Wiccan Meditation: A Complete How To

wiccan meditation how to

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If you’re a Wiccan and you’re new to meditation, you might have many questions. What is meditation? Why should I do it? How does it benefit me and my Wiccan practice? Join us on this journey as we explain everything you need to know about how to create a Wiccan meditation for yourself.

Meditation is a staple of Wicca. It’s a powerful tool for grounding, connecting with the elements, and strengthening magickal energies. Typical components are breathwork, focus objects, visualization, and chanting. It is often done at home in a sacred space, but can be adapted to any location.

In this article we’ll discuss the benefits of Wiccan meditation, we’ll explain its components in detail, and we’ll walk you through an example so you can get started on your own. Let’s begin!

Benefits of Wiccan Meditation

Before we get into the specifics of how to meditate, let’s first examine why we would want to meditate. Not only generally, but specifically as a Wiccan.

Calm Mind

One key requirement of practicing Wicca is having a peaceful state of mind. A calm mind is necessary in order for all spiritual endeavors, from magickal Wiccan rituals to spiritual growth work. Wiccan meditationOpens in a new tab.


A key skill to develop in any spiritual pursuit, self-discipline is particularly useful in Wicca. Nearly every pursuit within Wicca requires steadfast self-discipline.

Conducting your own Wiccan meditation is yet another way to strengthen your self-discipline which you can then apply to all your Wiccan pursuits.

Connection with the Elements

Meditation is helpful when it comes to connecting with the natural elementsOpens in a new tab.

There are many ways to connect with the four elementsOpens in a new tab.

All of these elemental explorations can be complemented with meditationOpens in a new tab.


Aside from using meditation to connect with the elements, it is a great aid in connecting to the Earth element in particular. We can use Wiccan meditation practices to go hand-in-hand with the Earth’s grounding energies.

There are many ways of grounding, by either directly or directly communing with the Earth. Here are a few examples:

  • Meditate outdoors while sitting (or even lying) on the ground. Allow the Earth to support your weight and provide a firm base as you look inward.
  • Perform a slow walking meditation while barefoot. Allow your skin to touch the bare Earth, whether it be fresh-cut grass, sand, or the dusty ground. This technique is a bit advanced, so newbies should try this after they’ve got some experience under their belts.
  • Commune with the Earth indirectly by adding a visualization. Picture energies from the Earth getting absorbed into your physical body.

You can find ideas for other grounding activities in our guide to outdoor ritualsOpens in a new tab.


Meditation cultivates a quiet and open mind, and so it allows us to be more aware of the world around us. It shifts our focus from the stresses of the physical world, to inward pursuits. With Wiccan meditation, we can encourage peace and spiritual development within ourselves.


With your mind less cluttered by worries and troubles, your intuition may become stronger than it ever was before. You may even begin to have psychic visions or senses.

Meditation brings a newfound awareness of the Aether element and the spiritual world all around you. It brings clarity and knowing. Your practices of divination and foretelling can benefit greatly from Wiccan meditation.

Great for Beginners

Meditation is especially helpful for beginners to Wicca, because it provides a sturdy spiritual and emotional base. From the calming practice of meditation, new Wiccans can proceed into increasingly complex and deep work with confidence.

Meditation also helps eliminate noise which often confuses new Wiccans. At the beginning, we are distracted: we hear noises, we form expectations, we judge ourselves, and we have FOMO for whatever else we could be doing instead of meditating.

Meditation allows inexperienced Wiccans to cultivate a relaxed inner plane. From here, they can focus much more intently. Their relaxedOpens in a new tab.

Stronger Magickal Work

Wiccan meditation strengthens te spiritual and magickal energies within you. In your magickal work, you may notice that after regular meditation, your intention becomes much stronger. It can produce better and more consistent manifestation.

If you feel that your spellwork may be lacking, or you have trouble manifesting, consider meditation as a way to strengthen these skills.

Components of Wiccan Meditation

Now that we know why meditation is such a great addition to your Wiccan practice, let’s learn all of its components. We’ll discuss proper breathing techniques, eye position, visualizations, mantras, accessories, and more.


The backbone of any meditation session, Wiccan or otherwise, is breath.

Our breath, like our pulse, is a rhythm. It’s our connection to the life forces. Using only our breath, we can not only mentally reduce stress, but also physically reduce stress! Meditation slows down our heart rate and lowers our blood pressure.

