The final sign of the zodiac is a culmination of all prior signs. Pisces are tuned into subtle details of the environment. This might be useful for gathering psychic information, but can be overwhelming if they don’t know how to protect themselves properly.

The Pisces ability to bring people together is especially useful in healing other people’s wounds caused by misunderstandings. With great care for their own limits, they can foster love and compassion among those who are divided. In a separate world, they provide fearless togetherness.

The Pisces are creative, magickal realists. Their unyielding openness allows us to connect with them as if they were our own. However, their wonderful talent of removing seperateness can also be their Achilles’ heel.

Pisces people can have difficulty telling where their own domain ends and others’ begins, frequently treating others as extensions of themselves. They tend toward codependency by confusing which responsibilities are theirs.

What’s more, since they take on the emotions of others, Pisces can become overwhelmed. Heightened sensitivity can prevent them from socializing with others. They may tend toward depression, moodiness, or melancholy.

This emotional overwhelm can lead to escapism and powerlessness. They may self-confidence and be gullible, even to the point of delusion. Due to their lack of grounding, they may feel they lack discipline.

However, with proper boundaries, they can prevent emotional overwhelm. Resting appropriate responsibilities with the other person will create healthy relationships. They can learn that it is not cruel or heartless to rest appropriate mental and emotional responsibilities with the other person. In fact, this can help Pisces create healthy relationships without being taken advantage of.

Healthy boundaries also give Pisces a free space in which to explore their intuition. They have free reign within the human unconscious, as they can enter realms of dreams, creativity, and spiritual depths. They are closest to the collective psyche. And while they might appear to be preoccupied or absentminded, they’re actually intensely conscious of even small vibrations.

Trust a Pisces to get to the hidden and invisible heart of every matter they’re involved in.

Rituals and Magick for Pisces

The sensitive Pisces’ nature and high level of intuition make them best suited for psychic activities. Pisces is a natural clairvoyant by birth, with the capacity to see into the future or past events. They can quickly get involved in psychic development, dreamwork, astral projection, karmic work, and other techniques that aim to connect with the spiritual realm.

Similarly, they are highly sensitive to their surroundings and can detect issues that others may miss. The qualities of Pisces are also advantageous in human psychology. Pisces can assist in resolving disputes, repairing personal ties, and giving charity to those who need it but can’t bring themselves to ask.

They will benefit in magick to create energetic space for themselves. They can erect boundaries from toxic people through protection spells, cleansings, and creating protective amulets.

Pisces are capable of a wide range of other activities. For example, they may plunge deeply into their spiritual development. They can mark the ends and beginnings of cycles in meaningful ways. And they have the ability to use their creativity for unusual purposes, such as finding answers to difficult problems.

Moon Magick in Pisces

Perform magickal activities using clairvoyance when the Moon is in Pisces. Astral projection, dreaming, revisiting past lives, and other forms of psychic awareness are excellent at this time. You may also consider rebirth and karma meditations.

We also know Pisces is ruled by the element of water. Music, dance, and other creative pursuits are all excellent forms of moon magick.

Full Moon in Pisces

The Pisces full moon falls opposite its new moon, so when the sun is in Virgo, Pisces hosts a full moon. Depending on its positioning, the full moon in Pisces might be known as the sturgeon moon or the harvest moon and will also land close to sabbat of Mabon (autumn equinox).

The Pisces full moon is a self-care moon, giving you permission to relax and restore emotional balance. Remember to take a breather and reflect. It’s a moment to check in with ourselves about our feelings, thoughts, and emotions. Reflect on what is stressing you out the most. The full moon provides an excellent opportunity to examine our needs for release. Use this time to regain psychological harmony in your life. Determine what affects your spiritual well-being and take action.

The full moon in PiscesOpens in a new tab. also activates our charitable side, making this the ideal moment to accomplish anything helpful for others. It increases our psychic potential for dreamwork and seeking knowledge and truths. It’s also a time when you might feel overwhelmed and caught up with life’s hectic pace. Be sure to make space for play and some “you time.”

In your full moon magick rituals, amethyst is a good bet, as well as milky crystals like pearl, selenite, and moonstone. Surround yourself with aquatic items like shells or coral. Pull the Moon card (XVIII) from your Tarot deck and meditate on this archetype. Concentrate especially on ways you may be fooling yourself or shadows you may be hiding from. Focus on how you can trust your intuition more.

