How to Make Moon Water: Wicca Rituals and Spellcraft

how to make moon water wicca

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The moon has played an important role in pagan religion for centuries.

Connected to the ebb and flow of the tide, the moon has enough physical power to change bodily cycles and even alter our moods. Look to the history of the word “lunacyOpens in a new tab.

The powerful influence that the Moon has on the human mind has long given it an aura of mystery and magic. Many Pagans and Wiccans celebrate the phases of the moon and perform spells and rituals to harness its power.

Storing the Power of the Moon

OK, so we know that the moon is a powerful force that can amplify our spells and increase the intensity of Wiccan rituals and magic, but what happens when cloudy weather or a busy city means that we aren’t able to perform spells under the light of the moon?

Simple. You bottle it!

That Sounds Crazy!

Don’t worry, it’s not!

Water can be “charged” and enchanted with lunar energy by leaving it exposed to the rays of the moon. This water acts almost like a “lunar battery”, and you can use bottles of moon water for spells and ceremonies at a later time.

This stuff is so effective that even non-magical folks like Victoria BeckhamOpens in a new tab.

“So I am here at Lanserhof in Germany, and they’ve just given me this water, which is a special water. It is collected locally, here in Munich, but only on a full moon… Apparently this is very healthy water, …and great for the skin.”

For pop culture take on Victoria Beckham’s moon water experience, read this articleOpens in a new tab.

OK, I’m Convinced! Tell Me How to Make Moon Water!

First up, you’re going to need a bottle of some sort to hold your moon water. You need a bottle with a tightly sealing cap or stopper, and ideally you’ll want to select a bottle made from glass.

Old fashioned bottles and jars come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and often in beautiful green or brown hues. Do you need to find an antique bottle for your moon water? Absolutely not. But as with most other forms of enchantment, moon water responds strongly to love and care during creation, so if you can find a pretty looking bottle that you personally identify with, you stand a better chance of amplifying the water’s power.

It’s all about creating a sense of occasion and purpose during the charging process.

A Note on Bottle Colors

If you’re strongly drawn to a colored bottle for your moon water, it could be a sign of how your subconscious wants to use it in a future spell. If you’re not particularly drawn to any specific color, you can pick one based on intention:

  • Clear Glass: The element of air, clarity of mind, ease of movement.
  • Frosted Glass: Lunar power amplification, protection from harm.
  • Green: Fairy magic, wealth, health and healing.
  • Blue: The element of water, foresight, divination, harmony.
  • Red: The element of fire, passion, love and sex.
  • Amber: The element of earth. Animal and natural power, confidence.

Hint: Check out our article on finding your elementOpens in a new tab.

Decorating Your Bottle

Once you’ve selected a bottle for your moon water, you can either leave it plain (if you’ve already chosen a pretty looking bottle) or you can decorate it with ribbons, painted symbols or sigils, or even custom paper labels that you’ve decorated with spells or incantations.

Choosing the Correct Water

Now it’s time to fill up your bottle with water. Ultimately, the water itself is used as a vessel for the moon’s magickal energy, so you don’t need a special water. However you do want to make sure the water is fresh and clean and free of negative energies. There are a few things to consider:

From a purely practical point of view, distilledOpens in a new tab.


If you’re planning on drinking your moon water, please stay safe: Water that has been sitting in a dirty bottle should never be consumed. Likewise river or lake water. We know safety isn’t very romantic, but let’s get serious here: You really don’t want to be hospitalized from drinking unclean water. See our disclaimersOpens in a new tab.

Adding Other Ingredients

When describing how to make moon water, Wicca practitioners sometimes suggest adding ingredients into the bottle, such as sea salt, herbsOpens in a new tab.

  • Rose Quartz: Love.
  • Jasper: Nurturing.
  • Clear Quartz: Moon amplification.
  • Obsidian: Protection.

While crystals can amplify the power of the moon’s rays during charging, don’t feel bad if you’d prefer to keep things simple and pure.

In fact, if you’re intending on drinking the water, purity, as mentioned earlier, is definitely something you want!

Please Be Careful With Crystals

Warning: if you’ve put tiny crystals in your moon water, please don’t forget and gulp down the water without checking its ingredients. Make sure all your bottles are clearly labelled! Also be careful which crystals you use, as some types of crystals cannot be submerged in water. Please see our disclaimersOpens in a new tab.

How to Make Moon Water: The Charging Process

Once you’re ready to charge your newly bottled water, you’re going to need to find a place where it will be able to sit undisturbed while it soaks up the moon’s rays.

This could be a simple windowsill in a city apartment, or an ornate altar outside in the woods. For most modern Wiccans, this choice is going to come down to simple logistics: Just select a quiet spot that will be exposed to a bright (ideally full) moon. Don’t worry if there’s a pane of glass in the way.

  • Once you’ve found a suitable spot, place your glass bottle down after sunset.
  • Remove your bottle of freshly charged moon water before the break of dawn.

If you’re blessed with clear skies, it’s absolutely possible to repeat this process over several days to amplify the power of your moon water. In addition, you can show intent and supercharge the process by doing the following:

  • Whispering incantations to the moon while you spend the evening next to the bottle.
  • Holding your hands tightly around the bottle every few hours.
  • Asking the moon directly for help and blessing.
  • Anything that feels right or comes from the heart.

What if There’s No Direct Moonlight?

No problem!

The Dark Moon, (the three days per cycle when the moon isn’t visible) can be used for banishing and protection, and is a useful addition to ceremonies and spells that are all about satisfactory conclusions or positive endings.

How About the Full Moon?

The energy of a Full MoonOpens in a new tab.

Using Your Moon Water

OK, so you’ve charged your bottle, and you’re the proud owner of a powerful bottle of moon water. Now, what to do with it?

Simple: Moon water can be used for all manner of applications!

There’s really no end of uses for moon water. Lunar energy is extremely healing and recharges chakras (or energy fields). Lunar energy focuses on the subconscious, it’s the polar opposite of the sun, and amplifies the dream world and the inner mind. Moon water can give insights into the spirit and is an huge benefit for personal, inner growth.

Storing Your Moon Water

An article about how to make moon water wouldn’t be complete without a quick note about how to store your newly created magical potion:

Darkness is a friend to moon water. You really don’t want to drain its power with bright, solar energy. You could keep it in the refrigerator or inside a dark cupboard, wrapped in a scarf, in a similar manner to how you’d treat a deck of tarot cards.

Just be sure to keep the bottle tightly sealed for later use.

So Now You Know how to make moon water, Wicca Style!

Moon water is a powerful magical aid that can be used for healing potions, blessings, ceremonies and spells. Why not have a try at making your own moon water today? You won’t be disappointed…

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