Cinnamon Brooms 完in Witchcraft: A Practical Guide

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The cinnamon broom is a favorite instrument of witches, and for good reason. They are used to purify spaces, provide protection, and even fly astrally when linked with a spell! Tap into the energetic properties of cinnamon to sweep away old energy while also bringing healing into your life! If you want to learn more about cinnamon brooms in witchcraft, including their significance and how to use them at home, keep reading!

What is a Cinnamon Broom?

Although we referred to them as cinnamon brooms, these brooms are usually made of pine straw. The fragrance comes from a large amount of cinnamon oil that is spread over the surface. Because they are created out of pine straws and coated in cinnamon oil, thats why they smell so wonderful.

Cinnamon Broom History

The connection between brooms (also known as besoms) and witches dates back to the Middle Ages. Cinnamon brooms have been utilized by numerous civilizations for centuries. A cinnamon broom, for example, is used during the Chinese New Year festival to bring good fortune throughout the year.

Today, cinnamon brooms are still utilizedOpens in a new tab.

MagickalPropertiesof Cinnamon Brooms

Since cinnamon brooms are generally made from pine straw and cinnamon oil, this is where their magickal properties lie.

Pine is a powerful wood that may be used to cleanse homes and sacred places of harmful energy. Pine protects against negative energies and illness.

Cinnamon is a long-held belief. Magickally, cinnamonOpens in a new tab.

It may also assist you in developing your psychic and spiritual skills. Cinnamon is beneficial for healing, protection, and bringing good fortune. It can be burned to consecrate a room or an item. During blessing and protection ceremonies, cinnamon oil may be used to anoint objects.

Whats more, cinnamon just smells good! The scent has a calming, soothing effect. Just placing a broom in your room will give cinnamons qualities to your home.

Cinnamon Broom Meaning and Purpose

Many traditional purposes for the cinnamon besom still exist today.

The cinnamon broom is considered to bring good fortune in all areas of life. In addition to being lucky, the cinnamon broom is also supposed to be protective against malevolent spirits. Witches nowadays utilize besoms as tools for energy clearing, protection, astral travel, energy direction, and more!

Why do you need a Cinnamon Broom?

  • Protect yourself against bad energy
  • Cleanse and clear spaces
  • Create seasonal and sabbat decorations
  • Draw good fortune in financial endeavors
  • Make your home more magickal
  • It smells fantastic!

How to Use Cinnamon Brooms

There are a variety of options for incorporating brooms into your personal practiceOpens in a new tab.

Incorporate Into Your Altar

A cinnamon broom may be incorporated into your altar. Add decorations like crystals, beads, or charms to personalize your besom. Take pleasure in the sight of your lovely broom at your altar, as well as the fragrance it gives to your sacred area.

You can also keep your cinnamon broom as an altar tool, and use it to cleanse the space before starting rituals.

Decorate Them for Sabbats and Celebrations

Keep cinnamon brooms on display all year, but they look especially fantastic in the fall. They may also be used to enhance pagan rituals and holidays, particularly on sabbats. Alternatively, you might use them for a pagan-themed celebration with your friends or family such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years Eve.

DecorateOpens in a new tab.

  • Flowers or ribbons (Ostara, Beltane, Litha)
  • Autumn leaves (Mabon, Samhain)
  • Evergreen or bells (Yule)

Use it for Clearing and Cleansing

Use your cinnamon broom to remove negative vibrations from your home.

A besom can be used to sweep away bad energy from your sacred space. Before performing rituals, yoga, prayer, journaling, meditation, or another sacred activity, use a broom to clean up your workspace.

Its also nice to give a sweep after having bad visitors or unfamiliar workers in your house. After they depart, use the cinnamon broom to clean out the negative vibes.

Cinnamon brooms are particularly useful after a horrible or traumatic event. Use the broom to cleanseOpens in a new tab.

Please bear in mind that we usually energetically sweep when sweeping. This implies the bristles dont actually come into contact with the flooring. The scent of cinnamon is able to permeate the area and produce feelings of abundance and healing.

Cinnamon Brooms for Protection

Cinnamon brooms can be used for protection.They keep undesirable energies from entering your body and home.

Witches place cinnamon brooms near their doors to keep bad energy and influences out while allowing only good things in. This prevents malevolent spirits, negative vibes, and negative people from entering your home.

