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Rose Quartz Crystal: Meaning, Uses, and Powers

Rose Quartz Crystal Meaning

Rose quartz is one of the gentlest, yet most powerful stones in existence. Rosy pink in color and operating on the heart chakra, the stone embodies love and compassion. It has unique healing powers physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Rose quartz’s meaning is that of universal love– it can improve nearly every relationship and area of your life.

Rose quartz crystal’s meaning is of a healing crystal which emits strong loving energies to inspire compassion and unconditional love. It activates the heart chakra to improve relationships, encourage self-love, and find joy. The crystal is used to reduce stress, depression, and promote emotional healing.

Rose Quartz Crystal Summary

This article will give a thorough introduction to the rose quartz crystal, giving you everything you need to know in order to understand the stone’s meaning and how to use it in healing work and your life. Let’s look at a quick overview of rose quartz crystal, its meaning, properties, and healing qualities:

  • Color: Translucent Pink (ranges from pale to deep pink)
  • Chakra: Heart (primary), Base, Crown
  • Number: 7
  • Element: Water
  • Planet: Venus
  • Zodiac: Taurus, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn
  • Day: Friday
  • Energy: Yin / Feminine / Receptive
  • Tarot: Empress, Lovers
  • Sabbat: Ostara
  • Direction: SW
  • Deities: Angus, Aphrodite, Artemis, Astarte, Chandra, Chang Xi, Cupid, Diana, Eros, Hecate, Isis, Kalfu, Luna, Selene, the Triple Goddess, Thoth, Turan, Venus, the Wiccan Goddess, Zulu
  • Physical Healing: Heart and Circulatory System, Lungs, Fertility and Menstrual Issues, Skin Issues, Anti-aging, Detoxification, Blocking EMF, Dementia, Pain Relief, Headaches, Sinus Issues, Mineral Deficiency, Kidneys, Vertigo, Fatigue
  • Emotional and Spiritual Healing: Loss, Grief, Trauma, Self-Love, Motherly Love, Nurturing, Compassion, Kindness, Stress Relief, Depression, Anxiety, Trust, Forgiveness, Anger, Emotional Resilience
  • Feng Shui Bagua Areas: Relationships (Kun), Health (Tai Qi), Knowledge (Gen), Fame (Li)

What is Rose Quartz Crystal?

Rose quartz is a beautiful and amazing crystal from the quartz family. Related to clear quartz, rose quartz is essentially clear quartz’s silica dioxide with a few other minerals present giving the stone its soft pink color. Rose quartz may be an incredibly common gem but do not underestimate it!

The crystal is a potent and powerful healer, with great capabilities in both the physical body and emotional realms. It’s very versatile and incredibly easy to use, so it’s a great stone for beginners!

Where Does Rose Quartz Crystal Come From?

Rose quartz crystal lives in the quartz family, which is one of the most common family of minerals on Earth.

Rose quartz can be found all over the world, although Madagascar’s rose quartz is considered to be of the highest energetic quality. But although common, the gem is highly prized in jewelry and decorative lapidary work.

Use of Rose Quartz Crystal in Ancient Civilizations

Rose quartz has been prized for its beauty and healing properties by ancient civilizations for centuries. The oldest pieces of jewelry containing rose quartz were found in Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq) which date back to 7,000 B.C.

Since then, rose quartz has been found in Assyria, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and Ancient Rome. In all these civilizations, the crystal represents romance, healing, and beauty. It was used for anti-aging treatment, protection of the dead, and drawing out beauty.

Several Greek and Roman mythologies describe the origin of rose quartz crystal. In fact, the early name for rose quartz was hyaline quartz, coming from the Greek word “hyalos” meaning “from glass”. 

Properties of Rose Quartz

The rosy, pinkish crystal is one of the most beautiful and hardest substances on Earth!

Rose quartz typically grows in small, intricate clusters. In its natural, raw state, you won’t find external faces on rose quartz and it rarely forms points. The crystal is polished and tumbled and you can find it in nearly any shape.

Rose quartz is one of the most common stones on Earth. That makes the crystal very affordable and you don’t need to worry about buying fake rose quartz.

The stone is also one of the hardest substances on the planet. It ranks at 7 on the MOHS hardness scale, which means that it’s very difficult to scratch or damage the crystal.

Rose Quartz vs. Pink Quartz

There is another variety of quartz which is often confused with rose quartz because they look very similar. This variety is called pink quartz and it’s actually much rarer than rose quartz. 

Pink quartz has a similar color but has greater clarity and different inclusions. It’s also subject to color fading over time, unlike rose quartz which maintains its color.

Color and Appearance of Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is one of the most beautiful crystals in existence. It a variant of clear quartz, but given color by mineral inclusions like manganese, iron, titanium, aluminum, or phosphorous.

It’s most commonly a pale pink color, but it can range from light pink to red and even purple depending on the minerals present. Although delicate, rose quartz’s color will not fade over time. It’s quite stable and can withstand exposure to both heat and sunlight.

Rose quartz also ranges from nearly transparent to nearly opaque. The stone may also appear smoky, cloudy, or grainy.

The most expensive rose quartz will be translucent with vibrant color.

Rose Quartz Crystal Color Meaning

The pink color of rose quartz is a feminine color. It imbues the gem with a soft, feminine energy and connects it with the heart chakra.

While red is associated with a passionate energy, the delicate pink of rose quartz lends itself to the softer side of love– intimacy, connection, and shared experiences.

The crystal’s gentle energy produces feelings of compassion and love. It inspires contentment, calm, and peace. The stone brings comfort, empathy for self and others, and spiritual healing.

The femininity of rose quartz puts us in touch with the Goddess and universal feminine energies. Its pink color is excellent for finding romance, rekindling old relationships, or finding joy.

rose quartz crystal meaning raw rose quartz crystal

Rose Quartz Crystal Powers

The frequency of the stone itself, combined with the frequency of its color, is very powerful energetically. It’s estimated that rose quartz vibrates around 300-350 hertz.

This frequency makes it poised to resonate with specific areas of your body and spirit. And it communicates with and opens the heart chakra.

Rose quartz’s vibrations reach your cellular level, activating neuroplasticity which literally reprograms your body and mind.

Rose quartz is excellent for all types of love, whether romantic, platonic, or caretaking. It heals wounds from past relationships and soothes emotional trauma.

The stone is helpful in times of grief, bringing warmth and love to the spirit. It renews hope, eliminates negativity, and brings joy.

Rose Quartz Crystal Benefits

Rose quartz has a number of benefits stemming from the stone, its natural vibrational frequencies, and its color.

The stone has a frequency that tugs on the heartstrings and operates within the heart chakra. It lends itself to feminine energies, love, compassion, and harmony. It can promote emotional healing, resilience, and ability to connect with others.

This crystal of universal love draws people together, whether it be a couple, friends, parent and child, or any other relationship.

Rose quartz also has physical benefits as well. It soothes skin, assists the heart and lungs, and is great for feminine issues. The crystal slows dementia and can aid in migraines and insomnia.

One of the best benefits of rose quartz is its ease of use. It a simple yet and versatile stone and is perfect for beginners.

Just by being near the stone you can benefit from its powerful effects, which is why rose quartz is used in massage, reiki, and other energy healing tools.

Rose Quartz Crystal Meaning

Rose quartz’s meaning is that of universal love. It’s often called the Love Stone or the Heart Stone. It has a feminine (yin) energy and operates on the heart chakra. It’s truly a stone of pure love.

The stone’s meaning lies in love, compassion, comfort, and tenderness. Rose quartz is a vibrant healing stone that benefits everyone close to it.

The stone and its gentle vibrations can heal wounded relationships and create harmony. It can absorb negative energies from you and your environment. It reduces stress, remedy sadness, and put you in a state where you’re able to give and receive love.

This crystal keeps the vibrations of love around it, which is why it’s been used in jewelry and talismans since ancient times. It has powerful properties to enhance beauty as well, so it’s also been used in beauty products for centuries.

Rose quartz is a powerful healer both emotionally and physically as well. Its vibrations release stress and tension and can heal long-held emotional trauma. It represents steadfast friendship and unconditional love.

rose quartz crystal meaning polished rose quartz crystal

What Does Rose Quartz Attract?

Rose quartz crystal attracts love! It can certainly attract romantic love, as a sort of crystal cupid, but it draws love of all kinds. Any relationship you have can benefit from rose quartz.

