The Super Moon: Wicca Meaning and Importance

super moon wicca meaning

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A few times each year, the full moon appears larger and brighter than usual. These so called “supermoons” happen when the moon is in its fullest phase at the exact same time as being in the part of its orbit that’s closest to the earth’s surface.

The Lunar Goddess:

Wiccans view the moon as a symbol of the GoddessOpens in a new tab.

Many Wiccans think a super moon represents a time of heightened connection to those lunar qualities. The full moon is already seen by Witches, Pagans and Druids as the most powerful phase in the lunar cycle, so a supermoon presents a perfect opportunity to cast important spells and undertake ceremonies at a time when the light from the moon is at its most intenseOpens in a new tab.

The Months of the Moon:

Now we know that a supermoon is an unusually bright and powerful full moon, we can begin to plan spells and ceremonies for the night of its unveiling.

In many traditional societies, each full moon of the year was given a unique name depending upon the month (or season) it fell in. Each of these full moons were thought to have different properties, and if we take a look at some of the typical medieval European (and pagan) namesOpens in a new tab.

January: The “Old Moon” or “Wolf Moon” is a powerful force that represents the strength of the spirit, and the will to survive the cold winter.

February: The “Hunger Moon” or “Snow Moon” is a time for casting spells that help with good intentions. It’s a time for goal setting and personal growth.

March: The “Crust Moon” or “Sap Moon” represents the very first hint that winter is drawing to an end. It’s a time to celebrate renewal and rebirth.

April: The “Egg Moon” or “Fish Moon” is also more commonly (and famously) known as the Pink Moon. This is the full moon of spring, and represents health, vitality and fertility.

May: The “Flower Moon” or the “Corn Moon” is a full moon representing inspiration and beauty. It’s a time when flowers bloom and crops begin to sprout.

June: The “Rose Moon” or “Strawberry Moon” represents the power of the sun and nature at full growth. This moon appears during the month of the Summer Solstice, and can be an incredibly powerful force for renewal.

July: The “Buck Moon” or “Hay Moon” represents the late summer and the time of the early harvest. It can also be known as the “Thunder Moon” due to the rain and thunder storms that sometimes appear on summer evenings. This moon represents cleansing and purity, with storms washing away old habits and negativity.

August: The “Barley Moon” or “Red Moon” represents the last heat of summer. It favors spells of passion and represents a lust for life.

September: The “Wine Moon” or “Harvest Moon” coincides with the harvest festival. It’s a time for “reaping what we have sown” and a time to reflect and focus on gratitude.

October: The “Blood Moon” or “Hunter’s Moon” represents the onset of winter. It’s a moon that is associated with planning ahead and focusing on the hardships to come.

November: The “Frost Moon” or the “Snow Moon” is the first moon of the cold winter nights. It represents wildness and the call of nature.

December: The “Oak Moon” or the “Cold Moon” represents the Winter Solstice. Its arrival almost certainly brings the brightest night of the darkest month of the year. The December moon represents stories, dreams and plans for the future.

Preparing for the Supermoon’s Arrival

Now we know that each full moon of the year represents a different theme or energy, we can begin to plan for an upcoming supermoon event by preparing our magical tools and our minds for the occasion:

Preparing Your Altar for Supermoon Spells:

The first item you’ll need to think about when planning for an upcoming supermoon spell or ceremony is your ritual altar.

Altars don’t have to be grand affairs that occupy large spaces. In fact, because full moonOpens in a new tab.

A traveling, portable altar might simply consist of a small, brightly colored cloth with familiar and “moon related” trinkets placed on top of it.

There’s no right or wrong way to go about the task of creating an altar. The idea is to simply create a strong and familiar focal point that helps with visualization and meditationOpens in a new tab.

Some moon related ideas for your altar: CrystalsOpens in a new tab.

Prepare Water to Charge with Supermoon Energy:

A supermoon’s extra powerful energy makes it the perfect time to create “Moon Water”.

Moon waterOpens in a new tab.

Selecting Spells for the Night of the Super Moon:

Selecting the right super moon spell or ceremony is very much a personal choice. You could pick something based on the attributes of the month where the supermoon will appear, or simply select a more general spell that works towards an outcome you’re hoping to influence. Here are a couple of ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

A Supermoon Spell for Wealth and Prosperity

This spell focuses on growing your long term wealth and prosperity. That could mean different things to different people: Perhaps you’re looking to bring about a pay rise or a promotion. For some, this spell might help to bring about unexpected coincidences that help with matters of finance: A lucky windfall, cash prize, or finding an unexpected bargain.

On the night of the next supermoon, sit outside on a blanket while holding a “Ten of Pentacles” tarotOpens in a new tab.

Once you’re in a relaxed state of mind, say the following:

“I call on the light of the prosperous moon to come into me with her energy of abundance. May the goddess bless me with good fortune in all that I do”

Gaze up to the moon and try to visualize the outcome you’re seeking. Imagine the bright, white rays of lunar energy as streams of wealth flowing towards you. They are slowly focused into the pentacle on the tarot card and are being trapped inside of you.

When your concentration starts to drop, it’s time to end the spell. Stand up, give thanks to the moon and draw the ceremony to a close.

It’s possible to keep the spell (and your intent) fresh in your mind by placing a unique coin in your pocket on the evening of the supermoon. You can keep the coin on your person during the months ahead to amplify the outcome of the spell.

A Supermoon Spell for Revealing Secrets

A supermoon is a perfect time for casting spells concerned with seeing into the future. Lunar light is thought to reveal information that would otherwise be hidden. Imagine “invisible ink” revealing a message under a UV light. This is the effect the full moon can have on your powers of divination.

Divination spells won’t literally allow you to see into the future, unless you’re blessed with incredibly revealing dreams or thoughts during meditation sessions. However, you may find that after performing a divination spell, you begin to make better decisions and have greater insight over the coming months.

To begin the spell, arrange a simple altar with a blanket and a bowl of water. Once you’ve taken the time to clear your mind, submerge a small mirror into the water and then cup your hands on either side of the bowl.

After meditating for a short while longer, lift the mirror from the bowl of water and focus your intent on the reflection. Try to allow random thoughts to wash into your mind as you gaze into the reflective surface of the mirror as it glints in the bright light of the supermoon.

With time and practice, important decisions can be made using a “scrying mirror” during the light of a full moon. Don’t worry if you come away from the experience without any valuable insights. Simply thank the lunar goddess for her wisdom and look out for moments of clarity in the months ahead.

Supermoons Present Powerful Magical Opportunities:

A supermoon presents great opportunities for ceremonies and spells. Lunar energy is at its brightest and most powerful on the night of a supermoon event, and spells cast on these evenings can bring about profound changes in your life.

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