The time period a few days before or after the full moonOpens in a new tab. is a great time to plant seeds. Encourage healthy sprouting and allow roots to take hold.

New Moon in Pisces

New moon in Pisces occurs while the sun is also in the sign, which is late winter to early spring. 

At the new moon in PiscesOpens in a new tab., darkness on the night sky signals us to look inside ourselves for our goals and aspirations. What secret longings and desires have you ignored? What do you want to have enter your life during the following moon cycle? This is a good time to begin working on manifestation, whether a new goal or a renewed dedication.

The new moon of the Pisces sign is a wonderful moment to focus on creative projects in your life. It’s also an excellent moment to work on your psychic abilities—such as clairvoyance or dreamwork—and improve your spirit-world connection.

The Pisces new moon is a wonderful time to balance your emotions. Explore your hidden side—the things you keep hidden from others. While it may be unpleasant, you may uncover things you’ve neglected or hidden. It’s a time to work toward accepting yourself as you are, with love and less judgment. Take advantage of your Pisces empathy by turning it inside out — toward yourself.

Practice magick to bring manifestation and imagination. To better understand your inner needs and wishes, a journal might be helpful. Place a chalice filled with water at your altar. Take a ritual bath with shells and coral to soak in the power of the water element. You may also start fresh goals, so plant some seeds indoors to get started.

Pisces Tarot Correspondences

It’s true that the Tarot has been linked with astrological concepts since at least the 19th century when some occultists began associating it with horoscopes. However, the connection between the two systems wasn’t fully established until after the Golden Dawn had become well known for its use of magic rituals and magical correspondences.

Major Arcana

For Pisces, the astrological Tarot correspondent is the Moon (XVIII) or the Hanged Man (XII) in the Major Arcana

With a brief meditation on The Moon card, connect with the characteristics of Pisces. The Moon card is deeply linked to the sign and it teaches us to embody our imaginations. We may use Piscean energy to imagine spiritual concepts in order to manifest them into physical reality through our imagination and intent.

The Moon can be a frightening card since it warns of hidden adversaries, traps, and lies. So while it is often thought of a card of tremendous creative wealth, it also contains forceful magic and primal emotions that can be dangerous.

The Moon is all about daydreams, creative genius, and lyrical uniqueness. This card relates to both sleep and dreams as well as nightmares. When working with The Moon during a period of emotional and mental struggle, keep your wits about you. To maintain a clear mind, avoid using drugs or alcohol.

Working with The Moon in Pisces can result in fantastic creativity, psychic abilities, visions and insight if handled correctly. Trust your instincts.

Minor Arcana

Each zodiac symbol has two qualities (cardinal, fixed, mutable) and one element. The sign’s quality influences the numbered cards, while the element dictates the Tarot suit. Use the 8, 9, 10 (or King) of Cups in the Minor ArcanaOpens in a new tab..

Pisces Health & Body Correspondences

The Pisces astrological sign corresponds with various health and body systemsOpens in a new tab.. This knowledges is useful to understand the way in which a person’s zodiac sign affects their physical, mental, and emotional states. 

The body system most associated with Pisces is the lymphatic system, including all fluids in the body. Pisces guards the fluids of the body including the blood and mucus. When imbalanced they can find themselves experiencing poor circulation and lowered immunity. Illness can also come as wet, damp illnesses such as phlegm-y chest colds and influenza. It also covers:

  • Mucus and discharge like watering eyes, running noses, etc
  • Diseases which produce wet and runny symptoms like the flu, colds, tuburculosis, etc
  • Water retention and swelling disorders
  • Conditions which produce glandular swelling like diseases of the lymph nodes, endocrine disorders, etc.

The feet and toes are the region in the body primarily affected. So any and all foot issues can be addressed by Pisces. Reflexology treatment which target the feet is an excellent healing modality for Pisces.

  • Balance
  • Bunions
  • Athlete’s foot
  • Gout
  • Mobility issues- sprains, weak ankles, fallen arches
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Fungal infections, blisters, and other skin ailments of the foot

In addition, since Pisces is so empathetic, they are vulnerable to over-stimulation and issues caused by high sensitivity. This can be emotional, such as chronic fatigue, forgetfulness, reduced libido, or emotional eating. It can also be physical though, such as with allergies and chemical sensitivities.

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