Cinnamon Brooms for Luck

As cinnamon itself brings good fortune, cinnamon besoms are widely known for their luck. You can carry a small broom with you in any situation where you need some extra luck.

Channeling Energy

You may use a cinnamon broom to channel energy in the same way as a wand or an athame. Simply hold the besom in your dominant hand and perform the action as usual during any ritual or spellwork.


For ages, jumping the broom has been a sacred custom in marriages. The cinnamon broom using during a handfasting ceremony can be kept in the house of the newlyweds to ensure their health and happiness for years to come.

Astral Travel

Just like the broom is believed to help witches fly, cinnamon brooms can assist in astral projection. Use a broom during your meditative sessions to stimulate more distant excursions.

Cinnamon Broom Placement

There is a lot of nuance of where to place your besom, such as the direction it faces, in which room you place it, etc.

Where to Put a Cinnamon Broom

You may placeOpens in a new tab.

  • Hang over the door as mentioned to protect your whole home
  • Hang in your office to multiply earnings and draw in luck and prosperity
  • Place in the corner of your bedroom for nightmares or insomnia
  • Carry your broom with you when you need extra luck
  • Place behind the door in a room to prevent unwanted visitors, or get bad guests to leave
  • Place in the corner of any room where you feel evil spirits
  • Hang on your back door to sweep away obstacles and negative influences

What Does a Cinnamon Broom Over the Door Mean?

A cinnamon broom over the door keeps bad energies out, and keeps good energies in.

Cinnamon brooms are protective, so they can be hungOpens in a new tab.

The broom will also keep your homes good energies. It will attract luck and fill the house with fortune and good vibrations.

What Does an Upside Down Cinnamon Broom Mean?

Cinnamon brooms are placed upside down to attract good fortune. Its considered lucky if each brush bristle points up towards the sky, and wear-and-tear on the brush bristles is avoided.

How to Hang a Cinnamon Broom

You can hang a cinnamon broom much as you would a painting. Rest it on two nails for easy reach if you plan to remove the broom for use often. If you plan on keeping your besom stationary, then you can hang it a bit more more solidly.

When hanging a broom over a door, orient the broom so the bristles facing the direction that the door opens.

Where To FindCinnamonBrooms

Cinnamon brooms are widely available at certain times of the year. This is because many stores do not sell cinnamon brooms until late fall and early winter. So its a good idea to purchase an extra broom or two when they do become available.

Take a few minutes to appreciate the fragrance of cinnamon after unwrapping your broom for the first time.

Place your new besom in the sunshine for a few minutes, as cinnamon is linked to the Sun and element of fire. This will help you get rid of old energy so that you may use it freshly.

Hold the broom facedown and facing south, then bless it by allowing the sun to shine on it. Request that the sun remove any existing magickal energies from the broom, making space for fresh magickal energies and work.

How to Make Your Own Cinnamon Broom

Although its quick and easy to buy a pre-made cinnamon besom from a witch versed in the ancient art of broom making, these can be very expensive and hard to find. But luckily, with some thrift and craft, its possible to make a cinnamon besom at home!

Its really your own energy that turns an ordinary broom into a besom. So head to your local supermarket and grab a commercially availableOpens in a new tab.

After you have the broom, youll want to cleanse it of its accumulated energy. You can cleanse it with whatever technique you might normally use sage, oil, salt water, charging under the full moon, etc.

Next, youll want to add cinnamon. The easiest method to do this is rub the broom with cinnamon oil. You prepare the surface with sandpaper to rough off paint that would prevent the oils absorption. Alternatively, you an also boil a large pot of water containing cinnamon powder or oil, and steep the broom in it. Youll need to steep it for several hours, then air dry in the sun.

(Please not that cinnamon can be harsh so be sure to wear gloves when oiling and eye protection when boiling.)

After scenting, adorn the broom to make it your own. The act of decoration will imbue your energy into the broom, and charge it with your intention.

Finally, bless your broom and voila! You have a magickal cinnamon besom ready for use.

How to Care for a Cinnamon Broom

Cinnamon brooms are durable, but over time, the scent will go away. Many people simply buy a new broom when they lose their scent. But you can also renew the scent instead of buying a new one.

To freshen the cinnamon scent, cinnamon oil is the easiest way. Just like making your own cinnamon broom, please wear gloves and rub cinnamon oil on the surface of the broom.

Another technique is to steamOpens in a new tab.

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