As we breathe and allow physiologicalOpens in a new tab.

We use our breath to create a cadence in a meditation session. In general, the slower and longer the breath, the better. And the deeper the breath, the better. But breathing should never be difficult, and you should never feel out of breath, or as though you are holding your breath. Always listen to your body, and consult your physician about any breathing concerns. (Visit our disclaimersOpens in a new tab.

A comfortable and easy breath is the four-in-four-out count. Breathe in over the count of four. Hold for a moment. Then breathe out for a count of four. It may not sound relaxing to count while breathing, but once you do it a few times, it’s actually quite nice! Once you’ve gotten your rhythm going, you won’t need to think about counting much. It just becomes second nature.

Another technique is to breathe as long and as deeply as you can. Fully expand your lungs with the breath. Then exhale gently, letting the air out slowly. This is a great way to begin your session because the breath can prompt relaxation responses in the body. It’s also a bit difficult to do for extended periods of time, so it’s a great kick off your session.


Many Wiccans’ default is to close their eyes while meditating. This is a perfectly simple and easy way to eliminate distractions. It’s also comforting and calming since it reminds us of sleep.

An alternative is to hold a soft gaze while meditating. This may seem difficult to do, but for those who have tried it, the results are surprising. You let your eyes relax as they stay open, creating a blurry view. Edges are gentler and colors are muted.

With eyes open, you can even use your gaze to focus your mind, or to evoke specific ideas. For example, you might stare at a singular spot on the floor to block all images from your mind. Or, you might gaze at a sigil or candle flame to evoke a magickal quality.

We recommend trying both at some point– eyes softly open and closed. You may find that you prefer one to the other. Or you may find that each one is suited to a different types of meditation. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to experiment and see what you like.


There are countless visualizations which you can do within your Wiccan meditation. There are several categories of visualizations that we will discuss.


Energetic visualizations are where you picture universal and elemental energies flowing through your body.

For example, you could picture energy flowing into you in the form of a white glow. Imagine it starting at your feet and slowly working its way up your body, with the glow illuminating your body throughout.

You could also picture energy flowing directly into your heart, filling it up with love and a warm red glow. As your heart fills up, the red glow expands outward from your heart, illuminating your entire body. Eventually, the illumination reaches into the outside world, transferring loving energies onto those around you.


Spiritual visualizations pertain to our deitiesOpens in a new tab.

Less concrete visualisations can also work. We might imagine our spiritual self leaving our physical body. The spiritual self at first merges with the four elements, becoming air, water, earth, and fire. It can then transcend four elements and metamorphose into Aether, merging into the universe.

Goals, Intentions, and Manifestation

Another type of visualization is aimed at manifestation. We might picture certain things we want out of life. Or we might imagine ourselves as already having achieved those things, similar to Law of Attraction techniques.

If you have a challenging spell coming up, or an important life event, use meditation with intention visualization to complement the spell. Harness your mind to raise and focus your powers.

Psychic Imagery and Astral Projection

Far more advanced than we have time to discuss here, these visualization types are away from the concrete and very much in the abstract. They encompass things like out-of-body experiences, traveling across the universe on the astral plane, and creating hallucinatory and/or foretelling experiences.

Mantras or Chanting

Some Wiccans like to include mantras or chanting into their meditations. These types of vocalizations help to keep the mind focused, by giving the body something to do.

They can also be used to reinforce intentions or principles. As an example, you might create a mantra of, “I am loved,” to promote self-nuturing and safety.

Music or Background Noise

Soft music and soothing background noises are great for both beginner and advanced Wiccan meditators. Just like chanting, the sound can help focus your mind and reinforce the cadence of your breathing.

Opt for soft, organic sounds and music. Music without a melody works best, such as ambient music. Melodies can be distracting and evoke emotion that clouds your focus.

You can find many great meditation playlists on YouTube, spotify, and also within meditation apps in your phone’s app store. Here are a few ideas:

  • Wind chimes
  • White noise
  • Ambient music
  • Bilateral or EMDR music
  • Ambient occult ritual music
  • Nature sounds (ocean waves, trickling stream, blowing wind, etc)
  • Chanting
  • Eastern religious music


One of the great things about Wiccan meditation is that you don’t need anything to do it. Wherever you are, whoever you are with, you can meditate. All you need is your mind and concentration.