The gem works on all areas of a relationship that can benefit from a little more love. It attracts empathy, communication, trust, forgiveness, and intimacy which are all a part of love.

Rose quartz is also known to attract creativity, joy, inspiration, happiness, and luck.

Rose Quartz Crystal Healing Properties

The stone of universal love is one of the best healers. Due to its beneficial frequencies, it has many therapeutic properties on all levels.

Although rose quartz’s vibrations are aligned to the heart, it can heal nearly all aspects of the mind, body, and spirit.

The crystal’s gentle and tender energy is the perfect emollient for stress, anxiety, depression, and calming the nervous system down. It heals negative emotions and related physiological conditions like insomnia. 

The stone’s goddess energy connection links it with the feminine divine. Rose quartz leads you to unconditional love for yourself. It teaches you how to mother yourself and engage in self-care.

Rose quartz can recharge the heart chakra and its soft lovely color inspires all types of affection. The stone brings new romance, deeper connections with friends and family, and healing from heartache. It will strengthen your other platonic relationships and grow kindness and compassion within yourself.

Emotional Healing with Rose Quartz Crystal

The love stone’s strong alignment with the heart is what makes it such an powerful emotional healer. It has a peaceful and gentle energy signature which soothes and calms as you release blockages and build emotional resilience.

Rose quartz’s calming resonance acts like a tender hug to release toxic energies and memories. It soothes losses and takes the edge off during emotional distress.

Rose quartz allows us to heal emotionally and open our hearts for both giving and receiving love. It teaches us that before we can love others, we must love ourselves.

By inviting love to be a daily part of our lives, we learn how to self-soothe. We are compassionate with ourselves, freeing us from the suffering and repressed patterns that keep us stuck.

Feeling grounded in love, we can heal from anything. We can mend from heartbreak, rebuild trust, and end loneliness.

We can further invite joy and abundance into our lives. Using rose quartz we can create inner peace within ourselves, allowing us to approach the world with kindness and hope.

Rose Quartz for Love

A master of love, the high vibrations of rose quartz attract and create love in a multifaceted way.

Rose quartz’s activation of the heart chakra enables love to flow through your freely. Its emotional healing qualities allow for the mending of wounds and traumas which disrupt healthy relationships.

The result is a stone that creates a balanced energetic state for you, allowing you to be open to healthy connection, nurturing, and happiness. 

While typically associated with romantic love and sexual relationships, rose quartz can grow any and all kind of love: self-love, family relationships, romantic partners, spouses, exes, business partners, coworkers, friends, children, and your community.

Romantic Love

Rose quartz is best known for its abilities in drawing romantic love. This is true whether you’re looking for a new love in your life, or want to mend or deepen an existing relationship.

Rose quartz’s powers are key in every areas of a relationship. Use it for easing disagreements and improving communication. Create emotional intimacy by opening your heart. Attract the right kind of person who is worthy of your unique gifts.

The stone will also prevent past emotional harms from affecting your present relationship.


Any kind of love starts from within. We must love ourselves first before we can expect it from others. Use rose quartz to strengthen and deepen your relationship with yourself.

Rose quartz can gently soothe self-criticism, self-doubt, and feeling down about yourself. It can illuminate your inner demons, curing them rather than letting them fester.

The stone lets us cultivate unconditional love for ourselves, accepting ourselves as perfect just the way we are. We can forgive our faults, trust ourselves, and acknowledge our special skills and abilities.

By illuminating our inner shadows, we can heal those areas using rose quartz’s gentle touch of light and love.

Motherly Love

Pregnant and expectant mothers (and fathers) have used rose quartz for centuries to bond with their children. Rose quartz creates a motherly presence, drawing out your natural caring and nurturing qualities.

Use rose quartz to create a strong bond between mother and child. Build compassion and unconditional love with a gentle touch.

Love in Other Relationships

Rose quartz can draw love in any relationship, no matter how platonic or distant. Improve relationships with friends, family, neighbors, and others in the community.

Use the stone to heal family or generational disagreements. Deepen your friendships and promote giving and receiving of support. Collaborate better with colleagues and prevent gossip in the workplace.

Rose Quartz for Trust and Forgiveness

After being betrayed in a relationship, we will naturally experience anger, frustration, and jealousy. We may fear that this person will hurt us again. Or that we will be hurt similarly in a future relationship. 

Use rose quartz to know that you deserve better, but also to cultivate forgiveness. Don’t hang onto the weight of hurt and anger forever. Let it go and move on to bigger and better things.

After a betrayal, learn how to trust again. Build trust with your current or future partner, and most importantly with yourself.

Rose Quartz for Stress Relief

The love stone is basically a big hug. When you feel stressed, let rose quartz wrap you in its tender embrace. It will promote calm, peace, and serenity within yourself.

Keep rose quartz near you to encourage relaxation and ease. Great places to keep the stone are in the bedroom, in your entryway, or anyplace that you relax.

Keep the crystal near you so you’ll be bathed in its energies and calming release.

Rose Quartz for Depression

The soothing, loving, light-filled vibrations of rose quartz are ideal for healing depression. Very often with depression the remedy is more love– love for self, love for others, and forgiveness.

Rose quartz’s tender yin energy is a gentle embrace to remind you that you are special. Use the crystal to soothe related conditions like addiction, eating disorder, and chronic anxiety.

Rose Quartz for Grief and Loss

Life holds great joy, but we can’t escape grief and loss which are essential parts of the human experience. Rose quartz can aid us in processing and healing from these devastating times.

Rose quartz can help in making peace with loss. Grief is truly a crisis so use the peaceful energy of the stone to bring you comfort and consolation in your time of need. Over time rose quartz will slowly mend your heart as well.

Rose Quartz for Trauma

Emotional trauma is one of the hardest things to heal. It is so painful and so jarring that we prefer not to even think about it.

We can’t see emotional trauma but it subconsciously motivates and steers us. It’s internalized emotions which represent the deepest and darkest parts of ourselves.

Rose quartz can help these painful memories surface, in order to let them go. The crystal will cushion the intense emotion and pain associated with the memory, and give us strength to process it.

Using rose quartz for trauma clears negative emotion blockages that keep us stuck. It shows us how strong we are, and that we’re a valued and loved person.

Rose Quartz for Emotional Resilience

We can use rose quartz to become more emotionally resilient and able to weather the ups and downs of life with grace and ease.

The stone lets us accept reality and our emotions without judgement. It teaches us to self-soothe and creates space to heal when bad things happen.

It increases our tolerance for discomfort. And rose quartz allows us to be a support for others as well.

rose quartz crystal meaning raw rose quartz crystal

Physical Healing with Rose Quartz Crystal

Rose quartz is a powerful healing stone that can promote physical health and realignment of the body. It has a gentle, soothing energy that stimulates the body’s natural self-healing.

Rose quartz can assist in many diverse body systems like the heart, lungs, muscles, brain, and others. It’s also an aid in mineral absorption, which has ripple effects across multiple processes of the body.

Even if you don’t use rose quartz to target a specific area of the body, the entire system can be stabilized from the compounding effects of rose quartz.

Always remember to never use crystals without the advice of a qualified healthcare professional. See our disclaimers for further information.

Heart and Circulatory System

Rose quartz can help with all number of issues related to the heart and blood circulation, aided by its connection to the heart chakra. 

Use rose quartz to reduce high blood pressure, improve circulation, prevent thrombosis and heart attack, and reduce palpitations.

To get the most benefit from the crystal, simply wear it as a necklace to keep it close to your heart. Try wearing it while exercising too to promote a strong and healthy heart.


The lungs and chest benefit greatly from rose quartz. Lung problems like cough, emphysema, breathing difficulties, etc can improve. Use the stone when quitting smoking as well, to help your lungs regenerate.

Reproductive and Fertility Issues

For centuries women and mothers have used the feminine powers of rose quartz.

The stone aids in menstrual and fertility problems. It prevents cramps and promotes menstrual regularity. Rose quartz is a great aid after gynecological surgery too.

Expectant mothers wear rose quartz to protect their unborn children. This encourages prenatal development and prevents miscarriage. It also ensures a smooth labor.

New mothers can use rose quartz to bond with their infant. Operating on the heart chakra, the gem will foster unconditional love, closeness, and strong caretaking.

Skin and Beauty

Since ancient times rose quartz was praised as an anti-aging beauty secret. There are records of it being used in face masks, rollers, and jewelry to promote beautiful skin and a youthful complexion.

