Wiccan Outdoor Rituals

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You might envision covens holding outdoor rituals. A bunch of coven members together, in a circle, perhaps chanting or singing together. But did you know that as a solitary, you can hold Wiccan outdoor rituals for yourself? And it’s actually quite easy?

So stay tuned, we’ll teach you the ins and outs of performing your very own Wiccan outdoor rituals. But first, what are they?

Wiccan outdoor rituals are sacred ways to connect with nature and the divine. They are held in forests, parks, or near bodies of water. They allow Wiccans to get in tune with the seasons, honor deities, meditate, work with the Elements, and perform magick.

Wiccan Rituals

You might already be well-versed in Wiccan rituals, but in the event you’re a newbie, let’s give a quick intro.

Rituals are the way Wiccans connect with the Universe and the Elements, and a way in which they practice magick and spellwork (although not all Wiccans practice magick).

Rituals can be for celebrations, such as for Sabbats. They can also be for deity worship, where they may pray to their deities and give offerings. Some Wiccans might perform a small daily meditation ritual as well.

In rituals, Wiccans pray, raise energy, create intention, and manifest their will. They cleanse and charge objects, imbue intention, and give blessings.

Rituals can be individual or group affairs. There are many solitary Wiccans who perform rituals in private. On the other hand, many Wiccans are covenOpens in a new tab.

While most Wiccans do perform rituals, these rituals vary from person to person and coven to coven.

Wiccan Outdoor Rituals

Why would a Wiccan hold an outdoor ritual? Actually, there are tons of reasons! And many Wiccans prefer outdoor rituals to indoor rituals.

Quintessential Ritual

First, outdoor rituals are the stereotypical, historical ideas of witchcraft. WitchesOpens in a new tab.

Exist in Nature

Second, Wiccans strive to get closer to nature in any way that they can, so being physically present in nature is a great help. Bond with the divine through the soil, air, and water. Get connected to the Universe and be present in all symbols of nature.

Aside from being closest to nature outdoors, Wiccans can also observe nature better outdoors. You can feel the wind, hear animals moving nearby, and be warmed by sunlight on your skin.

Work Directly with the Elements

When working with the Elements too, you can use their direct representations outdoors. Build a small bonfire, gather rocks and stones, fetch fresh water from a stream, and work with the blowing breeze.

Flow with Nature’s Time

Wiccan outdoor rituals allow you to change along with the pace of the Universe. Much like the Wheel of the Year and the phases of the moon, the Universe is in a constant state of change.

Use an outdoor ritual to observe your surroundings and the Universe. Be a part of the changing seasons and the shifting light and darkness as the day transitions from dawn to dusk. Attune your life to the yearly ebbs and flows.

Choose a Spot

Choose anyplace outdoors for your ritual which feels comfortable. Great places to start for are backyards (if you have one), forests, farms, parks, trails, rivers, lakes and seas, and arboretums. Any place which you can make sacred can be an ideal ritual setting.

Let’s consider some practical aspects.

First is privacy. For a sacred ritual, you will not want unwelcome spectators. You may also want additional privacy if you will be dancing, chanting, drumming, or anything else which is likely to draw attention.

A fenced-in backyard is great for privacy, as is a remote spot on a trailOpens in a new tab.

Next consider convenience. If you live inland, performing a ritual at the sea might be impractical. Although it might not be the same, consider sea magick at a stream or pond as an alternative.

The same goes if you live in an urban environment. If you don’t have a car, driving to a remote park might not be possible. Instead, opt for city parks or a wooded area which you can reach by train.

Finally, please be careful in all your outdoor activities. Never trespass on private property. Be aware that weapons may be prohibited in public spaces, so you might need to leave your athame at home.

Be conscious of any fire work that you might want to do. Open fires may be prohibited. Always pay attention to signs warning about wildfire risks, and always practice fire safetyOpens in a new tab.

Refrain from disturbing animal and plant life too. Leave the space as it was, carry out all garbage, and don’t leave anything behind which might be harmful.

Also, make sure to check the weather forecast and plan accordingly. Wear warm clothing, bring an umbrella, or walkOpens in a new tab.

Make an Outdoor Altar

Mostly likely your outdoor ritual will make use of an outdoor altar. A small travel altar can be handy for such a purpose. Simply unpack and assemble it in your chosen location, then pack it up when you’re done.

Feel free to incorporate some natural objects from the location of your altar like stones, shells, leaves, twigs, pinecones, and others. Try to use only found items, like fallen leaves, so that you don’t disturb any plants or animals.

You can also include tools to focus your intention or customize your altarOpens in a new tab.

Choose a Type of Ritual

Really, you can’t go wrong with an outdoor Wiccan ritual. Virtually everything that you might do at an indoor altar can benefit from being done outdoors.

Rituals in nature bring you that much closer to the source of power. It enlivens your senses and puts you into a more natural state.

That being said, here are a few examples of great types of Wiccan rituals to perform outdoors.


As grounding is based on connection to the Earth, what better place to do it than outside! Really concentrate on feeling the Earth beneath your hands and feet. Try to make grounding a full experience. Use your sight, sound, smell, touch, and even taste (with precautionOpens in a new tab.


Divination is another practice which can benefit from an outdoor setting. Pack up your Tarot cards, scrying tool, or pendulum to take with you. Hint: If you plan to use water for scrying, keep your eye out for a stream or pond while you’re out, and use the fresh water!

Herbal Magick

Working with herbs in nature allows you to do your herbal magick right at the source! Herbal magick outdoors is where it’s most powerful. Just be mindful of loose and dry herbs– they may blow away in the breeze!

Charging & Consecration

Use the sun or moon to charge your crystals and other altar items. Rather than just passively placing these items outside, make a bit of ceremony out of it. Just like you might at do at LithaOpens in a new tab.

You can easily couple your charging with consecration. Invoke the natural ElementsOpens in a new tab.

Crystal Magick

As mentioned above, you can easily charge your crystals at your Wiccan outdoor altar. If you have enough space on a flat surface, you can also make a small crystal grid. A travel altar table or blanket to spread on the ground can help for this purpose.

Sea Magick

Outdoor altars don’t have to be in a forest! You can literally create one anywhere, including at the ocean. We’ve found that cooler weather is a great time to try some sea magick at your outdoor altar. Because there won’t be many sunbathers in cooler temps, you’ll get more privacy.

Deity Worship

What better way to worship your patron than with an outdoor ritual and offering? It’s one of the most organic, natural, and thoughtful ways to work with your deity. Keep your eyes, ears, and mind open for ways that they may be speaking to you.

Be sure to dispose of offeringsOpens in a new tab.

Meditation and Yoga

Take advantage of the quiet and blissful environment you’ve found for your Wiccan outdoor altar, and try some mindfulness work. Meditation, yoga, chanting, and even visualization and astral projection can all benefit from an outdoor setting.

Be sure to pack a small blanket or pillow so you can comfortably sit on the ground.

Honoring Ancestors

Hold a ritual at a meaningful location to honor your ancestors. Great places would be the gravesite of a relative or near an old family home. (Be sure you are not trespassing wherever you hold your ritual.)

In fact, you can incorporate natural items from that site like dirt, twigs and branches, and stones.


We hope this has been a comprehensive guide on Wiccan outdoor rituals, and it has inspired you to hold an outdoor ritual if you haven’t yet already! Be safe and stay blessed!

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