That being said, accessories can be of great help for a number of reasons. Beginners may find accessories especially useful, because they give a solemnity and sacredness to the meditation session. They can assist in shutting our minds off and giving priority to our meditation.

Consider the following accessories:

  • Incense. The scent of incense creates a great atmosphere. If you are meditating to communicate with a god or goddess, it can also be used as an offering depending on the scent and the deity.
  • Candles. Focusing on a candle flame just before shutting your eyes is helpful. You can also use it as a focus object, a place to fix your gaze. (Just make sure the candle is in a safe spot!)
  • Chimes or bells. The sound of a chime or bell ringing at a regular rhythm is known to be quite helpful in getting you to relax.
  • Crystals. Holding a crystal that corresponds to your intent, or one that provides the energies you need, will assist your focus because you’ll have something to feel and hold on to.

And as always, use your imagination! Consider including any personal items of significance, such as a keepsake item or a cherished photo. Include anything which you feel will be beneficial to your meditation session.

Example Wiccan Meditation How To

We’ve discussed all of the aspects of meditation in detail. Now, let’s bring it all together into a sample Wiccan meditation you can perform at home.

This meditation is great for beginners and requires no prior experience. It can last as little or as long as you like. If it’s your first time, we recommend setting a timer for 20 minutes.

  1. Wherever you are, create a sacred space for yourself. Close the door, draw the blinds, light a candle, whatever you need to do.
  2. Turn off your phone to avoid interruptions. If you will be using your phone to listen to music, chanting, sounds, or a guided program, then make sure to put it into Do Not Disturb mode.
  3. Sit in a comfortable position and straighten your back.
  4. Close your eyes. You may close them fully, or you can close them partially with a soft focus a short distance in front of you.
  5. Focus on your breathing. Breathe deeply and slowly. In and out.
  6. To fully relax, create a breath cadence. Breathe in for four seconds, hold for a moment, then exhale for four seconds. Repeat until you feel your body settle a bit.
  7. Visualize energy flowing into you, in the form of a white glow. This is the energies of the universe which are getting absorbed into your body.
  8. Picture the energy starting at your feet. It lightens your feet, working its way upwards through your body.
  9. As the energy’s glow passes through you higher and higher, you feel your stress and irritation melting away.
  10. As the stress melts away, imagine it being replaced with a sense of relaxation.
  11. Rest in this relaxed state for some time. Stay as long as you like.
  12. When you’ve finished, take a deep breath in and exhale, giving a brief thanks for this moment of peace.
  13. Open your eyes slowly and let them adjust.
  14. Celebrate! You’ve just completed your first Wiccan meditation!

Next Steps

If you’re a complete beginner, you can now enjoy the fact that you’ve performed your first Wiccan meditation! But what happens next?

Make a Routine

Now that you’ve got some experience meditating, we recommend making a routine out of it. It can be as often or as infrequently as you like. The important thing is to continually revisit this calm inner world you’ve created for yourself.

First, a meditation routine will keep growing your sense of grounding and security. Second, do you remember all of those great benefits we described? You will more readily experience these benefits from routine meditation. Just like any skill you have which improves the more you practice it, the sharper your magickal skills will get the more you meditate.

Some Wiccans like to meditate at the esbats and sabbats. Others like to incorporate a meditation into certain rituals. And others even meditate daily.

Keep Up the Good Work

Don’t get discouraged! Like any new and challenging endeavor, the beginning is often the roughest. We don’t know what we are doing, we feel frustrated because we don’t know how to gauge progress, and we judge ourselves.

It’s no secret: meditation is awkward at first. We are constantly distracted by our thoughts. We have other things we’d like to be doing. Our legs fall asleep. The silence is deafening. We remember something to add to our to-do list as we try to relax.

Rest assured, everyone feels this way! Often when you start meditating, you feel anything but relaxed. However this is just evidence of how much you need to meditate.

With time, dedication, and a routine, you can master the art of meditating, gradually becoming more relaxed and gaining more self-discipline from the very first session.

All you need to do is move at your own pace. Everyone’s journey is different. We promise that the effort you put in today will be well worth the benefits you accrue in the future to your Wiccan and magickal practices!

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