Besides improving the skin’s complexion and preventing wrinkles, it’s effective on skin ailments. Rose quartz can treat scars, burns, rashes, psoriasis, and skin infections.

Rose quartz will brighten skin and give you a natural glow. In fact, many beauty products today are made with rose quartz like face rollers, gua sha tools, lotions, salves, and bath products.

Use rose quartz face roller before bedtime to let the crystal touch and soothe every area of your face. It will smooth wrinkles, reduce acne, and even skin tone. Or, take a crystal bath to luxuriate in the healing energies of rose quartz.


Due to its detoxification qualities, rose quartz crystal has been used in ancient times as an antidote for poison. It releases impurities from the body, cleansing and refreshing your body fluids. Rose quartz is also effective at blocking EMF from your body.

Diseases of Mental Dementia

Use rose quartz to promote good mental fitness and health as you age. It’s a stalwart against brain deterioration conditions like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and senile dementia.

Pain Relief

The crystal is well-known for its use in pain relief, especially when it comes to headaches and migraines. Pay particular attention to sinus issues (especially sinus headaches) as these can be healed using rose quartz.

Mineral Deficiencies

Minerals are key components to every process and function in the body. Without them in the proper quantities, the body becomes disrupted and get sick.

Rose quartz allows minerals to travel from your blood steam to the organs and parts where they are needed. So this crystal can support nearly every system in the body.

How Long Does it Take Rose Quartz Crystal to Work?

Rose quartz is a fast-acting crystal in general. How deep your work is, how much energy there is to clear, and other factors affect how quickly you see results.

You can receive immediate effect simply by wearing rose quartz or keeping it near. It helps to “take the edge off” a negative environment, so you may feel a gentle softening right away. Spending some time with rose quartz can give you a quick “ahhh” type of feeling.

For more complex uses, it may take weeks or months of dedicated work before you reach the outcome or healing you desire. Complex traumas, heartbreak, and grief in general take a long time to heal with or without rose quartz.

Regardless of your application, the power of your intentions can greatly affect how rose quartz works. Greater consistency, regular cleansing and charging, and keeping the stone in close proximity can greatly speed up your process.

How to Use Rose Quartz Crystal

The powerful love stone of rose quartz is a versatile tool that can be used in a myriad of ways. Whether you’re using it to activate the heart chakra, inviting love into your home, or manifesting desires, you’re sure to find several great ways to incorporate rose quartz crystal into your life and spiritual rituals.

Most techniques and ritualized uses of rose quartz are simple and straightforward.

Wearing Rose Quartz

The crystal makes wonderful jewelry both for its beauty and its healing qualities. Keeping the stone close to your body is an effective way to connect with the stone’s energy. It’s beautiful soft color and feminine energy will make a great addition to your collection.

Rose quartz crystal near your body heightens your vibration and imbues a loving energy. The stone serves as a constant reminder that you are valued and treasured person.

In addition, wearing rose quartz allows you to continually connect with its energy. As you go about your day, it’s an excellent way to comfort yourself when you’re feeling sad, lonely, or angry. 

Common styles of rose quartz jewelry are necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. We prefer to wear a rose quartz pendant, as it keeps the stone close to your heart and increases its potency.

Rose quartz has also been used in amulets and talismans over the ages. It can make a powerful protective piece against threats and bad energies.

Rose Quartz In the Home

Invite loving and positive energies into your space by keeping rose quartz in the home. It’s not only useful but beautiful too! 

Keeping rose quartz in your environment attracts harmony and loving energies. You can place a rose quartz crystal in a specific room, or you can distribute crystals throughout your home to balance and rejuvenate the entire space.

Keep your stone in a location where you will see it prominently. You’ll deepen your self-love and compassion a bit more each day as you encounter it.

Rose quartz makes excellent home decor with its lovely color and joyful feelings it invites. Brighten and enliven your space with rose quartz table lamps, candle holders, side and coffee tables, and even bathtubs (yes really!). Place these items anywhere you need a reminder that you are loved.

Rose Quartz in the Bedroom

The Stone of Love belongs in the bedroom for good reason! Use it to inspire intimacy and connectedness. It’s not just great for romance– keep it to deepen communication, increase empathy, and create shared passions.

Keep rose quartz on your bed stand or under your pillow to get a good night’s sleep. It promotes restful and peaceful sleep, and can encourage pleasant dreams and inspirations. 

The stone can be used in children’s rooms too to combat fear of the dark, nightmares, and trouble sleeping through the night. We suggest using large rose quartz pieces that aren’t a choking hazard, or keeping the stone out of reach. See our disclaimers for more information.

Near an Infant’s Feeding Items

Keep newborns feeling loved and cared for with rose quartz. Wear a pendant to infuse breast milk with rose quartz’s loving energies, or keep the stone where you store bottle feeding items. The crystal will keep infants well fed, free of digestive issues, and boost their overall health. Ensure that rose quartz is not in reach of the infant. See our disclaimers for more information.

Rose Quartz In the Workplace

The workplace is commonly an area of stress, schedules, and pressure. Keep rose quartz at your workspace to maintain energetic protection. This is especially important since we spend 8+ hours a day in our offices or workplaces.

Keep the stone as a reminder that you are loved and supported. If your environment is particularly stressful, use a raw, unpolished cluster for the greatest effect.

Rose quartz lamps, jewelry, and decorative clusters fit in well at the workplace. If your workplace doesn’t permit jewelry, place a small piece in your pocket or shoe.

Rose Quartz In Beauty Products

The healing qualities of rose quartz are often infused into health and beauty routines. The crystal embodies timeless beauty and confidence, so it makes a natural complement within cosmetics and self-care routines.

Even the ancient Egyptians and Romans used rose quartz masks to enhance beauty– you should too!

You can find numerous grooming items fashioned from rose quartz, such as combs, gua sha massage tools, and facial rollers (pro tip: store rollers in the refrigerator!)

Rose quartz is commonly found as an energy infusion into skin and hair products like lotions, washes, spritzes, and elixirs.

You may buy products already made using rose quartz, or you can make your own. It’s quite easy to make rose quartz-infused water, which you can then add to any of your existing skin and hair products. Or, simply use the water as a spritz for your skin and around your home.

How to Make Rose Quartz Crystal Water

Making a rose quartz crystal elixir is easier than you think! 

First, fill a clear glass bowl with water. Spring water or filtered water is best. Place your rose quartz crystal inside the bowl. Feel free to add additional herbs or crystals to the water. Lavender, rosemary, and rose petals pair nicely with rose quartz and give a pleasant fragrance.

Place the bowl outdoors for several hours to charge. You can charge rose quartz crystal water in either sunlight or moonlight. Sunlight will have a more direct, masculine energy, and moonlight will have a softer, feminine energy.

Rose quartz crystal itself has a feminine energy itself, so charging with the moon will be complementary, while charging with the sun will add balance. Charge to suit you and your intentions. 

Before charging, meditate on the water for awhile. Focus on the healing energies you wish the rose quartz crystal water to have. Then leave the water outside for several hours to infuse it with your desired properties of rose quartz.

After charging, run through a strainer to remove crystals and herbs. For storage, use a dark-colored bottle to prevent UV light and bad energies from penetrating inside.

Use your water quickly, as it will lose its energy over time. There are many ways to use a rose quartz gem elixir.

  • Add the water to your favorite skin and beauty products like soap, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and toners.
  • Craft a homemade moisturizer using rose quartz crystal water, carrier oils, essential oils, and other ingredients.
  • Keep the water in a spray bottle, which you can spritz on your body to refresh your beauty and spirit.
  • Mist the rose quartz crystal water around your home to diffuse its energies of love. Spritz on bed linens, the entryway, on pillows, etc.
  • Spritz the water on clothing to invoke love and light wherever you go.

Rose Quartz Crystal Bath

Crystal baths are an easy way to realize the benefits of rose quartz on your skin. Simply draw a bath and place rose quartz around the tub or in the water itself.

Accentuate with any enhancements you like such as herbs, essential oils, or candles. Not only will the warm bath soothe your body, you’ll soak directly in the healing energies of rose quartz as well.

On an Altar

Rose quartz crystals belong on a powerful place on your altar or sacred space. Keep it on your daily altar to maintain a receptive, loving air there. Look for raw or polished crystals, candle holders, plates, and other altar items made from rose quartz.

A love altar is another great place for the stone. Create a special altar to use for self-love, compassion for others, or pursuit of a romantic love. Keep a rose quartz crystal on this altar and visit it daily.

If your wish is to cultivate a relationship, you can add additional items to the altar to increase its effectiveness:

  • Place a second crystal to represent both you and your beloved
  • Incorporate photos of your loved one
  • Keep pink candles on the altar
  • Form a heart shape using crystals and candles

Rose Quartz Crystal Meditations

Meditating with rose quartz crystal is a simple and powerful way to harness its healing powers. Any shape will work, but polished stones often work best in meditation due to their subtler energy.

Meditating with the crystal will reduce stress and help you find calm. It will provide a still vibe, letting you renew spiritually and reconnect to your dreams.

Use this type of meditation to work on compassion, encourage emotional healing, or promote gentle release.

Before starting, ask the gem for permission. Since you’ll be drawing on the crystal’s energies, make sure you and the stone are both in agreement. Focus on the stone’s kind and loving energy, and request that it assist you in your meditative practice.

Ensure your crystal is properly cleansed and activated before starting as well.

While meditating, choose a soothing mantra about love and care. Mantra repetition will assist you in ending negative patterns you’re stuck in. A few ideas:

  • “I am loved”
  • “I feel love in the world”
  • “I care deeply”
  • “I am a kind person”

Thank the crystal upon completion of your meditation. Its energy has assisted you, so express gratitude to the stone for its hard work. You may want to cleanse your crystal again, especially if negative energies or painful memories were brought up. 

Rose Quartz Crystal 5-Minute Meditation

Even sitting for just a few minutes with the stone can have profound benefits, especially if done regularly.

Closing your eyes and sitting just 5 minutes in a meditative state with rose quartz will allow you to feel its connection to the heart. You’ll benefit from its soothing energies and allow it to open up your heart chakra.

This short meditation is a great way to shift your energy towards love. Over time it will subtly let you forge deeper connections and greater intimacy.

Rose Quartz Gratitude Meditation

Rose quartz is the perfect stone to use to encourage gratitude. Gratitude is just unbounded love for all that we have, so the stone of love can easily assist.

While meditating with the gem, visualize sending light and love to every area of your life. Picture all the people you know, all the things in your home, all the places you visit. Imagine bright pink light shining from the crystal onto every aspect of your life.

Couple this visualization with a short gratitude mantra like “I am so lucky,” or “The world is wonderful,” or “I’m surrounded by love.

Take time to journal at the end of your exercise. This helps to uncover and clear stuck resentments, allowing gratitude to fill their place.

You can list specific things you are grateful for, or take note of acts of gratitude you wish to perform later on.

Rose Quartz Self-Love Meditation

Use rose quartz’s warmhearted embrace to love yourself. It’s human nature to make mistakes and to be critical of ourselves. But it’s amazing if we can forgive ourselves for our fallibility.

Self-love meditations are best if you write throughout to memorialize the good things about yourself. So make sure you have a notebook or pen and paper handy.

Sit quietly with rose quartz and try to relax your mind. After a few minutes when your mind has calmed down, listen for the small healing vibrations coming from the rose quartz.

Next begin a visualization.

Imagine that a white or pink light is emerging from the stone. It’s dim at first, barely illuminating the stone. After some time the light gets brighter, then brighter still. Its rays extend until they reach your skin.

Imagine this light filling your body up from head to toe. The light warms each area it touches and leaves you also softly glowing. 

Now pick up your journal and think of some positive about yourself. Start small and try to list 3 things. Here are a few ideas:

  • A reason you’re proud of yourself
  • Something you can forgive yourself for
  • A way you advocated for yourself
  • A unique abilities you have
  • A way you’ve helped others

Later on, refer back to this list anytime you’re feeling low or unworthy.

Rose Quartz Meditation for Intentions

Intentions on love pair nicely with the frequencies of rose quartz. Perform a simple meditation that amplifies and works with rose quartz’s heart-based vibrations to manifest your desire.

Sit down in your sacred space and ensure the room is quiet. In addition to your rose quartz, keep objects nearby which encourage love like rose petals, rose incense, or a pink candle

Relax and calm your mind. Focus on breathing and let the weight of your body sink into the ground. When you’ve reached a blissful state, picture your intention.

Are you looking for a new romantic interest? Summon compassion for others? Heal a relationship? Grow unconditional love?

Keep this desire in the front of your mind. Pick up the crystal, holding it in both hands and holding it near your heart. Ask for the vibrations of the stone to enter your heart, activating and amplifying your desire.

Inscribe your intention on a piece of parchment, which you can then keep near your rose quartz later on. You can also vocalize your intentions out loud, to further emphasize them next to the stone.

Once complete, leave the stone and parchment together in a place where you will see them everyday.

Rose Quartz Divination

This crystal is wonderful to use for many different types of divination.

A rose quartz pendulum or necklace is great for dowsing. Use the movement of the pendulum to find answers to your questions. It’s especially suited for questions of the heart.

Cleanse the crystal before beginning, and keep an open mind throughout your dowsing session.

Rose quartz crystal is also ideal for scrying. Use a polished stone, like a sphere or plate. You’ll allow your intuition to manifest in the reflective surface.

Be patient with your crystal as you search for answers. Scrying takes effort and dedication, so keep trying even if you don’t get answers right away.

Rose Quartz Crystal Grids

If you’re experienced in the art of crystals, rose quartz crystal grids are amazingly tuned tools. Using sacred geometry, they align the magickal properties of stones to focus and direct their energies.

Find a dedicated space in your home where the (often large) grid can remain undisturbed. Your altar is an excellent place to keep a grid.

Create a crystal grid entirely out of rose quartz, or use a variety of stones. For the sake of simplicity, we’ll describe a grid composed entirely of rose quartz below.

First, cleanse the space. Arrange the gems in the shape you desire. You can use any shape, but a heart shape is especially powerful with rose quartz. There are many unique and thoughtful crystal grid templates available online.

Once arranged, activate the grid with your intention. Concentrate on what powers you’d like the grid to have and visualize the rose quartz stone’s energy building up. 

Finally, say a prayer and thank your crystals for being a part of the grid. Now use the grid however you wish, whether it will be a focal point for meditation and prayer, used to charge objects, or a tool for manifestation.

Using Rose Quartz Crystals On Pets

Humans aren’t the only ones who can benefit from the therapeutic qualities of rose quartz, our pets can too! Use rose quartz whether your pet has a physical ailment, disease, or just seems a bit down.

Rose Quartz in Pet Beds

One of the easiest ways to heal your pets is by keeping a crystal in their bed. As your pet naps, the healing vibes of the stone will work their magic.

Safety is key, so ensure that they can’t eat the crystal. Try stitching the crystal into their bed so it’s not accessible.

Raw, natural stones may have too intense an energy for your pet. They might also be uncomfortable, since those stones are more jagged. So it’s often best to use tumbled stones. 

Observe your pet for a few days and see if they are enjoying the bed. If your pet has trouble sleeping, or starts sleeping elsewhere, the crystals may be too intense for them.

However if you notice they are sleeping well, and if you see an improvement in their condition, this is what you want to see!

Rose Quartz Pet Bowls

Let your pet drink their water from a healing crystal bowl. The water will become imbued with rose quartz’s healing and loving energies, and whenever your pet takes a sip they’ll benefit. 

Rose Quartz Healing Ritual with Pets

We can perform healing rituals with pets. Using a rose quartz point or wand, perform a healing exercise on your pet’s problematic area.

With the receptive end of the crystal, move it counter-clockwise and set your intention to drawing pain and discomfort from your pet. Then reverse the crystal, so the pointed end faces your pet. Move it clockwise, and direct positive loving energies into their pained area. 

Go slowly and see how your pet reacts. Not all pets will sit still for an exercise like this, and they may feel uncomfortable with the energy movement. So take your time and read your pet to see if they receive benefit.

Do Rose Quartz Crystals Ever Stop Working?

Rose quartz is a very sturdy, long-lasting crystal. Its color is resistant to fade and it can be exposed to water and other elements. Despite its ruggedness, you may find that your crystals are no longer working at their peak, especially after tackling difficult issues.

Perhaps the color has darkened or you can see dark lines in the crystal. Maybe you’ve dropped it, or it’s cracked from excessive wear. Or maybe you just don’t get the same power out of it after cleansing and charging.

Whatever the case, you can retire your stone whenever you see fit. There are many ways to respectfully retire a crystal:

  • Burying the stone
  • Placing the crystal into a natural body of water
  • Letting the stone rest in a quiet area of your home

Rose Quartz Chakras

The crystal resonates with the heart chakra. Rose quartz can open this chakra, opening you to love, caring, and healing.

The stone can unblock and balance the heart chakra, which can aid any relationship in your life, including the one with yourself. A few examples are:

  • Romantic Relationship: feeling worthy of love, healing heartbreak, finding a soulmate, nurturing your partner, avoiding codependence
  • Caretaking Relationship: fostering unconditional love, cultivating compassion, learning to mother, expressing warmth
  • Relationship with Self: healing emotional wounds and trauma, cultivating joy, spiritual growth, self-care, self-confidence
  • Platonic Relationships: being generous, expressing kindness, encouraging harmony, trusting others, expressing gratitude

An easy way to activate your heart chakra is by wearing a rose quartz necklace or pendant. This keeps the stone close to your heart.

Rose Quartz can be used with other chakras as well. In fact, it’s a great crystal to cleanse and recharge all your chakras. It balances yin-yang energy and brings your other chakras into harmony with the heart chakra.

Due to its red color energy, rose quartz gently activates the base chakra. Use it to stabilize bodily functions, increase range of movement, and build strength.

Rose quartz is also great to use with the crown chakra too. Use it to find to your higher self and connect to the divine within you. Allow it to awaken to your universal consciousness.

Rose Quartz and the Zodiac

Rose quartz is primarily associated with the planet Venus. The signs of Taurus and Libra are ruled by this planet, and so are interlinked with the crystal.

Rose Quartz and Taurus

Use rose quartz to soften the desires of the Taurus sign. The gem and its ruling planet Venus exude femininity, beauty, love, and softness. These qualities pair well with Taurus’s sensitivity and need for comfort.

Rose quartz can be used as a guide to lessen the natural stubbornness of Taurus, and bring desires into moderation. It can also transform Taurus’s natural hard work and passion into just “going with the flow”.

Rather than materialistic tendencies, rose quartz can help Taurus find their heart’s inner desires. And as the stone of love, it increases romantic feelings and passion.

Rose Quartz and Libra

Ruled by Venus, rose quartz is also associated with the zodiac sign of Libra. While Libras understand emotions well, they can lack rational judgement.

Rose quartz can be used to substitute fantasy thinking with realistic plans, especially in the realm of romance. The crystal enhances Libra’s emotional intelligence with good decision-making.

Rose Quartz Deities

Hearkening back to the myths of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans, we associate rose quartz with Aphrodite, Venus, Eros, Cupid, and Isis.

Other deities surrounding love, beauty, romance, and fertility also correspond to this crystal. Look to Astarte, the Phoenician goddess of fertility and love; Angus, Irish god of youth, love, and poetry; and Turan, Etruscan goddess of love.

Rose quartz’s feminine energy and correspondence with the Element of water leads us to the Goddess and other moon deities. Explore the Triple Goddess, Diana, Selene, Luna, Artemis, Hecate, Thoth, Zulu, Chang Xi, Chandra, and Kalfu.

Rose Quartz Uses in Feng Shui

Rose Quartz is a natural stone that embodies feminine energy, which is called “yin qi” or a Yin energy. In addition, the stone’s pink coloring brings about healing, calm, and love.

When using rose quartz for feng shui, it’s best to use tumbled stones which have a gentler yin, a more feminine energy than a rough cluster would.


In the home, place rose quartz in the relationship (Kun) area on the feng shui bagua map. The placement of a pink crystal in the Kun position produces nurturing, self-care, and self-love. 

The Kun area can assist in marriage, caretaking relationships, mothering, and loving yourself. It restores the reproductive system and can strengthen existing romantic relationships.

The pink color of rose quartz is especially suited to this type of work, as pink is used in feng shui to attract love into your life.

Rose quartz in the bedroom in the Kun position is a perfect match. It encourages healing, opens the heart, and increases romantic feelings. Try putting a crystal near the bed or under your mattress.

Just like with the rose quartz altar for love, keep two crystals, symbolic of you and your current or future partner in the bedroom.

Tai Qi

An alternate place for the crystal is in the very center of your home, in the Health area of the bagua map (Tai Qi). Doing so creates positive energies throughout the home.

It will encourage compassion and restore imbalances. It provides healing for not just for the home’s occupants, but guests too.

Kun + Gen

To encourage stronger healing and self-compassion, place a stone in both the Kun (Relationship) and Gen (Knowledge) areas of the bagua map.

By working these two areas together, you’ll begin to heal yourself and your own heart.


Although we often associate rose quartz with compassion and empathy, there is a passionate, fiery quality to its energy. So in feng shui we harness its Fire energy by placing the crystal in the Li area of the bagua map. 

Placing rose quartz in this area draws a positive energy. It brings passion, enthusiasm, and a sunny quality. It can improve sex, bring creative enlightenment, and shine light on undiscovered areas.

Forms and Shapes of Rose Quartz

Like most crystals, rose quartz can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes. It can be rough, polished, small, large, or anything in between. 

Rough rose quartz (also called natural), is the gem in its raw natural state. Its energy is a bit stronger and a bit more masculine than polished stones. Use raw rose quartz when you’ve got some tough issues to work through. 

Polished or tumbled rose quartz is much gentler. Since it’s processed and smooth, this type of crystal has a light and feminine yin energy. Polished pieces are great around the home to keep a constant, gentle presence of its loving energy.

Let’s look at some of the shapes in which you can find rose quartz.

Rose Quartz Cluster

A cluster is that rough, raw form of the crystal we described. It’s the gem’s natural state, so it’s very powerful and has quite a strong energy.

Use rose quartz clusters wherever you need a powerful energy. They’re perfect for protection, as well as for charging other tools.

Clusters tend to be more expensive, due to their beauty and rarity.

Rose Quartz Geodes

After clusters, rose quartz geodes are somewhere in between the raw and polished state. They are excellent for grounding and healing work.

Keep a rose quartz geode when meditating or working on spiritual growth. It will bring to light negative feelings, resentments, and fears that may be hiding in your subconscious, allowing them to heal.

Placing a rose quartz geode in your hand during your emotional healing practice to illuminate and soothe the shadowy areas of your mind and spirit.

Rose Quartz Points

This shape is best when amplifying intentions. Points concentrate and direct energy, allowing you to guide energy to a specific location or person.

They’re also highly effective at raising energy vibrations, and make an excellent addition to crystal grids.

Use a rose quartz crystal point with manifesting work. Use it in healing work to release blockages, balance chakras, and promote release. Hold the point facing your problematic area to direct positive energies into your body and aura.

Rose Quartz Crystal Wands

Crystal wands are used for a multitude of purposes because they can both draw and emit energy.

The rounded end of a wand is known as the “receptive” end which can draw out energy, and the pointed end of the wand emits energy. 

Using these two unique ends, we can perform healing work, direct intentions, unblock chakras, and work on physical release.

To do this, we first draw out negative energies using the receptive end. Hover the rounded end above the skin, moving in a counter-clockwise direction. This action draws out tension, negativity, and bad vibrations. It releases blocked chakras and cleanses the aura.

Then, now using the pointed end, hover the it above the skin move the wand in a clockwise direction. This action directs healing energy toward the space where we removed negativity. It focuses regenerative energies to the area and provides balance and chakra healing.

Rose Quartz Plates

Crystal plates are elongated and rounded flat stones. Plates can have either polished or rough edges, and they are commonly at least 7-8 in (18-20 cm) in diameter.

Rose quartz plates are great surfaces to store altar tools or to charge other crystals. Keep the plate on your altar and assemble other crystals on top of it.

Plates also make beautiful decorative items. They’ll fill your space with the warm loving energies of rose quartz and beautify your home at the same time.

Rose Quartz Spheres

Crystal spheres are the perfect complement to meditation. Their spherical shape and polished surface emits a gentle, consistent energy in all directions.

Spheres promote a harmonious environment, so they bring relaxation and calm. Keep a rose quartz sphere near you when you meditate.

The reflective surface of crystal spheres also make them excellent for scrying. Use them in scrying work to show you ways to improve and love yourself.

Rose Quartz Crystal Hearts

Being the stone of love, what better way to attract and invite love than with a rose quartz crystal heart! The heart shape reinforces the stone’s connection to the heart chakra and love of all forms.

Wear a heart-shaped crystal necklace to keep it close to your heart. It’s a quick and easy way to add a little love to your life.

Or gift a rose quartz heart to potential love interests, a family member struggling with grief, or a friend recovering from breakup.

How Can You Tell If Rose Quartz Is Real?

Since rose quartz is not rare, there’s not much incentive to sell fake stones. However real stones are usually not 100% transparent and they will in fact be slightly opaque. You may see visible color streaks or inclusions, like white and grey.

Is Rose Quartz Expensive?

Since it’s such a common mineral, rose quartz is generally not expensive. Unusual raw stones with special clarity, coloration, or size can be significantly more expensive though.

Where to Buy Rose Quartz

Natural rose quartz can be found readily and cheaply. There is a wide variety of rose quartz products available, so think about what your needs are before shopping.

Decide on the form of the crystal you need, whether it’s a cluster, sphere, point, etc. Or you might be looking for a pendant, bracelet, or other form of jewelry.

Make sure when buying the crystal you understand where it was sourced, and also that the stone is natural (not synthetic).

Pay attention to your energetic vibrations as you shop. The choices may seem endless, but you’ll know when you’ve found the right stone for you!

How to Care for Rose Quartz

Be wary of storing rose quartz next to other gemstones. Although it’s quite hard, it’s still prone to scratching by other crystals of a higher hardness. So envelop your quartz in a velvet bag rather than keeping it loose.

Although rose quartz’s color is stable and won’t fade from sunlight, you’ll want to avoid prolonged exposure in direct sunlight (i.e. several hours). This would cause nearly any crystal’s color to fade.

Store the stone in a jewelry or other special box away from heat and moisture. For larger items which you keep outside most of the time, just be sure it’s out of direct sunlight, and dust it regularly.

To clean your rose quartz, use warm water and gentle soap. Pat with a towel then allow it to air dry thoroughly. Avoid harsh cleansers, jewelry cleaners, or other chemicals.

Rose quartz won’t fade with occasional water washing.

How To Cleanse And Charge Rose Quartz

Rose quartz will be an energetic workhorse for you. It absorbs toxic energies from its environment. It dutifully picks up negative energy wherever you keep it.

So any time you use rose quartz, you’ll want to make sure your crystal is thoroughly cleansed and charged. Clearing allows the stored-up energy of rose quartz to be relseased and for the stone to return to its natural state.

Keeping your stone properly cleansed and charged is one of the most important things you can do in rose quartz work.

We suggest cleansing your stone before every use, if possible. At a minimum you should aim to cleanse your stone at regular intervals, and definitely before any healing rituals.

Be sure to clear your stone to remove old programming as well.

How to Cleanse and Charge Rose Quartz

There are a variety of ways to clear and program rose quartz using the Elements. Use these techniques to purify your stone and return it to a neutral state.

With the techniques we’ll describe below, maintaining focus on your intentions is key. Visualize the crystal getting cleared of its negative vibrations, for instance bright light filling and spilling out from the stone.

Include additions you feel will promote cleansing and recharge. Things like incense, herbs, oils, or even another crystal can help.

After clearing and charging, give a short thank you to the crystal for its continued hard work and energetic support and the role it has in your life.

Now let’s look at a few techniques to cleanse your rose quartz crystal.

How to Cleanse and Charge Rose Quartz with Salt Water

Soak your crystal in salt water to renew it. Mix 3 tbsp (15 mL) of sea salt per 1 cup (250 mL) of water.

Ocean water, river water, and spring water work best. If these are not available, distilled is your next best option, followed by tap water.

Let the stone rest in the salt water for several hours or days to cleanse its energies. Due to rose quartz’s hardness, this should not fade or discolor the stone in any way.

How to Cleanse and Charge Rose Quartz in a Body of Water

Immerse rose quartz in a natural body of water. For this technique, you’ll need your intentions sharply focused on clearing, as the stone won’t be in the water very long.

Streams and especially waterfalls are excellent for this type of cleansing. Just be sure not to lose your stone!

How to Cleanse and Charge Rose Quartz with Smoke or Air

Clear rose quartz with smoke by burning incense of smudging sage. Move the smoke on all sides of the crystal. Once you see the smoke moving freely, and it doesn’t seem to be getting “stuck” near the rose quartz, the stone is cleansed.

You can also cleanse with air as well. Blow on the stone repeatedly, or position it in a crosswind within your home or apartment. Use the air’s movement to sweep away the stone’s bad energies.

How to Cleanse and Charge Rose Quartz with Sound

One of the most effective cleansing methods for rose quartz is to clear it vibrationally with sound. The frequencies of the sound powerfully clear the stone’s energy.

Anything where you can get a distinct reverberation or echo will work here, such as Tibetan sound bowls or tuning forks.

How to Cleanse and Charge Rose Quartz in the Earth

Using the Earth and its feminine, grounded frequencies, we can clear and charge rose quartz.

Bury your stone in the Earth, and be sure to place it somewhere that you will remember.

You may bury just the stone by itself, or enclose it in a small box or pot for protection.

Let the gem rest for several hours or days if you can. Then dig it up and rise it off before use again.

How to Cleanse and Charge Rose Quartz in Moonlight

Rose quartz’s connection to the feminine divine make moonlight an excellent way to cleanse and clear the stone.

Full moons and new moons are best for charging rose quartz. Place your stone outside once it’s fully dark, and retrieve it at sunrise the next day. Throughout the night the stone will soak up the gentle yin energies of the moon.

How to Cleanse and Charge Rose Quartz in Sunlight

Charge rose quartz in the sun if you want a stronger or more masculine energy imbued. The sun can also come in handy if you want to charge by the moon, but your ideal phase is days or weeks away.

Place your rose quartz stone outside in the sun for several hours. The hot and strong rays of the sun will incinerate bad energy that’s stuck in the stone.

Although rose quartz is resistant to fade, bright sunlight can still damage it. Never leave your stone in direct sunlight for more than a couple of hours.

How to Cleanse and Charge Rose Quartz with Selenite

Sometimes the best way to charge a crystal is with another crystal, such as selenite. (Check out the section on Rose Quartz Pairings for other crystals friendly to rose quartz)

Selenite is purifying and cleansing, and it amplifies the energy of what surrounds it. Charging rose quartz with selenite will refresh and recharge the quartz to its most lovely frequency.

The easiest way to charge rose quartz using selenite is with a selenite charging plate. This is a large, flat piece of selenite on which you can place objects.

A selenite charging plate is a great addition to an altar or sacred space. It can also be used as a permanent “charging bank” to both display and charge your rose quartz at the same time.

Rose Quartz Crystal Pairings and Combinations

Although rose quartz is powerful on its own, it’s useful and fun to combine it with other crystals.

Depending on the pairing crystal, you can amplify the powers of rose quartz, moderate them, or tailor them to a specific energetic quality that you’re looking for.

Rose quartz integrates well with a number of other stones. Stone of the same color may be complementary, or they can have qualities that offset one another.

Pairing crystals for healing works especially well with jewelry, since you can keep the two stones side-by-side (and next to your body) for prolonged periods.

Rose Quartz Paired with Selenite

Rose Quartz combined with Selenite has been used for centuries. It’s a great combination for spiritual development and personal growth. This combination is great for deepening growth in all areas of your life.

Selenite works as an excellent charging stone for rose quartz as well.

Rose Quartz Paired with Citrine

Pair citrine and rose quartz together to add adventure to your life. Use this combination if you’re craving new experiences in love or life.

It can also be used in the areas of money and fortune, especially if you want to be open to new financial and business adventures. 

Rose Quartz Paired with Chrysocolla

Chrysocolla, the stone of communication, matches well with rose quartz.

Alone, Chrysocolla brings enhanced expression, communication, and teaching. Together these stones are a powerful tool force in relationship communication issues.

Use rose quartz with chrysocolla for marriage problems or a disagreement with a friend.

Chrysocolla’s connection to the heart can also help balance and heal that chakra alongside rose quartz. It will regulate the loving energies in the universe within yourself.

Rose Quartz Paired with Ammolite

When paired with ammolite, the stone of perfection, rose quartz can bring astonishing outcomes.

The opal-like nature of ammolite’s colors works beautifully with rose quartz’s pale and gentle pink. Use this pairing to find true love.

The stone operates on the root chakra. As rose quartz works in the heart chakra, activating these two chakras together can restore balance in very powerful areas.

Rose Quartz Paired with Amethyst

Amethyst + rose quartz is a great combination to work deeply on your heart chakra. They both promote activation and healing of the chakra.

The pair aids in romance, beauty, relationship issues, and other love-based areas.

Amethyst engages the crown chakra. With its purple coloring, it makes a perfect complement and crown activator along with rose quartz. Crown activation is a great aid when looking for a soulmate.

Use the pairing to find answers to romantic problems, soothe depression, de-stress, and work on self-love.

Amethyst is a wonderful general-purpose tool– try recharging your rose quartz with amethyst.

Rose Quartz Paired with Emerald

Rose Quartz and Emerald are a potent combination because they both connect deeply to the energies of Venus. This pair produces a heart awakening.

Rose Quartz Paired with Tiger’s Eye

Combining tiger’s eye with rose quartz shows your heart’s desire true. It also encourages you to take steps toward achieving it.

Blue tiger’s eye especially enhances rose quartz’s ability. It allows you to find negative energy and clear it out of your aura.

Rose Quartz Paired with Moldavite

Moldavite works well with rose quartz because both stones operate on the heart chakra.

Use moldavite as a companion stone to create love and realize your spiritual depths.

Rose Quartz Paired with Clear Quartz

As another member of the quartz family, it has a lot in common with rose quartz.

Clear quartz is known for its power and all-around usefulness. Add clear quartz to amplify and strengthen rose quartz.

What Is The Meaning Of Rose Quartz?

The meaning of rose quartz is universal love. The stone’s gorgeous pink hue is perfect to encourage love and compassion. It operates on the heart chakra so the stone allows us to connect deeply with others. It’s the stone of parent-child bonding and can heal wounded relationships.

What Does it Mean When you Give Someone Rose Quartz Crystal?

Rose quartz crystal is an excellent gift for someone who you think can benefit from its loving and positive energies.

It’s a great healing crystal for any purpose, but it’s an especially good gift for a friend that is suffering. Give them the gift of love whether they’ve just suffered a breakup, divorce, loss, or other kind of trauma.


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Here’s What Halloween Means to Wiccans

what does halloween mean to wiccans

Halloween seems like a Wiccan-y holiday, right? The festivities take place at night, there are witches and dark costumes, and there’s magick and mischief. And what about the Wiccan sabbat of Samhain, which falls at the same time? Is that the same thing as Halloween, or is it a different holiday altogether? Do Wiccans celebrate just one holiday, or the other, or both? We’ll cover all these questions and more as we discuss what Halloween means to Wiccans.

Halloween falls on a Wiccan sabbat called Samhain. Wiccans celebrate Samhain by paying respect to nature, honoring the dead, holding bonfires, and communicating with spirits. They may engage in modern Halloween activities, many of which resemble ancient Samhain customs like carving Jack’O’Lanterns.

Modern Halloween actually originated with the old Celtic holiday Samhain – however, it’s become heavily commercialized over the years. Samhain was originally based on nature, the harvest, and honoring the spirits and one’s ancestors. Read on to learn more about what Halloween means to Wiccans, the origins of Halloween, and how Wiccans celebrate Samhain.

Do Wiccans Celebrate Halloween?

Many Wiccans do celebrate the modern Halloween of costumes and candy, but others prefer to celebrate Samhain. Samhain (pronounced “sah-win”) begins on the evening of October 31 and ends on the evening of November 1. It has Celtic origins and is the celebration of a bountiful harvest season coming to a close, and honoring the dead.

Keep in mind that the dates for Wiccan Sabbats are based on the dates in the Northern Hemisphere. While some in the Southern Hemisphere choose to celebrate the Sabbats on the same days as the Northern half of the world, many choose to celebrate the six months opposite to follow their own changing of seasons and equinoxes.

Wiccans and Celts aren’t the only religions and cultures that consider October 31 a spiritual day. For example, there is:

  • All Saints’ Day
  • Día de Los Muertos 
  • Allantide
  • Día de la Canción Criolla

Each of these holidays is based on the changing of the seasonsOpens in a new tab.

It’s interesting to note that many cultures chose this particular date to honor the dead, without one another’s influence. Across both time and geography, multiple cultures all settled on the same importance for this date.

One explanation of the selection of the same date is believed to be based on seasonal events. In the winter, much of the foliage dies, food becomes scarce, and fewer animals are out and about. This led people to believe that the coming of winter was symbolic of death.

Samhain History and the Origin of Halloween

Samhain is not exclusive to Wiccans — in fact, it didn’t originate with Wiccans at all. It was essentially “adopted” by Wiccans around the 1980s.

Wicca itself is not Celtic but it does borrow many Celtic influences, as you’ll see throughout this article. In fact, most Wiccan practices involve traditions and mythology from Western European Pagan practices, and Samhain is no exception.

What Is Samhain, Exactly?

Samhain, or “summer’s end,” is a Celtic event marking the end of the harvest. Celebrations include feasts, bonfires, and communion with spirits. Honoring the dead is a common practice — the “veil” between the world of the living and dead (aos sí) is at its thinnest during this time.

By the 9th century, the Western Church declared that November 1 would be “All Saints’ Day.” Later, November 2 became “All Souls’ Day.” It’s believed that over time, Samhain, All Saints’ Day, and All Souls’ Day influenced one another and became what we know today as HalloweenOpens in a new tab.

Trick or Treating

During Samhain celebrations in Scotland, people would dress as the ao sí and go around from house to house or farm to farm requesting offerings. They’d often sing songs in exchange for food. The people would provide offerings on behalf of the spirits, as they believed that not doing so would bring misfortune.

In Ireland, before nightfall, peasants donned costumes and went around asking for food for the Samhain feast. Many people obliged, believing that the offerings would bring good fortune. If the peasants were not welcomed or provided offerings, they would threaten homeowners and farmers with mischief.

This is, perhaps, the beginning of the “trick” aspect of trick-or-treating. Playing pranks has been recorded in dozens of texts, including literature from 1736 in the Scottish Highlands. This is part of the reason why Samhain was sometimes referred to as “Mischief Night.”Opens in a new tab.

The practice of wearing costumes on the night of October 31 eventually spread to England in the 20th century, as did the tradition of pranks. Over time, the tradition would carry over to the United States with Irish and Scottish immigrants, becoming what we know today as Halloween.


While out in search of food and offerings for the Samhain feast, people would illuminate their way with candles inside hollowed-out turnips or beets, often carved with frightening faces. These makeshift lanterns were also set on windowsills, and those who carried them or made them believed they represented the spirits and were used to keep evil spirits at bay. 

As with the wearing of costumes, the practice of carving root vegetablesOpens in a new tab.

What Does Samhain Mean to Wiccans?

Celtic Neo-Pagans and Wiccans both observe Samhain as a religious holiday, with Wiccans essentially celebrating a variation of Samhain. It’s one of the yearly Sabbats on the Wiccan “Wheel of the Year” — an annual calendar showcasing the seasonal festivals observed by Wiccans and other modern-day Pagans. The Wheel of the Year also has some origins in Ireland and Scotland — the Celts believed that time was cyclical.

Samhain is often referred to as a festival of darkness — but not in the way that Hollywood and the media would have you believe. “Darkness” doesn’t refer to “evil.” Rather, it refers to the changing of seasons, when the world continues to darken as the days become shorter and daylight scarcer. The spring celebration of Beltane, on the other hand, is considered a “celebration of light” as it signals when the days become longer.

Considered the most important Sabbat, Samhain is a time when Wiccans honor those who have passed on. Wiccans may hold rituals, do spellwork, and even invite the dead to attend their festivities.

To Wiccans, Samhain means the end of summer and the beginning of winter and is a time to honor the dead. The veil between the mortal world and the world of souls is thin. Wiccans may welcome spirits passing through and help send lost souls to the “Otherworld,” similar to Día de Los Muertos rituals.

What Do Wiccans Do on Halloween?

Many Wiccans participate in contemporary celebrations on Halloween, with costumes, parties, food, and friends. Others, however, celebrate a traditional Samhain. They pay respect to nature, honor the dead, perform rituals, cast spells, make bonfires, communicate with spirits, and reflect on the past year.

I’ll cover what many Wiccans do on Halloween more in-depth below:

Pay Respect to Nature

While honoring nature is a significant part of Wiccan practice, it’s even more important on Samhain once winter is afoot. It’s a time to be thankful for what nature has given us throughout the year. 

To honor natureOpens in a new tab.

Honor the Dead

During Samhain, it’s believed that the dead revisit places they once lived or frequented in search of hospitality. Because of this belief, Wiccans choose to honor the dead at this time. Some may even perform séances to connect with lost loved ones.

There are literally thousands of ways that Wiccans honor the dead on Samhain. Here are just a few:

  • Researching family history
  • Visiting the grave plots of those who’ve passed on
  • Hosting dinner with empty chairs for spirits
  • Placing photographs of the dead on their altar

Some Wiccans open their windows on the night of Samhain to allow any lost souls to leave and enter the Otherworld, or afterlife. This, too, is a Celtic tradition.

Samhain Decorations and Your Altar

Wiccans often change their altars with the changing of the seasons to represent the cyclical nature of time. Decorating altars during SamhainOpens in a new tab.

Some may add natural decorations to their altars, such as apple seeds, pine cones, rosemary, or autumn leaves. Wiccans may also use incense that corresponds with the year, such as sandalwood or patchouli for Samhain.

Others take it up a notch, decorating their altars with offerings of bounty for the spirits, including squash, pumpkins, gourds, or radishes.

Rituals, Spellwork, and Divination

The Celtic people believed that hazelnuts symbolized divine wisdom. Therefore, they often utilized hazelnuts for divination purposes, particularly relating to relationships or marriage.

One such practice involved roasting two hazelnuts, each representing a person — one for the person seeking wisdom and the other for the person they hoped to marry. It was considered an unfortunate sign if the nuts “popped” out of the fire. However, if the nuts sat and roasted without incident, it was considered a favorable match.

Another Celtic divination practice included using egg whites. They would drop the whites of eggs into a glass of water and peer into the glass. Any numbers witnessed by the seer would foretell the number of future children for the person receiving the “reading.”

Some Wiccans still perform the above divination methods to keep with tradition, but it’s up to each practitioner to decide how they choose to celebrate Samhain. Many Wiccans offer up Tarot readings, toss Runes, use a scrying ball, or even divine with flames or incense smoke.

During Samhain, energy levels are high — and Wiccans know and take advantage of this energy peak to enhance their rituals and spellwork.


Bonfires have long been a Halloween tradition. This is likely related to the hilltop bonfiresOpens in a new tab.

It’s believed that bonfires were a form of imitative magick — the fire itself is symbolic of the sun, its warmth and light keeping the cold, darkness of winter at bay. The burning of wood, crops, and animal sacrifices to the Celtic deities also represented the destroying of harmful influences — and it’s not just the fire that’s considered powerful. The smoke and ashes are considered to have protective and cleansing properties, respectively.

Because of these Celtic traditions, many Wiccans hold ritual bonfires during Samhain. They may write down bad habits or memories that they wish to release and cast them into the fire to banish those negative influences. Afterward, they may dance or walk around the fire in a clockwise direction while envisioning a better life.

Communicate With Spirits and Souls

As noted earlier, Samhain was seen as a day when spiritual energy peaked, and our world was closer than ever to the spirit world. This, to the Celts, meant that spirits could easily enter our world. 

Many believed that they had to appease the spirits to ensure good fortune throughout the upcoming winter. To do this, people would leave offerings outside of their homes in hopes that they, their families, and livestock would make it through the cold, dark months ahead.

Wiccans may participate in communion with the spirits by holding séances, meditating, or asking the ancestors or spirits to protect and guide them in the upcoming year.

Contemplate and Give Thanks

In addition to honoring the dead, Samhain is a time of reflection. Often referred to as the “Witches’ New Year,” this is a time to look to the past for answers on how to better your future. 

Many Wiccans spend a great deal of time contemplating and reflecting on life in general, their past, and their goals, hopes, and dreams. Some questions you might ask yourself during this time include:

  • What did you learn about yourself this year?
  • Did your plans come to fruition?
  • What are your new plans and goals?

If they keep a Book of Shadows, some Wiccans may revisit it to see what worked and what didn’t. They may tweak their spells and rituals as necessary for the coming year.

Some may meditate during Samhain in order to reflect and grow.

Wiccan Autumn Sabbats

Wiccans celebrate many seasonal events, as shown by the Wheel of the Year. Samhain is one of four “greater Sabbats” but should not be confused with the Autumnal equinox celebration of Mabon.

Mabon (September 20–22)

Mabon is another Autumn Sabbat and takes place during the Autumnal equinox. While Samhain is the third and final harvest of the year, Mabon is the prior (2nd) harvest.

Considered a time of balance, Mabon is celebrated by Wiccans with a focus on gratitude. Historically, the gratitude was for a bountiful harvest, but today, it’s more about gratitude in general — for nature, food, friends, family.

During Mabon, Wiccans may pick apples, perform rituals using in-season herbs and plants (such as cinnamon, apple, rosemary, or sage), or even adorn their altar with symbols of the season. Other Wiccans may celebrate with a feast.

Samhain (October 31- Nov 1)

As mentioned, Samhain is originally a Celtic holiday but has been adopted by Wiccans and other Pagan communities. The Witches’ New Year is considered a time to celebrate the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. This season of transformation is associated with the underworld and land of the dead, which is why it’s so important to honor the spirits during this time.

Can Anyone Celebrate Samhain?

Anyone can celebrate Samhain regardless of their religious or spiritual affiliation. Samhain originated with Celtic culture — it is not exclusive to Wicca or witchcraft in general. Celebrating Samhain is essentially honoring nature and the dead, which is something that anyone can do.

There are no set rituals, guidelines, or rules for Samhain, but the main purpose is to honor the dead. Wiccans, witches, other Pagans, and even those with no affiliation should feel free to celebrate Samhain.

Wiccans may cast Circles, open portals to the Otherworld, provide offerings outdoors for wandering spirits, or set up altars with pictures of the deceased — and others can use or adapt these practices however they see fit.

October’s Full Moon

In addition to the eight Sabbats, Wiccans celebrate “Esbats,” or monthly Sabbats, usually observed on the Full Moon. These celebrations typically honor the Goddess, and each presents with its own theme depending on the time of year.

For example, the Full Moon in October is referred to by many names:

  • Blood Moon
  • Hunter’s Moon
  • Sanguine Moon

October’s Full Moon earned these monikers thanks to the traditional fall hunting season, when farmers would store meat for the upcoming winter months.

Around this time, the cold, crisp air really sets in, and the nights become darker. Many Wiccans use the Full Moon to focus on divination, communication with the dead, psychic development, and intuition.

Herbal magick is common during the Esbats, and Wiccans often concoct with herbs, spices, and plants. Cinnamon bark, sweet wormwood, squash leaves, basil, lavender, and rosemary are all common. Dark colors may be involved in rituals to symbolize the night, such as black, deep blues, and dark purples. Deep reds, oranges, browns, and dark greens may also be utilized to represent the harvest.


Historically, Samhain was an incredibly rich custom of incredible importance to the Celtic people. As Christianity spread throughout Europe, a lot of the tradition was lost or changed over time. Fortunately, however, the practice has never been forgotten. Despite not being Celtic in nature, modern Wiccans continue to keep these traditions alive.

Samhain may not be filled with as much mischief as was prevalent in Scotland, but Samhain still persists as a special time filled with immense spiritual power. It’s a great addition or complement to a modern Halloween celebration.


How To Make a Wiccan Handfasting Cord

how to make a wiccan handfasting cord

Handfasting ceremonies have long been a part of Pagan history. Present-day Wiccans still choose handfasting ceremonies as a symbolic way to bind two souls together. While the exchanging of rings is becoming a more popular form of Wiccan wedding symbolism these days, many still opt to have a traditional handfasting ceremony. And this ancient ceremony is most memorable when crafting your own special and heartfelt handfasting cord to represent your unity. 

Here’s how to make a handfasting cord for a Wiccan ceremony: 

  1. Choose the material for your cord. 
  2. Choose the color or colors you want to use. 
  3. Measure and cut the cord to 6 feet (1.82 m) long. 
  4. Cast your wishes and intentions as you braid the cord. 
  5. Decorate the cord with meaningful charms. 
  6. Prevent the cord from fraying
  7. Keep the cord in a safe place until the ceremony. 

Whether you are planning a traditional Wiccan handfasting ceremony or simply incorporating the handfasting cord into your modern unity celebrations, I will go over everything you need to know about making a handfasting cord. This article highlights the history of handfasting, the symbolism of the cord, what the ceremony entails, and what it takes to create your own beautiful Wiccan handfasting cord. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know! 

1. Choose the Material for Your Cord

The first step in making your own Wiccan handfasting cord is choosing the material you want to use. Materials like ribbon and string are much easier to braid, especially if there are several strands. Some will opt for several strands of cord and choose not to weave them together. You can also combine different mat